Seeing the beauty around you

Usually you go on a holiday to see something new and exciting. To break out of the daily routine and indulge in the beauty and exoticness the destination has to offer. I will let in you in on a secret. If you look around consciously and keep your eyes open, there is plenty of beautyful things to explore in your own backyard.
I recently went on an organized photo walk which took us to the Rheinaue in Bonn, a lush parc area very close to the mighty river Rhine. Although I’ve been there before mainly for longboarding, there was so much to see once I opened my eyes for it. It was a perfect autumn day with lots of sunshine, exploding colours painted onto the trees around and a slight breeze in the air…

Geese relaxing in the sun. There are heaps of them in the parc.

One of the lakes at the Rheinaue Parc. German Post tower in the back.

Littel waterfall at the Japanese Garden. A true oasis.

A little macro-experiment. I still need to get better at those.

Taken during lunchbreak at the local Harley Davidson dealership. Really spontaneous shot.

I hope you liked some of those shots. I’m currently experimenting a lot with my camera which drives me to keep my eyes open. I know it can’t beat the experiences in foreign and exotic countries, but there’s a lot to explore around you. At the least it can shorten the waiting time until your next trip.

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