Seeing the beauty around you Pt. II

Last week’s post was about keeping your eyes open for the beauty that’s around you. I really like the concept and hence wanted to write a bit more about it and post some more pictures.
Doing as described will train your eye for that upcoming big trip and will eventually help you to take better and more memorable pictures. By just walking around aware, you get a sense for situations, light and composition. Things that just need a little bit of practice. I am still in the process of learning but it has really helped me to improve my pictures. I can just encourage you to give it a try if you’re planning the next vacation or big trip. In the end, you will probably be at those destinations only once which makes your travel pictures so valuable. Getting the best pictures possible is a long journey, but it’s fun and definately worthwile. Here are some shots I recently took around town…

I hope you liked some of those shots. Do you have any other tips on how to improve your photography? Let me know and leave a comment below. Cheers.

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4 thoughts on “Seeing the beauty around you Pt. II

  1. This is a great series of images, they really good.

  2. Hey Leanne, thanks a lot. Your comment means a lot to me since I am just getting started. Great motivation, especially after having looked at your blog and your pictures. I love that Yarra River picture. Reminds me a lot of my time in OZ and Melbourne. Thanks again!

  3. dines jansen

    I don;t have any tips he he, i am just learning from you, among others… They are great shots, according to my amateur eyes 🙂 Also one from Part !. I wish I could produce such good pics also, especially during our trip. But I’m beginning to believe that my pics are beginning to have color and depths also.
    Keep on making amazing Pictures PipZ !

  4. Sure Dines, keep on taking pictures. Photography, just as life itself, is a journey. A journey with up and downs, high and lows and successes and disappointments. If we endure it, we will become better photographers. Just keep on practicing and I am sure you will notice changes.

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