Pic of the Week 2 and 3

Being a bit busy, on the road for 7 days doing the Mae Hong Song Loop by motorbike and having to deal with a crashed laptop, I wasn’t able to post the last pictures of the week timely. So a little late, I present the picture of the weeks 2 and 3.

Thai kids whom I was interviewed by. Very funny and witty.

Thai kids whom I was interviewed by. Very funny and witty.

This was shot during my first stay in Chiang Mai before starting the Mae Hong Song Loop. I walked around a local temple and all of a sudden got approached by a group of elementary school kids. They had the assignment to interview farang (foreigners) in order to practice their English. They were so funny and especially the little one in the middle was quiet witty. I had a good time with them and complimented them on their very good English. In the end I asked for a picture and this is how it turned out.

Thai Lady in traditional dress. Shot at a Karen village close to Soppong / Cave Lodge.

Thai Lady in traditional dress. Shot at a Karen village close to Soppong / Cave Lodge.

The next one was shot during my motorbike tour. At Cave Lodge I went to visit a local Karen village with Marie, a french photographer from Paris. She wanted to get a few portraits of the villagers for a possible future exhibition. Since my portrait skills are rather limited, I spontaneously decided to come with her. We had a great time in the village. everyone was very kind and welcoming. We came across a local village shop, where this lady was sitting. She was very beautiful and wore a colorful traditional dress. She really liked having pictures taken and even wanted one together with Marie. We told her in Thai that she looks very beautiful which made her smile.

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5 thoughts on “Pic of the Week 2 and 3

  1. Hi Escapology, I really enjoy your blog…In fact I enjoy it so much that I have nominated you for a Liebster award. Totally up to you if you want to play. For more info feel free to click on here: http://mzzoomer.wordpress.com/2013/01/30/liebster-means-dearest-i-have-been-nominated/ You can use the same questions that were asked of me if you like 🙂 Thanks and congrats. Pam aka MzZoomer

  2. Natural and beautiful pictures 🙂 I’m a Chinese girl and in this year, I’m planning to Tailand too.
    I even want to travel to the whole Southeast Asia ,like you! Wish you have a nice trip.We are too young to prison us only in jobs.Someday I will follow your steps to Nature~

    • Hi Sanatas,
      thanks for your feedback. You are right, there is more to life than a nice career. I hope you will fulfill your dream and go travelling. I have actually met really nice people from China who were travelling through the area. Maybe one day I will make to China as well. There must be so much to see and explore ….. Greetings from Laos, Philipp

  3. Wow! What a story! I noticed in your Bio that you said English was not your first written tongue? Well I can tell you that It is not a problem at all. The way you made this story come alive with your photo’s an the stories behind them…just wow. As a amateur photographer and travel lover, it’s stories and adventures like that, that give me hope and expectancy in what lays ahead of me. Brilliant story!

    • Hi there, thanks for stopping by and I am happy you liked some of stories as well as the pics. Feedback like that is always great to hear. I think you have a great time ahead of you…make sure to keep me updated once you embark on your trip.. All the best, Philipp

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