Pic of the Week 4

After having spent the last week in Lao’s remote North and afterwards in some small villages along the Nam Ou River, I am finally back to civilization. Being without internet and electricity is actually not too bad. The only downturn is, that I am far behind in terms of updates. I want to pick it up again with the Pic of the Week 4.

Pic of the Week-1693

Taken at the little monastery close to the Phuthat Stupa in Oudomxai. The waiting definately paid off.

This was taken in Oudomxai, Laos. Oudomxai is basically just a gateway for public transportation going to all directions within Laos. I had to spend a night there before heading into the remote North. Before sunset I walked around town for a while and discovered a little temple on a hill overlooking the city. There were a few monks there preparing for their evening chanting. The monk in the picture was looking out of the window, enjoying the last rays of sun and watching what was going on outside. It was a perfect shot but I wasn’t quick enough to ask if it was ok for him to get a picture taken. He left and I was really frustrated having missed that shot. So I stayed there for another 10 or 15 minutes hoping that he would return. When he finally did, I asked him right away and luckily he didn’t have any objections. I was very happy and enjoyed the sunset on top of the hill.

I am in Luang Prabang right now and will have some time to catch up on the updates. I spent some interesting days trekking in Phongsaly, Lao’s far and rugged North, had two amazing boat rides and relaxed in the laid back fishing village of Muang Ngoi.

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4 thoughts on “Pic of the Week 4

  1. I love this picture, quite a contrast!

    • Hi Abby, happy you like the picture. It was, as always, a little bit of luck involved. I was lucky that the monk returned to his window. With people photography you have to be quick to get the desired shot. By the way, I really like your blog and especially your last article on Hawaii – I definitely want to go there sometime. Coming from Europe, Hawaii is very exotic…maybe one day 😉

      • Thank you, I’m flattered you read my blog since yours is such an inspiration!

      • Philipp Dukatz

        Hey Abby, yeah I love to read other blogs to get inspiration and learn more about writing. Since English is not my mother tongue I am sometimes the expression which really paint the picture. Reading other blogs like yours definitely helps and it is entertaining to see what others do and see as well. So thanks again for stopping by and giving positive feedback. I really appreciate that. Greetings from Laos, Philipp

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