Help! Laptop Breakdown

broken-laptopHello friends, followers and readers,

this time no pictures and no travel tales from this side but a cal for your help. My computer recently broke down and it seems that it doesn’t get any electricity. Since the charger is working, I think it is the mainboard inside which has a problem. I know that this is hard to fix and the spare parts can be hard to come by. I will be in Manila tomorrow for a whole day and then off to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for about 5 days.

Does anyone know a good and most importantly quick repair store? It should be specialized for Lenovo products. I think I will have better chances in KL since I have more time there. But I am willing to try in Manila as well.

Thanks for your help guys and sorry for the not so recent updates from now on. I will catch up on those once the machine is running again. What a bummer….



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7 thoughts on “Help! Laptop Breakdown

  1. PC Gilmore. I had them repair my laptop a couple of weeks ago. They charge a bit higher but you can trust them with your gadget. You wouldn’t really want random repairmen to tinker with your laptop, you never know what other parts they’ll replace. Just make sure you watch them like a hawk!


    • Hi Joan, thanks for your help. I brought my laptop to the Lenovo Service Center in the Global City. They were not at all helpful but now I got it fixed in Kuala Lumpur. They did within one day and were very practical about it. Their pricing was very practical as well though. I sometimes really hate technology and our dependency on it. But what can you do. Hope you are doing good and your course is going well. Take care, Philipp

  2. Laptop is up and running again. It wasn’t cheap but I am happy to be online and available again. At the same time pretty sad to realize how dependent I have become of this machine. If anyone has PC problems in Malaysia or in the area: Go to Low Yat Plaza. The repair guys there are geniuses and have hands on approach.

  3. if this happened to me, I would probably go nuts :D. I guess it goes with the territory but as long as the pictures are safe I can get over it quickly. Anyways, waiting for your next adventure 🙂

    • Philipp Dukatz

      Hi Mikaela, I went nuts, that’s for sure. I backed up the pics, so only a few ones would have been lost. But still….I am so used to using the laptop every day. To check and write mail, to edit photos, to write articles, to do my budget, to do research and stay in touch with friends and all that stuff. Once you are without it, you realize how dependent you really are. But what can I do? In a way I chose it myself so I shouldn’t complain. How are you anyhow? Greetings from KL!

      • I try to be offline when I go travel but it’s only a short time unlike yours and you some “stalkers” I mean followers on your blog here waiting to read the next adventure so I guess you need it. Still slaving away at work. KL? how is it?, good food there. Are you planning to climb Mt. Kinabalo?

      • Philipp Dukatz

        Slaving away at work..I like that expression. That’s what I literally did at home and what it felt like. Hope it’s not too bad. KL is alright but so far I haven’t seen too much. Tried to recover and get some sleep which I have been lacking the days before arriving here. Food is def. good and cheap. Such a great variety of foods available as well and all nice and spicy. I like dat. Mt. Kinabalo has to wait since I am only here for about 5 days. It is rather an extended stopover than anything else. I might come back though to see more of this country. I will be off to Indo on Saturday.

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