Pic of the Week 16

A butterfly living on the edge. Thrill-Seeker.

A butterfly living on the edge. Thrill-Seeker.

This one was taken at Paradise Bar in Labuan Bajo, Flores. I already mentioned the bar in my last post on the Komodo Dragons. I was having my well deserved sun downer on their beautiful terrace as a cute cat jumped onto the balustrade to also catch some warming sunrays. I watched a butterfly flying around when it all of sudden flew very close to the lazy cat. At one point it appeared as if the butterfly would play with the cat, aiming for its nose. The cat wasn’t too sure what to do and finally swung its paw a couple of times at the speedy butterfly. It was a moment of tension and everybody seemed to watch the cat and the butterfly for a split second. Then the insect took off again with the cat left behind, wondering what had just happened. It didn’t seem to be bothered though since it just resumed its previous activity again – snoozing in the last light of the day.

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4 thoughts on “Pic of the Week 16

  1. beautiful picture…

  2. This may be the coolest/most adorable cat photo I’ve seen yet. It looks like he/she is getting a butterfly kiss! And then you have the wine and candle, and the afternoon lighting… really a unique shot!

    • Philipp Dukatz

      Thanks, I got really lucky there because it was a matter of a few seconds. Luckily I had my camera in hand ready to click away. There were a few people sitting close by but I was the only one taking that picture 😉

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