Top 1000 of the Garuda Indonesia World Photo Contest

Contest photo Garuda Indonesia World Photo Contest

It’s only the Top 1000, I still can’t believe though ….

A few weeks back and thanks to a hint by one of my blog’s followers, I submitted some photos for the annual Garuda Indonesia World Photo Contest. I haven’t heard of this award but apparently it is pretty big and by now a bit prestigious as well. At least that’s what I was told. The contest features three categories, people, nature, culture and every participant was allowed to submit a total of 15 pictures. I think the majority of mine was people with the exception of two landscape shots. My hopes were pretty low as I saw the incredible quality of images photographers from all around the world had submitted. It is really amazing and admittedly also a little intimidating, to see at what level people are photographing these days. BUt today the top 1000 for each category were anounced I found out that actually one of my images it. Top 1000 in the people category – among 74,782 photos submitted from 15,478 participants from more than 100 countries. What an honour and such a surprise.

Cambodian Boxer in Phnom Penh

This is the original image. A boxer during a Khmer Boxing fight in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The funny thing about this is that I didn’t think that this picture would have any chances to make it. Actually it was among the last that I had chosen for submission. I also liked most of my other submissions way better than this one. I guess one of the judges must have like it the more. Whoever it was, thanks a lot. And if you want to know the whole story behind the picture, just click here … and here is the link to the picture in the contest …

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16 thoughts on “Top 1000 of the Garuda Indonesia World Photo Contest

  1. Akbar

    Your welcome bro, and Congratulation πŸ˜€

    • Thanks Akbar, great hint of you back then πŸ˜‰

      • Akbar

        its my pleasure πŸ˜€ hopefully you can win the prize πŸ˜€

    • Hehe, I doubt it. Some of the other submissions are just amazing in composition and quality. Can’t believe the quality of some of the work there…. but I am already happy …. no problem πŸ˜‰

      • Akbar

        Nothing impossible brother.. and if you were in indonesia, feel free to contact me.

  2. Congrats Phil!

  3. Hey there Susan, thanks a lot!

  4. Congrats! You have amazing shot! Mine also make it to Top 1000 in nature category..I am still in shock but similar to you, I am not expecting to win as the rest of contestants have impressive photos and deserved to win..

    • Hi Indah, congrats to you. That’s great … I checked your photo via your blod and I find it really great. Very sharp and clear. When did you go to Sulawesi? I went there too last year and I really loved it. I never made to the Banka Islands though. In Bunaken I met an older GErman guy who had settled there. He was totally into underwater photography and was diving with a complete Nikon D800 setup. Crazy, but your picture can easily keep up with his. Great job. So what kind of work do you do these days in Holland? Cheers, best of luck for the contest!! Philipp

      • Hi Phil, thank you! I went to Sulawesi twice actually – in 2012 and in early 2014. I have a good Indonesian friend there who runs a dive resort, so visiting her is always a pleasure πŸ™‚ Bangka has unique underwater life, bit mix of Bunaken and Lembeh. Oh, SLR underwater is too heavy for me :)) I always admiring the ladies photographer who carrying SLR underwater, it ain’t easy..I use my Oly micro four third with one/two strobes and I still feel the weight when clicking!
        My daily work related to judicial matters which unfortunately photography is not part of it..I admire your courage to be off with one flying ticket! Are you settling down in Thailand? Do you miss Germany? Anyway, I will follow your blog and catch up, am sure I will get these answers shortly.. glad to find your blog! cheers..

    • Hi Indah,
      how lucky you are to have a friend in Sulawesi. I really, really liked it there. Not only the North ith all the nice diving but also places like Tentena, Tanah Toraja and the South. Really nice there …. my goal is to one day visit Raja Ampat. I heard it is the best diving in the world right now and still not too touristy. Unfortunately it is also supposed to be very expensive. Hopefully one day ….
      Your Olympus camera seems to work really well for underwater shots, the pictures are great. But I guess those flashes you carry also make a huge difference. My trip was indeed great and I would never regret leaving. Unfortunately I am already back in Germany and I am now covering the last legs of this journey. Guess I have to earn some money before traveling again. What’s your next trip? Anything planned?

      • Hi Phil, Sulawesi is amazing the travel there! Re. underwater camera, I am happy with my Oly..I used Oly XZ-1 before Bangka’s trip and happy with it too – the sharpness is amazing. Yes, the key is the strobe – I found INON is the best and easiest. One strobe is enough if you would like to focus on macro. And nevertheless, my UW photos get better as I get better in buoyancy during the dive – above all it is the most important of all πŸ˜‰
        My whole family is in Indonesia, and I regularly visiting them..soon I will be off to Jakarta visiting them and include a diving trip to Raja Ampat (R4)! πŸ™‚ I consider our trip cost is mid-range for R4 – we will stay in LOB, it is expensive but there are more crazy expensive LOB in R4. And there is cheaper option to visit R4! I will post the R4 trip in my blog for sure..stay tune and hope you will visit R4 too soon!!

      • Hi Indah, thanks for your info. A few questions from my side: WHat is R4 and what is LOB? Didn’t get these abbreviations.

        And about the equipment: So you are satisfied with your camera for underwater photos? They sure look great and from what I see on Facebook Forums, a lot of people are using the Oly E-PL5 so it must be good. I also wouldn’t wanna carry my DSLR down and the cases are way too expensive as well. Would you recommend one or two flashes then? I somehow prefer Wide Angle images when there is a lot going on the water is clear. I did my best dive at Castle Rock off od Labuan Bajo, Flores. It was so crazy down there and I bet a wide angle shot would have been awesome.

        OK, thanks for your feedback. What about the photo comp? Did you make it to the Top 200? Cheers, Philipp

  5. Hi Phil,

    R4 is for Raja Ampat (Raja Ampat means Four Kings) and LOB is Liveaboard – stay in a boat, sailing for couple weeks just for diving around. I am happy with my camera but again, there are plenty good camera nowadays and there is a newer version of my Oly. Why don’t you check or – there are plenty of review of cameras for underwater photography. The number of strobes/flashes would depend on your needs – so if you wish to take wide angle photos then two strobes would be better πŸ™‚

    Yes, my photo is selected as Top 200 πŸ™‚ Hope yours too!! Have a great evening!! cheers….

  6. Congrats Philipp. Yes, the black and white looks better. This reminds me about submitting my own photos, it’s like a 4 year old project!


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