Roundup Philippines: A country that has it all

El Nido-Nacpan Beach-PhilippinesIt’s been a quiet some time now since I have traveled the Philippines but I never got to write my final roundup. Recently thinking about it, I wasn’t even sure if I should write it at all since it has been so long ago already. But giving it a second thought, I just had to do it. In the end it was the country where I spent the longest time (three months), the country where I found new friends, fellow travelers and locals alike, the country of many adventures and the country with probably the friendliest people I have met. No, not writing this final roundup wouldn’t do this beautiful country and its people justice. A country that has it all and that is probably my favorite country after all.

I came to the Philippines with fairly high expectations as two Dutch sisters, whom I had met a couple of years before in Indonesia, were absolutely crazy about it and made it sound almost too good. Their intriguing stories kept haunting me and so I decided to go there and see for myself. I knew that I wanted to take my time and planned to stay for two months, the maximum you can get on a regular tourist visa. As luck would have it, a good month before I had met Dolf and Chris from Belgium who also planned on traveling the Philippines. And since we got along well, we decided to team up, share fun and costs, and travel together. High expectations can be a tricky thing as the chances of being disappointed will be higher. My experience is that is usually better to stay rather neutral when visiting a new country and not expect too much. But in case of the Philippines, all of the expectations, all of the anticipation was more than justified.

Lagoon in El Nido, Palawan

One of the amazing lagoons around El Nido, Palawan

A country of many Adventures
The Republic of The Philippines, as the country is officially known as, consists of 7.107 islands which are mostly covered by rainforest and volcanic in origin. This and its remarkably long coastline, considered to be the fifth longest in the world, make for an abundance of outdoor activities and adventures. No matter what you are after or what your idea of a perfect holiday is, the Philippines will probably have it. It features some of Asia’s best dive spots, you can climb a number of volcanoes, some of them still active, you can relax at the most pristine beaches and do nothing, you can surf some insane breaks, hike the most impressive rice terraces or you can explore some of the islands by motorbike. The opportunities are endless and the good thing is, that it is still pretty affordable. With so many different things to chose from, it can sometimes be hard to decide and making an itinerary is definitely recommended compared to other countries where you can just go with the flow.

Island Hopping in El Nido, Palawan.

Island Hopping in El Nido, Palawan.

Motorbike Trip El Nido-Nacpan Beach

Riding motorbikes along the Nacpan Beach in El Nido, Palawan

Cliff Jumping in Siquijor

Jumping the highest cliff on Siquijor Island

Surfing Catanduanes

Surfing a secret break on Catanduanes

Beach Resort in Siquijor

… and relaxing for a change

Living with the Locals
One of my main highlights was getting to know and ending up living with the friendly locals in Gubat, a small town in the province of Sorsogon, Eastern Luzon. For Easter and the Holy Week the local surfers had organized a beach camp with live music, barbecues, surfing and many other activities. Since Holy Week is a very important holiday in the Philippines and hence a very busy time, we decided that this would be the prefect getaway. As we were the only foreigners, we received a warm welcome and quickly got to know everyone – the locals but also other Filipinos, mainly from Manila, who also attended the so called Hayahay. For the whole week we camped out by the beach in our hammocks  and had an amazing time. Having drinks together, sharing stories and laughter, being invited into people’s homes and actually becoming friends with people.  It was just extraordinary and to this extent never happened again during my travels.

Hayahay Gubat, Sorsogon

The Gubat Bay Surfers aka GBS at our day of departure. Good friends.

Invited for lunch in Gubat

Invited for a homecooked traditional lunch by masterchef Arvin

Traditional Philippine Food in Gubat

Traditional food served on a huge banana leaf and good company.

After two months of traveling across the country with Dolf and Chris, it was time to part but I still didn’t have enough of the Philippines. I extended my visa and returned to Gubat which by that point had somewhat become my home away from home. I stayed at Glenda’s cozy cottage and lived a pleasantly calm and laid-back life, going surfing when the swell was good, visiting friends in town, cooking food and doing a little side trip every now and then. Basically just a regular life but looking back at it now, those were precious moments in which I really felt content and at peace with everything.

Gubat, Sorsogon

The cottage – home away from home.

Getting around – Ferries, Jeepneys, Tricycles
Transportation in the Philippines may require some planning at times, especially in the more remote areas. But generally there are many ways to get around and you will be able to make it anywhere you want to go. It just might take a bit longer sometimes. Well-equipped and modern overland buses plough the major routes from and to Manila with numerous stops in-between. Connections into smaller towns, rural areas but also the within the major cities are covered by the famous and most popular means of transportation, the jeepneys. Only found in the Philippines, the jeepney is basically a small bus which was originally made from U.S. military jeeps left over from World War II. Decorated with vibrant colors and paintings and chrome-plated ornaments, the jeepney has become a ubiquitous symbol of Philippine culture. Known for their crowded seating, it is great to do the “top load”, which means sitting on the roof. We just loved riding on top and did whenever we had the chance to. Airy, the best views and so much better than being cramped up with 20 other people inside.

For shorter distances motorized tricycles are the way to get around. If you travel the Philippines, you will see that every larger town and every region has its own unique style of tricycles. It’s really interesting to see. You can use them the same way you would use a taxi or hire them for a day tour. Drivers usually know the best places to see but make sure to negotiate a good price beforehand – for tours and regular rides.

Tricycle in the Philippines.

Overloaded Trycycle – the local transport in the Philippines.

Since the country consists of more than 7.000 islands; you will have to take a ferry to make it to certain destinations. Some connections are covered by domestic flights as well, but if you are traveling on a budget, the ferry is the way to go. I actually liked our ferry rides as it is somehow a very calm and relaxed way of getting from one place to another and is also a great if you want to get in touch with the locals.

Ferry Ride to Siquijor

The ferry to Siquijor was way too late and so we arrived late at night. Still no problem.

A word about safety and why Filipino people are awesome
People have kept asking me about safety issues as they had heard of the Philippines being a rather unsafe travel destination. After 3 months in the country I can say that I never had a single problem and that I never felt unsafe. To the contrary, wherever we went, people were welcoming us, asking where we were from and genuinely interested. I can without a doubt recommend everyone to visit the Philippines; it is in my opinion safer than a lot of other countries in Southeast Asia these days. Of course, as in every other country, you should act smart, not be too careless and a talent for haggling can’t hurt either. But then I am sure you will have a great time.
And that is because the Filipino people are just awesome. They are very friendly, open towards foreigners, helpful and very curious. It’s doesn’t take long to strike up a conversation with a local, old or young. And the good thing about it is that almost everyone speaks good English. That gives you the opportunity to actually have a proper conversation and get to know people.  People in other Asian countries are super friendly as well, no doubt, but it can often be difficult to get beyond that language barrier and beyond just scratching the surface. In the Philippines I was able to make real friends and get a deeper understanding of the culture. It all made for a different travel experience, very rewarding and very inspiring.

Friendly people in Coron

Happy people somewhere in Coron

Girls in El Nido

El Nido Smiles

A melting pot of cultures
Due to its colonial past, the Philippines feature a culture, which is very unique and different than any other culture in Southeast Asia. It is an interesting mix of Western and Asian cultures. Spanish influences are highly visible with Spanish sounding names, streets and towns and the popular barrio fiestas. The common use of the English language, the ready acceptance of American pop cultural trends and the country’s love for basketball are examples of the American impact on society. Maybe that is also the reason why fast-food is so popular in the Philippines. All Western chains are well established on the Filipino market alongside homegrown chains such as famous Jollibee or Goldilocks. Talking about food … in my humble opinion the Filipino food can’t quiet compete with other Southeast Asian cuisines. And this is maybe the only thing that I didn’t quite like about the country. But hey, it would be too good if even the food would be top notch. And I did like some dishes and I am actually missing a good Halo-Halo, Tocilog breakfast and my favorite, the Bicol Express.

Last thoughts
It has been an amazing experience and a different travel experience due to the mentioned factors. I loved the Philippines because of its people, its abundance of adventure opportunities and because it was easy to venture off the beaten track. I remember crossing Samar and Leyte over to Cebu and we didn’t meet any other tourists for about two or three weeks. We had the most beautiful beaches all for ourselves and if there were tourists, it was mainly Filipinos who really travel a lot within their own country. And that’s actually a great thing. Of course the country has its touristic hotspots like Boracay, Malapascua or even Palawan, but it is still easy enough to find those hidden gems and to go exploring on your own. I have spent 3 months in the Philippines, I have seen a lot but there is still so much more to see and do. I can say that it is one of the very few countries that I will definitely visit again. Pilipinas, Maraming salamat po!

Where I have been:
1 day Manila
1 day Baguio
3 days Sagada
2 days Banaue
2 days Batad
1 day Capas (Mt. Pinatubo)
2 days Manila
2 days Camsur Watersports Complex, Camarines Sur
9 days Gubat (incl. Mt. Bulusan)
3 days Biri Island, N. Samar
3 days Biliran
1 day Maripipi Island
1 day San Isidro
2 days Malapascua
1 day Cebu
3 days Siquijor
6 days Camiguin
1 day Cebu
2 days Sabang
3 days El Nido
5 days Coron
3 days Manila
10 days Gubat (incl. Matnog)
5 days Catanduanes
3 days Gubat
2 days Donsol
15 days Gubat
1 day Manila

Transportation used:
Ferry, Banka, Tricycle, Jeepney, Bus, Nightbus, Motorbike, Bicycle, Habal-Habal, Car, Dive Boat, Offroad Jeep, Minivan, Fishing boat

The friendly people, the many adventures, lack of mas tourism, riding jeepneys topload

Packed minivans, eating Balut

Types of accomodation:
Guesthouses, Hotels, Homestays, The Beach, Tent, Overnight bus, Overnight Ferry, Hammock

Relaxing on Camiguin Island, Climbing Mt. Bulusan, Surfing Catanduanes, Living a regular life in Gubat

Almost breaking my ankle during the descent of Mt. Bulusan, Almost throwing up while eating my second Balut

Photos shot and kept on File:

Below I put a selection of my favorite pictures from the Philippines. I hope you enjoyed the reports and the accompanying photographs. Feel free to message me or share your thoughts about your experiences traveling the Philippines or traveling in general. And if you like, please stop by my Facebook Page and give it a Like. I really appreciate it.


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1,111 thoughts on “Roundup Philippines: A country that has it all

  1. wow nice round up, i hope to go for at least one month the more ai go was a week and i feel you need a long stay to enjoy the philippines, transport are slow, lot of small island, nothing set in concrete, go with the flow….

    nice picture again tell i need to go for more !!!

    • Hi Boby, you are right that you need to take your sweet time in the Phils. Not only because distances can be great and transportation slowly but also because it is nice to enjoy and travel thoroughly without a rush. The Phils are perfect for just that. Whenever you need any advice about it, let me know. Cheers my friend. A bientot!

      • Thank you for Visiting our beautiful country..:)

      • Nanette

        Thanks so much for appreciating the beauty of my country and the people itself. Your blog will be very helpful specially the photos you took. Will definitely let my german friends see this..

    • like the advertising say ITS MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES! maybe next time you could visit some wonderful places here in the visayas region. . .thanks for making us great!

    • Gilbert

      Thank you! for sharing your travel experience,Phillip,great info,again,vielen dank…….regards,Gilly van power…….vancouver,canada.

      • Hi Gilly, thanks a lot for stopping by, I really appreciate it. Glad you found the info helpful. Are you from Vancouver? Cheers, Philipp

  2. Hi Phil! Thank you so much for this wonderful blog. It makes me more proud of my country.

    • Hi EMS, you have good reasons to be proud. I had an amazing in your country and as I have said in a previous comment, writing this post really made me wanna come back. Whereabouts in the Phils are you from then? Also Manila?

      • Jabby

        I see you haven’t discovered Bohol yet. Might have past it while traversing from Leyte (/Samar) on your way to Cebu. Please do visit our humble province on your next visit. Bohol did get THE Top Tourist Destination (National) Award… 7 years in a row. hehe . See you soon and Thanks for the glowing blog review of our country, Mabuhay !!!

      • josef Sander

        just do not forget about a telephone system that is more off then on the same about wifi and bany black out with electricity. i got stuck without food because i could not even contact my bank to transfer more money to me, wifi as non existing or off for days on end also. the country itself a people are nice its the government dreaming about doing things but never do. do not walk the street at night alone either if you ever want to get back home.

      • you didnt go to mindoro 😦

  3. Mirro

    This is an awesome post! And the pictures are mind blowing. Now come back here and let’s have some San Miguel!

    • Hey Mirro, how are you my friend. Long time no see. Awesome post because I had an awesome time. Writing that post brought back all the good memories and made me so wanna come back. I definitely will have to do so, no doubt about it. If I do, I will let you know and that San Miguel is on me. How are you anyhow? Chilling in the Fort, on the road or planning your next trip?

      • Mirro

        I’m planning my trip to Europe this September and it’s driving me nuts. If all goes well, I can (hopefully) meet up with you in Germany. 😛

        PS: I’ll be having dinuguan for dinner today. Yum!

  4. Amazing post. I agree with you on the food and fast-food popping like mushroom all over the country. As the country’s slogan goes “It’s more fun in the Philippines” in more ways than one 🙂

    • Hehe, pretty true but the chicken at Jollybee was actually pretty good and the Halo Halo at Chow King is among the best as well. What’s your favorite Filipino food then? I remember being served some sort of stew, like brown with all kinds of intestines in it.. I think it was called Dinuguan or something like that. Probably got the name wrong but man, it was pretty nasty, lol. They kept telling me it was chocolate sauce and that I should try it….

      • LOL Dinuguan is not chocolate it’s brown because of the blood in it. It comes from the word “Dugo” which means blood. I love it though but it needs to be cooked properly or it stinks and taste nasty. I actually don’t like any food in Chowking, my favorite Halo Halo if not homemade is from Ice Castle. My favorite, that I can think of now, is Kalderata and Eel adobo but only when its made by either my father , sister or cousin and the ingredients need to be really fresh. One reason why I always gain weight when I go back home for a week 🙂

      • budz

        You got it right. It is called Dinuguan from the word “Dugo” which means blood.
        If you are familiar with blood sausage, you won’t get squirmish with Dinuguan. I was happy you liked it.

        You should have tried the worlds’ best pig – the Lechon

      • You must also try the halo-halo of Razon’s. Not too many ingredients but only combination of carabao’s milk, macapuno, banana and leche flan. This is one of the best of pampanga’s pride.

      • Neil Bryan Adulta

        The best Halo-Halos are actually not the ones served in Chowking.. 🙂 the best ones are hom made, its served with sweetened bananas, sweetened sweet-potato, beans, some gelos, sweetened jack fruit, leche flan and ube on the top..

      • Vanessa

        Haha..that’s funny man,probably it was dinuguan..pretty love the halo-halo in chowking or in goldilocks and yhe sipao asado of chowking,wud love to go home now in Ph 🙂

      • Kelsey

        Hahahahaha yup that’s dinuguan. It’s actually pork blood and other stuff I don’t really want to know about. I’m filipino american and just the smell of that stuff at filipino parties would make me queasy. The whole ‘chocolate sauce’ thing is kind of a joke to get foreigners and little kids to try it.

      • Jack

        Hi Phil, you got the name right. I am a Filipino but I agree that it’s not visually appealing. Though I must say the meat is really good. I don’t eat much of its sauce. Your pals were just trying to trick you. It’s not chocolate sauce. It’s pig’s blood. (Almost) everything in it comes from pig, including the intestines and all sorts of internal organs they could add. Ok did I just insult the dish? Hahaha.. You should try at least the pork bits in it..

        You’ve traveled around Philippines far more than an average Filipino traveler! I would love to do what you did. Makes me wanna book my next ticket to Surigao or Malapascua now..

      • Sid Emmanuel

        It is an acquired taste. I am pretty sure you will eventually like it just like balut. I have 3 brothers in law who are Canadians and they love dinugu-an now.It’s how one cooks it. So there is still hope for you! Glad you love it there in the Philippines. You blended well with the Pinoys and that will make you great ambassador for us. I am a tourist of my own country and hopefully I will visit those areas you have visited so far.

      • evelyn

        you haven’t tasted the best halohalo that’s from Razon restaurant, originally from Pampanga. You can find it everywhere in Manila, chowking halohalo is just 70%good versus razon’s 100% goodness

      • try lechon (whole roast pig), go to bohol,camiguin,davao,bukidnon when you comeback to philippines.

      • I have eaten Lechon in Cebu, I went to Bohol and I stayed in Camiguin…. it’s all on the blog hehe. Davao is on my list and I never heard of Bukidnon!

      • you must also go for sierra madre forest, palawan, batanes, aaaaahhhh… damn there many places to go! hehehehe cheers!

      • Hi Julius, where is Sierra MAdre forrest and where is it at? First time I hear about it

      • Novel Matibag

        hi phil.. yes your right that dinuguan 🙂

      • Dinuguan is not really my thing hehe

      • you should have been here in davao city.. ^_^

      • Next time I will try 😉

    • Yeah, later on I found out it was mainly blood and intestines…. just not my type of meal. Homecooked food is usually the best, you are right with that. I never had Eel Adobo I have to say. Sounds tasty though. I had lots of chicken and pork adobo and I loved Lechon. I have good memories of lechon kawali in Cebu….. very nice.

  5. hello Phil,

    Fantastic post, fantastic pictures!
    One stupid question nevertheless, how do you manage to stay in shape when travelling for so long?
    I’m just back from a 2 weeks trip in Indonesia and I think I’ve lost a few kilogramms somewhere… 🙂

    cheers from France

    • Bonsoir David,

      ca va bien? No worries… I tend to lose too but it is rather slimming down a bit. When I was on the road for a year, I tried to hit the gym at least every once in a while. By the way, that is a really interesting to do as the gyms are really different in Asia and usually no tourists find their way into a local gym. It’s great for getting in touch with the locals. But yeah, sometimes it is very hard. I try not to worry too much about it. I was pretty fit when I stayed in Bali and surfed like every day ….. Where have you been Indo? Cheers, Philipp

      • Guten morgen,

        Well, I was supposed to wander all around Java, but I stayed much longer than expected in Yogyakarta and surroundings (central Java).
        I just felt so good there. The atmosphere, friendly locals, beautiful countryside, it was perfect for me.


    • Nice, I still gotta do Java. Indonesia is huge and has so many different regions to explore. It’s crazy. I would also like to see Sumatra, Kalimantan and especialy Papua. I really need to save up some money hehe….

  6. maria

    Hi phil

    Thank you for visiting our wonderful places in the philipines, most specially staying in our one beautiful place in my province in bicol “gubat, sorsogon”.. I hope you can come back soon, to see some of our beautiful spots in our province, like caramoan island, calaguas island and more places in our country, were you can spend more time to travel.

    • Hi Maria,
      welcome and thanks so much for stopping by. I take you are from Bicol as well? A Bicolana so to say or even Gubatnon? Yeah, I reall like Bicol, it has a lot to offer and is not yet visited by too many tourists. I definitely need to come back and see more of it. I heard a lot of nice things about Calaguas… where abouts do you actually live, Maria? Cheers, Philipp

      • wini

        i live near in Calaguas island,,, you must really try to visit for more ……

  7. Lantaw

    Visit some of the great destinations in southern Mindanao next time 🙂

    • Hi Lantaw, thanks for stopping by my friend. It is on my list, for sure. We were even strongly considering to go there during our trip but in the end we didn’t have the time. Even within 2 or 3 months you just can’t see everything of your country. But it’s good to save something for the next visit ;). Cheers, Philipp

      • Larry

        there’s a lot of best adventures in Mindanao. hope you could visit soon! also try CAMIGUIN ISLAND and BUKIDNON. thanks for your nice post! amazing philippines!

      • Josh A.

        Nice post Phil D. Not sure if you should go to southern Mindanao tho. Last I heard, there’s Islamic terrorist groups down there. I’m sure you don’t want to get captured and held for ransom.
        I need visit the Philippines tho. Haven’t been in so many years. Other than the nice beaches, what else should I go there for? I already live by the nicest beaches of Florida.

      • I enjoyed reading your blog and absolutely love all your pics..Maybe next time you can visit Mindanao too 🙂 If you love to hike, maybe you can also hike the highest volcano in PH, the mount Apo, in Davao and go surfing on the surfing capital of the PH-Siargao, and etc…
        Hope you can do it again next time…Im sure, the Philippines and the Filipinos are waiting for you 🙂

      • Hi Rosel, thanks for stopping by. I am glad you liked the blog and the pictures. Really, when I come back I have to stop in Mindanao. By now I have heard so many good recommendation about it …. Thanks again and all the best. Philipp

      • emz velasco boquinquito

        Hey Phil! How about visiting my home province in OrientalNegros? There are still many virgin nature spots that only a few tourists know and gone to…

      • Cool, sounds very good. Would you show me around and lead me to these places? That would be cool! 🙂

  8. Jamie Lark

    wow, thanks for your nice post. i’m happy that you have enjoyed you time in the Phils. maybe just our preference of food did not match yours. Next time try also to visit our province in Pampanga. I’m not sure if our kind of food will fit your taste. Hope you’ll like the food in Pampanga. Our food is like a mixture of cantonese, spanish, malay, and some even have mexican style. Our province is called “Food Capital” in the Phils because of the kind and taste of our food. there are many authentic kapampangan food that you could try like sisig and many more. i will also suggest that you would try the homemade style kapampangan version of dinuguan. Again thanks for visiting and enjoying Phils. hope that you could enjoy more in your next visit.

    • Hi Jamie, welcome and thanks for stopping by. I will make sure to visit Pampanga next time I am in the Philippines. I have actually never heard about this province before and that makes it even more interesting. I will look it up on Google Maps right after writing this here. And the foods you mentioned sound like something I would really dig. BTW, I had Sisig a few times and it is not too bad… I like the crunchy taste of it. OK Jamie, thanks again and have a great weekend ahead. CHeers, Phil

      • Ricky Pol Artus

        Hi Phil, thanks for visiting Philippines. I saw the pictures it’s really beautiful. Hope next when you come back try to visit boracay island in kalibo and the newly hotspot Isla Gigantes in Carles Iloilo..

      • Jabby

        Yup, Pampanga would be a great FoodVenture in your next visit(s)…. Filipino Chefs who join top reality cooking competitions (MasterChef, TopChef and the like) are mostly likely (as in 95%) from Pampanga. Bulacan is another foodventure haven as well. Then we you make your next blog … you could then say that your travel satisfaction of the Philippines is complete.. 😀

    • I think he went to Mt Pinatubo.. Near Pampanga. :p Home he’ll visit apampanga anyway.

      Para mangan iyang dacal. :p

  9. peter montgomery

    thanks for your coverage of the philippines . i have been going there since 1978 . just like to relate one story . i will call this story ” on the way to the crucifixion ”
    its easter friday , im in iloilo city and hear about religious happenings on nearby guimaris island . off i go with with the crowd , theres flagellants and all sorts of zealots walking along to view a live crucifixion . its a hot dusty walk and as i pass an open air bar , a voice calls out ” hey joe , feel like a beer ” , well one wont hurt !!! its 3 hours later , our little party of 2 has grown to 15 , im pissed , and endless crates of beer have been drunk !!!
    i stagger up to pay the bill , the filipinos tell me ” no joe its on us ” . then they ” put
    joe in a trike and make sure i get to the ferry for iloilo city . i never did get to see the crucifixion but i made a lot of friends .

    the above story is really about the filipino , they love and live life to the full . dont miss this country what ever you do .

    food – as phil says , not as good as some other parts of asia . try these as they are my favourites

    chicken or pork adobo – cooked in vinegar and soy

    chicken affritada – cooked in tomato

    sinigang – can be anything [ fish , pork , shrimp , chicken ] cooked in a soup with very strong tamarind bitter base .

    try ” balut ” at your own risk .

    risks – be carefull in the big cities like manila , cebu etc .

    • Hi Peter, great story and I always that those were the days to explore Southeast Asia. You are really lucky, back then it all was more of an adventure. Today everything is so accessible, people have been everywhere and every little thing is documented on the net. Sometimes I really wish I would have been born a little earlier. You were basically a backpacker pioneer back then. A lot of respect for that.
      You summed up the great Filipino attitude well and even these days you still tend to get the welcoming Hey Joes. We first realized it when entering Bicol.
      Oh by the way, did you ever end up watching those famous crucifications? That’s something I’d like to see as well some day. Must be very impressive but also a pretty crowded affair these days….

      Thanks for the tips, especially concerned food. BTW, when we ate at Hans’ place, we got served an amazing fish dish by his chef …. Tuna, a little bit spicy and vegetables. That was actually one of the best dishes we had in the Philippines 😉

      • peter montgomery

        that tuna dish sounds like kinilaw , its not actually cooked but the vinegar makes it feel that way .

        never ever got to see a crucifixion !!! been to countless fiestas over the years , these are based usually on the local patron saint of the town / city . the fiesta is like christmas , new year and birthday rolled into one great celebration for the local filipino . some of the best fiesta are held in the visayas , my favourite is the maskara fiesta held in bacolod city every 3rd week in october . every city , town and barangay has there own unique celebration .

        my travel days are over now , on entry to the philippines , i head straight to the island of samar , then onto another smaller island called biri . this is where i met my wife , so the philippines has given me everything .

        for the new travellers there , just watch the faces on the locals , these people have nothing yet they happy . we in the west have everything except happiness !!!

      • joindclub

        Thanks for these wonderful words and pictures! I am really glad you had a good time here in our country! Try to get as much home-cooked meals as possible. Avoid small restaurants and fast foods. The best filipino dishes are always the home-cooked ones! But be aware that each and every house / restaurant has a different version of a certain meal. Chowking Halo-halo is commercialized, you should try ours! We would love to cook for you and show you how amazing our cuisines are! Good luck and have fun!

      • Novel Matibag

        Hi Phil, on crucifications , you can witness it in the province of Pampangga , its capital is San Fernando. Its happening every holy friday of each year. 🙂

    • edith

      hi peter, glad to hear u been to guimaras island. but sorry to hear that u got I hope u ddnt missed eating our famous mango. Cheers!!!

    • i love your blog, you should go back and visit other places here, you must try going on festivals/fiestas too.

      check this link for guide

      • Hi Pinky, I definitely wanna check out some of the country’s festival …must be so good.. I wanna attend the Sinulog but I am not sure if I will have the time ..

  10. Wow! Fantastic photos and interesting roundup indeed. Thank you for sharing your experience!

    • Hi Kasamud and welcome. Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it. I had a look at your blog and your pictures…really nice as well. Where are you from anyways? Cheers, Philipp

      • Hi Philipp, Thanks for a visit to my blog. I am from Thailand…your blog is indeed full of interesting photos and stories. Thanks for sharing this to the world 🙂 ciao , kasama

  11. You really should come back! 😉

    • Hi Miguel, yeah for sure. As I said, I usually tend to come back to places I have been to before but the Philippines is definitely an exception. I will come back and I hope not before too long. Where abouts in the Phils do you live? Cheers my friend, Philipp

  12. Oh wow! Super nice photos. Glad you enjoyed the Philippines. 🙂 You are welcome to go back any given time as there are lot more to explore.

    • Hi Hanna,
      thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoyed the article and the photos. I will have to come back to see the rest of your country. Where in the Phils are you from then?

      • Manila though my provinces are Pampanga and Baler, Aurora. You can surf at Baler too plus they have nice waterfalls and natural swimming pools! 🙂

    • It seems like everyone is going to Manila for work… so many people I have met live there now. I heard about Baler and the surfing is supposed to be good. That would be one of the places I would visit next time round ;). And someone on this blog recommended Pampanga for the good food there ….

      • Yup! Super good food! There’s this restaurant called Bali Dutug in Pampanga and famous chefs actually dined there and had good recommendations about the place, including Anthony Bourdain! 🙂

      • Mishelle

        Hi Phil, If you like the halo-halo in Chowking, you will surely love the Halo-halo of Razon’s.. try one when you visit Pampanga. The main branch is in there. 🙂

    • Ohh wow, that sounds very tempting. Not sure if my budget would allow it though, hehe. But thanks for the recommendation …..

      • Merne Penaranda

        Hi Phil D.!
        Thanks for making me love my country more! I have been to that place in Bicol that you seemed to have fallen in love with and I totally agree with all that you said about it and the people there.
        I am from Siargao and I hope you will include it in your itinerary next visit. You will be amazed by its resemblance to Gubat (in terms of its people) and the whole of the Bicol Region, talking of the entire province of Surigao del Norte, now. No worry about place to stay in Siargao. Just email me once you got a definite date. Continue to enjoy life! 🙂

      • Hi Merne, thanks for stopping by and thanks a lot for your invitation to Siargao. I’d love to go there one day and try the surf … it must be amazing …… Thanks again and all the best. Philipp

  13. Sonia Coyle

    Awesome post! Thank you for loving my country…. it’s beautiful everywhere. We are so blessed!

  14. Super proud of my country and this is one awesome post.
    I love the pictures.

  15. MariaBeth

    Hi Phil. 🙂 I love reading your blog. it makes me proud being a Filipino. Bet you really had an amazing time here. and I also love the beaches and foods… and nice photos too. 🙂 🙂 hope you can come here in Iloilo. 🙂

  16. kate

    I had a great time reading your blog, I am from the Philippines but has yet to travel more of my own country. I feel your honesty through your words and for your kind words, I thank you for that.
    -Thank you for immersing yourself in the local scenery
    -Thank you for trusting Filipinos, yes, we do take care of people genuinely
    -Thank you.

    If you like to come visit Philippines again, Yes, do check out Baler, I went there and its amazing, also, check out Batanes (Luzon) and lloilo-Antique-Guimaras (Visayas islands) and explore the waters of the south.

    Keep making memories 🙂

  17. Ben Landas

    Great story and pics. I am glad you enjoyed your trip. We plan to go next year! Thanks for sharing your travels to my country. Mabuhay!

  18. Hello sir,
    You gained a fan. Such good photos 🙂 Would like to see you came back to our country.

  19. Mia

    Hi Phil. I’m from Gubat. You make us proud…thank you…Ingat our friend …

  20. mustachio

    Most would rather visit Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other Southeast Asian countries. I am glad you found your way to The Philippines and enjoyed your stay here. Thank you.

  21. Mel Lao

    Wow…thanks for visiting sagada (my hometown) and also including banaue rice terraces as one of your favorite.God bless

  22. Nancy

    I’m so happy you loved your visit to our country. I envy you, because you have gone to more places here in our country than I have! 😉 I wish more locals and foreigners alike get to read your blog and be inspired to travel all over our country and enjoy the different sights, sounds & cultures each place has to offer. God bless! 😉

  23. Sugar Baguio

    Gorgeous photos! Great article!

    Seem you really had a great awesome stay in beautiful spots our country!

    You just made me jealous back there. Big time! As living abroad it made me missed my country more…

  24. Lhester

    Gorgeous photos Phil, I hope next time you should see Iloilo and Panay Island as a whole. We have some of the oldest and beautiful churches in the Philippines. You can go Island hopping in Isla de Gigantes in Carles, not too many people know about the place but it really is beautiful there. Bugtong bato falls in Antique is also a must-see. Guimaras Island offers you the sweetest mangoes in the world and there are a lot of beautiful beaches too. I really like to encourage you to come and visit Iloilo. 🙂

  25. Leo

    i see you had fun.. comeback anytime Phil! Try to visit the Mindanao Part.. our place has 23 waterfalls to trek.. ^__^ but be sure you have a good guide though..

  26. rico

    We so envy you. Very few people in our country can visit all those places you’ve been to in their lifetime. Good job on a very thorough account of your travel. It’s a service not just to foreigners wanting to visit our country but to us locals who have yet to see the beauty of these islands.

  27. Rea ibana

    Wow,I’m from the Philippines but I never try to visit those lovely places ,^_^ thanks for blogging!I need to pack up and see those beautiful places too:)

  28. Ronelyn

    Wow I was born and raise in the philippines and never been to that many places. Great job on the roundup.

  29. Nollie Calising

    That was a very informational roundup Sir Phil.

    Thanks for hailing our country as one of the best place you have ever gone. I bet you had a great stay here.

    You may try here in CARAGA Region in Mindanao. They have so many things and adventires to offer. You can check on it on Google.

    Hope you share it to your countrymen and other tourists how awesome Philippines is. Thank you very much.

    Always keep safe and God bless!

  30. Reggie

    Nice blog. You have been in more places in my country than me. Hehehe! I also would like to recommend that you visit Batangas, Quezon and Rizal provinces. They are not too far from Manila but they offer a lot of places to go and a lot of things to do. Food there is great as well.

  31. Ferdinand

    I envy you because I feel a foreigner in my own country. I have only been to Boracay among the places you have been. I am going for an ocular in Siquijor this weekend.
    However, I have been to three places where you should go next time. The very splendid Batanes, historical Vigan and the Hundred Islands in Pangasinan.
    It is ironic that I have been to at least 25 countries as part of my job. Been to Germany three times for the Berlinale.
    I have been inspired with your stories and will travel some more in my own country
    Thank you…

  32. Your kind words just make me swell with pride! Come visit us again, you have not seen enough yet! :))

  33. Hi, Phil! Kudos on your marvelous travel blog! My name is Marc, and I call myself the “bordertrotter”. Just because I love ‘hopping’ between borders of countries, states, provinces, cities and towns. You know what? I think you beat me in traveling within my country! There are still some wonderful places you can try next time, check these out on Google; “enchanted river” in Hinatuan, Surigao; or the Pink-sand beach in Sta. Cruz, Zamboanga; perhaps the European-Spanish city of Vigan, Ilocos Sur; the “Chocolate hills” in Bohol, and many more! But, I must say that I admire and I’m already hands-down to your long bucket list (all-checked)! 🙂 Your experiences in our country is another reason why we say “It’s more fun in the Philippines”. More power in your future travels! Adios!

  34. melody

    Hiiiiiii Phil I enjoyed reading your article!
    Awesome pictures and you are amazing.

  35. Great Photos, and good to hear that you enjoyed your stay here in our Lovely country. By the way, what photo editor did you use for those magnificent photoes?

  36. just want to ask.. if yuove ever been in Batanes.. its a beautiful place really up north of the philippines. if ever youll go, try to visit mavulis island, its picturesque and beyond breath taking. and also samar….

  37. This is so beautiful!I am from the Philippines but I haven’t really explored the islands as much as I would want to. This journal of yours convinced me to make it a goal (and to make it REALLY happen) to discover the country before I reach 30! It’s sad though that not all Filipinos realize how beautiful our country is and just trash the resources that we have.

  38. Estrella N

    I’m jealous… I am a Filipino… I didn’t get the chance to tour around my country when I had the chance. :(( Now that I migrated to Canada, I regret that I didn’t wander… I hope to try the adventure once I’m back to visit

  39. This is amaaazzinggg! seems like you got more Appreciation to our country than other Filipinos do. This makes me more proud and interested for my country! 🙂

  40. Nice blog! Made me even more proud of my country! It is definitely more fun in the Philippines!

  41. Lara

    Try going to Batanes islands, Pangasinan hundred islands, Quezon’s white beaches with caves or Borawan. A lot of places still to visit and thank you for such a wonderful blog!

  42. Sheryl wingate

    Hi Phil! I love your blog. I too just returned from the P.I. I am fortunate because my parents live in Consolacion, Cebu so we had ways to get around with ease. But the people are beautiful inside and out. On the way home we had a layover in korea, and it was a major culture shock because the attitude was so different. The beauty of the island and the people make it so wonderful. No length of time is enough, the is always more to do. I will be returning in April 2015 and am already starting my itinerary!!! Salamat Po!

  43. Michael

    Hi Phil D. you need to stay longer for you know the country, you barely scratch the surface of traveling the entire archipelago. My name is Michael and I come from Western Visayas. The most progressive region outside the National Capital Region or MAYNILA. I am from Bacolod City, the capital city of Negros Occidental in Western Visayas. We have a lot to offer, since our region has the most diverse way of cooking like Chicken Inasal, marinated chicken seasoned with pepper, vinegar(sinamak) and a little soy sauce and Calamansi fruit. We have the best chicken in the country, we are the Sugar Bowl of the country as well as we produce 60 percent of the sugar in the country, hence we have all the mouth watering desserts made from brown sugar or Muscovado. We likewise has been greatly influenced by spanish and became the first Republic after the Spanish fall for 2 years. We have the best beaches aswell and eco tourism parks and boasted have 13 progressive cities in the province alone. Metro Bacolod is composed of 3 major cities and one is Silay, which is second to Vigan city of the North Luzon to have intact Spanish houses. The accomodations are quite cheap as well. Mt. Kanlaon, that divides the province to Negros Oriental, another great province to explore and we are 4 hours away from Cebu, the most progressive city in the Visayas. We have the Queen’s city of the south called ILoilo as well, with the majority of good soups like Batchoy and Molo come from. If you like Rivers , sea and sand we have them, only hidden to the large influx of tourist. I hope that suffice my description of beloved province. Come visit Negros and Iloilo city in Panay region. I can help you find places to go as I am hailed from these counties. Cheers. Kudos to you and your kind for making Philippines a worthy place to visit.

  44. Amelyn Malan

    Thank you for appreciating our country!
    God Bless you and good luck to your future travels!


  45. this is cool but you miss the adrenaline rush extreme adventure in Cebu, Philippines the adventure is Canyoneering you will love the waterfalls try to visit my facebook acount Phil im stuart from Cebu City, Phillipines, Canyoneering Guide.

  46. Vyenne

    tanx for a wonderful feedback regarding our beloved country. Message like your makes me more proud to be a Filipino… And i hope and pray that you meet more good people and collect good memories kn your next visit… goodluck and God bless …

  47. Philip Atanacio

    Hi Phil,
    Thanks for your blog about Phils. How come I didn’t see Boracay and Bohol in your list. When you come back, visit also Batanes,northern part, Pagudpod,Vigan and sò on.. What camera did you use in your travel.What can you say about our beer and liquor compared to others u have visited.

  48. alexa

    its inspiring to read a nice article and see beautiful pictures of my country. u have travelled so far more than me. i dont even know some of the places uve been into. i guess its more fun in the philippines

  49. Netz

    Wonderful post! Im so glad you liked it here. I’ve been to all the destinations you’ve been to and i agree to every single thing you said. Next time you visit, i suggest you go to Siargao also. I’ve been back and forth to that island since my first visit late last year..cant get enough of that place. Seriously, it is the BEST.

  50. what a great story and beautiful pictures! it is more fun in the philippines!

  51. koks

    You have great photoshooting skills man and/or your buddies !

  52. Dan

    It’s nice to know you had a great time in the Philippines. If ever you’ll come back be sure to go to Southern Cebu, the beaches there are amazing and you get to swim with Whale Sharks too, plus everything there is really cheap. Cagayan de Oro has an amazing white water rafting and 840-meter zipline, a few hours of travel will take you to Camiguin Island. You can spend days exploring that beautiful Island and be sure to check out the White Island there if the tides permit. Have fun!

  53. Sam Lim

    Nice affirmation … great story and photos 🙂 It’s nice to read and see this kinds of stories, you came at the right time, Summer time. You should come back for more, you barely scratched the surface (so to speak) and we still have to convince you that our food may not be similar to other SEA fare because it has it’s own character, it would be another (new) experience.

    During my younger days I traveled around my country before I ventured to other countries, not to compare but to increase my world view of what its like to be in another country, another culture and other people. I’ve been around Asia and Europe and I feel no different from the others, I guess traveling brings out our being just one kind (only the physical attributes are different) and we all like the same thing when out there in the world – to have fun and enjoy life.

    You should be an adopted son on the Philippines

  54. father aloy

    beautiful photos. professional level

  55. mj

    – good to hear that u hav an awesome time in our country 🙂 il share this blog so that my friends from europe and uk would know how fun it is in the philippines 🙂

  56. imee

    Thank you for everything that you said in this blog. I, as a Filipina, particularly a Bicolana, agree in everything that you said here. I hope other foreigners get to experience also what you have experienced in your stay here. I like others who really appreciate the beauty of our country and how welcoming Filipinos can be. I hope you also get to visit Albay when you get back.

  57. Hi Phil,

    Thank you for visiting our country and finding it your second home:-)…you had an amazing story and found a true friends in Gubat Sorosogon. Bicol is my hometown too, I am from Caramoan. I hope you can visit Caramoan the next time you come back. This is the place where France, Holland, Denmark, India and the US Survivor filmed. It can be compared to Coron and EL Nido. Caramoan is very affordable too with so much to offer especially the food like Laing and Bicol express:-)…I hope you can visit our country again the next time and have more more fun and friends:-)…Thank you.

    I also noticed that you are a good photographer, the way you compose your pics are great:-)! I am also a photographer for 2 years now:-)….

  58. Thank you for a comprehensive recount of your trip 🙂 Glad you had an amazing time in the country! Transportation can indeed be a challenge with 7,107 coastal islands, but making the stretch is always worth it 🙂 And I second Lantaw, try Mindanao when you return. It’s a beautiful, underrated destination.

  59. Lala

    That’s was a great adventure, hope you’ll visit Davao City too.

  60. Belle

    I enjoyed reading your blog 🙂
    i recommend to you to go next time in HUNDRED ISLANDS in Alaminos Pangasinan and part in ILOCOS region. You will love it there.

  61. bang belles

    Thank you for staying in the Phillipines for 3 months and for loving our people. Hope u can come back again. God bless!

  62. Lala

    *That was

  63. Liz

    Good to know you had a great time in our country.Thank you for giving your time and effort to write about Philippines.Whenever I’m reading a blog like this I am falling in love with our country over and over again.God bless you :-).

  64. i maybe starting to learn and loving the life on a foreign country. but the place where i was born and raised will always be my so called coming home very soon :)..

    and the pictures are very awesome!!

  65. I think you should come back for more! 🙂 you just missed Bohol on your trip! 😉

  66. Ed E.

    Guten morgen, ich bin edward from PH i read you’re blog and i enjoy reading it. 🙂 thanks for visiting philippines philip god bless and cheers 🙂

  67. Lovely adventures i notice you miss Caving in Samar if you come again try caving here 🙂


  68. Gandang article 🙂

  69. Jill Nunez

    Wow! Thanks for appreciating my country and thanks for considering it your second home! I am always flattered to know that people from other countries find our country to be such a nice place. I love traveling, too. But I have never been out of the country because I always thought that I should explore my own country before I go somewhere else. Surprisingly, you have been to more places than I have! Hahaha I feel so ashamed of myself. It makes me feel like you know more than I do. Haha. I am glad thatyou had a great time I Gubat. I’ve been there, too and I also loved the laid-back life I has
    I hope you’ll come back here and go to the other places you haven’t gone to yet!

  70. Hi Phil,

    Thanks for the good words about our country. Not a lot would spent that amount of time to go around. Basically most tourist (I am not generalizing) would head straight to Boracay, but there’s more to see of course.

    Glad you hit Siquijor. I believe you stayed in Salagdoong (based on the picture)? That place is somewhere I would go back in a heartbeat. Sucha peaceful getaway. Hope you could had taken a side trip to Dumaguete and head straight to Bais for that beautiful Sandbar. 🙂

    Bicol is a whole new adventure in itself. Born and raised in Albay where Mayon Volcano is like a “backdrop” on a clear sunny day, and this makes me miss home and my little adventures so much. I am glad you liked our Region.

    By this adventure of yours, I am sure you made a lot of other Filipino hearts (more) happier than they already are.


  71. YQB

    I envy you for having been able to go so many places in the Philippines. I am also from the Philippines but I have yet to explore so many other places there. This roundup you made is quite inspiring for us Pinoys to travel and explore our own country.

  72. James Kayle

    Thats beautiful nd fascinating. I think u should also visit mindanao. like the durian capital of the philippines -Davao, sleeping dinosaur in mati, long beach in glan, water rafting in bukidnon,enchanted river in hinatuan, surfing capital-surigao, camiguin and etc. But be careful going to west like zamboanga,tawi2, and other western part coz its unsafe though they offer fatanstic views like the biggest known pearl in the world that can only be found in such areas/islands.

    In visayas u should not miss ilo-ilo,guimaras,bohol.

    Luzon area., I would recommend BATANES.

    There are a lot of beautiful places philippines has to offer. I think i need to encourage filipinos to travel locally b4 travelling abroad.

    Hope u enjoy in ur next visit Phil. Oh hey, I’m a filipino and i was born in a certain area in mindanao.

    t since

  73. awesome!!! I bet 3 months is not enough. There’s sooo much more to explore in the Philippines. Have you heard about Isla Gigantes? You MUST come and visit.

  74. My ealier comment had some errors (excuse me for being a grammar nazi haha). I meant to say spend rather than spent. Also instead of could had its could have.

  75. Thank you sir for this round up about our country. I don’t usually read blogs from foreigners regarding their travel to the Philippines, because most often than not, I only got to read their dislikes to our country. Anyway, when time comes that you can go back here, I would suggest you go to Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte and Batanes 🙂 Try also Siargao. Again, thank you for this and more adventures for you =)

  76. Great pics! Smiling all throughout while reading your roundup. Thanks for writing about your experience! Cheers for your next adventures in the Philippines and elsewhere in the world! 🙂

  77. Nice blog about the Philippines. Thank you for this! It’s really #morefuninthephilippines

  78. Wow! Thank you for a very positive review of our country. I love travelling around my country too. I have been to some of the places you’ve been and I could take pride of how beautiful these places are! The environment, marine diversity, the people etc… I hope you will enjoy more of what our country can offer on your next trip. It’s More Fun in the Philippines.

  79. catherine

    Yeah,there’s so much to see in the phil. and yet I haven’t gone to these beautiful places. I have seen a lot of pictures featuring my country and reAlly hoping thta I cud visit them soon….hehehe..thanks for uploading those magnificent views

  80. Hi Phil! Your blog was shared by our governor here in Bicol. I am from Daraga Albay. Just wanna share that I also feel the same overwhelming feeling everytime I go around the country. I am a natural born Filipino and feel the same awe and admiration for my own country. I particularly loved my stay in Coron. I’ve met the nicest people there!

    Many tourist, even myself in my own country, feel that I leave a fragment of my heart in places where I was not only filled with beautiful sights to behold, but was also embraced with the warmth of the people. That’s what really made the experience incredibly remarkable and meaningful.

    Good luck on your next adventures!

  81. nyll

    love reading ur blog/posts. im fr Philippines and i traveled a whole lot in the West forgetting about my own country. it makes me realise how beautiful my country is in the eyes of westerners . i think i have to stop exploring Europe and content in exploring my own place first.

  82. thank you for this Blog sir Phil D.

  83. Nice!! I was just about to start planning my month there in December. This will help! My parents are from Cebu and I’ve never gotten a chance to explore around (even Cebu since we only stay on family property). I just read your About page, and I actually just quit my Corporate America job and I’m about to travel for the rest of 2014! So glad I came across your blog. I love finding people that do (or did) the same thing! Safe travels ahead, wherever you are!! 🙂


  84. JET

    wow, love the places and the pictures. You might wanna try going to apo island next time or climbing mt. kanlaon.

  85. Awesome photos Phil!

    You should go to Mindanao next time, and visit “Asik-asik Falls” in North Cotabato. Google it for the amazing photos! Cheers!

  86. Your post made me nostalgic. I just came from El Nido (and Sabang also Boracay) a couple of weeks back and it was soooooooo beautiful it made leaving so hard. My first time in El Nido and it was rad I instantly fell inlove. Still having some separation anxiety. Thank you for this wonderful roundup!! Very well put through. Cheers! 🙂

  87. marjorie

    happy that you enjoyed your stay here..reading your post,i wish we happened to know you so we can take to other beautiful beaches in the places you’ve visited. Like when you’re in cebu,ill recommend you to visit bantayan and camotes island and swim with the whale shark in oslob.And when you stayed in malapascua, i will push you to visit kalanggaman island and wont take no for an! I was just wondering (and sad..haha),why didnt you go explore caramoan island when you’re already in camarines sur?..urgh! my opinion, some beaches in caramoan are more stunning than coron.and even if you stay there for a week,you wont run out of islands to visit even if you do island hopping each and every time youre here,visit siargao! yes,with exclamation point..haha..tons of stunning islands to explore,(go naked in there naked island.haha) and surf your life to the surfing capital of the country.I think i should stop..i think im being talkative in your space.hehe..ciao!:) maraming salamat din at hanggang sa inyong muling pagbisita! 😊

  88. Hello Mr Phil,

    Very interesting travel! I’ve read this blog in a verbatim form. This post really is an astounding write-ups, very encouraging and increase self-esteem to the locàls and even to the foreign would-be travèllers. I am by the way a native of Bicol. A pure bicolano from Oas, Albay. I guess you passed-by in that small town in Albay. For sure, you have enjoyed the scenery of the majestic mayon (daragang MAgaYON or beuatiful lady) volcano. Hope to travel with you.

    More power to you and best regards,

    you can search my name and pics in Google. Btw, i’ve got a german prof back in Seoul, SK. Jörn Altmann is his name.

  89. M

    Hello, Phil! Wow, you’ve been to more places than I’ve been here in the Philippines! Thanks for this beautiful coverage of the Philippines’ gorgeous beaches. It was a lovely read. I really hope that you come back and explore more places, such as the Ilocos provinces up north (great food there too, like in Pampanga and Bicol), as well as Batanes island, which is a quaint and remote province that’s already near Taiwan. And then try visiting Davao and Samal in Mindanao; Samal has beautiful shorelines, too. 🙂

  90. Wonderful blog. I am glad you love the Philippines. We are so unique, beautiful smiles and friendly people.

  91. Hi Phil, Wie geths? I am glad you have enjoyed traveling all over my beautiful country. I was in Siquijor for 2 weeks and in Bohol for 2 weeks last month and still every time I try to visit those place it feels like the first time, will definitely go back over and over again. I saw that you stayed in Camiguin for 6 days? Any particular area that you like there? And when you come back try to visit Bohol it’s just infront of Siquijor, they have a nice beach spots and diving spots there(which I don’t do but most friends enjoy it) plus the famous chocolate hills, and perhaps when you come back I can tag along, it’s nice to share the passion for traveling! Pass auf dich auf! A.

  92. Maui

    Thank you for your blog. It makes me more prouder that i live in this wonderful country Btw,. I read on your blog that you visited CWC here in Camsur. How was your experience? 🙂

  93. myra

    Nice description of the Philippines, thank you. As a traveller also, I recommend that you also include Bohol in your next trip and also sohoton cove in bucas grande in surigao del Notre, where you can only enter during low tide. And if you love diving you can go to Enchanted river in hinatuan…enjoy and mabuhay…

  94. Ruth

    Hi Phil! I also LOVE to travel. And i always make it to a point to explore my own country, Phils, first before i go to other countries. I do visit other countries every once in a while but i make it up by planning a trip anywhere in the Phils also everytime i plan a trip outside the country. You still have more places to explore, my friend. You can email me if you’re planning to visit again. There are more places you should go to and maybe we can plan a trip if the time permits. 🙂 all the best!

  95. Thanks Phil for your very nice review on our beautiful country. Ashamed to have only visited a few our many islands.

    On your next trip to the Philippines explore the northern part of our country. Ilocos Norte, Zambales, Batanes and Babuyan Islands 🙂

  96. fahadtuazon

    hi phil, it seems that you had a great time in my birthplace, Gubat. did you visit also Prieto-Diaz? its a nearby town where i was raised. we have some virgin caves there if you are a fun of it. Anyway, try to visit Ilocos and Batanes in your next adventure. they have a very diverse and rich culture especially in Ilocos.

  97. Hi Phil! i’m from Sorsogon and actually, some of the people in your photos from Gubat are my friends. i’m glad that you enjoyed your stay. Thanks for reminding me to chase a swell again. god, I miss surfing those waves in gubat. Did you play soccer in the field near the beach in Gubat? The one near a cemetery? That’s a magical place during sunset.. Did you try going to Paguriran Island in Bacon? it’s in the other side of town and i know another good spot for surfing and skimming. if you’re planning to come back, lemme know, ayt?

  98. Thanks Phil for your very nice review on our beautiful country. Ashamed to have only visited a few our many islands.

    On your next trip to the Philippines explore the northern part of our country. Ilocos Norte, Zambales, Batanes and Babuyan Islands 🙂

  99. Bernie

    This is so nice..thank you for your blog.

  100. that’s a nice blog and much nicer photos you got there phil. we’re flattered that you like your stay in our country, come visit us again! inuman tayo! (let’s drink) 😀

  101. bie

    Great Blog Phil. Glad you enjoyed our country and thank you for sharing your experience. There are more places to see and more food to taste, so I hope you’ll come back soon. Keep on travelling! 🙂

  102. Gly

    wow! i’m from the Philippines but you have been to more places than I have. haha. i recommend you try climbing Mt. Apo in Davao. It is the highest peak in the country 🙂 (I have always planned to cross that off my bucket list. haha). or you could try surfing in Siargao in Mindanao. I believe it is the surfing capital of the Philippines (yep, another one of my bucket list) haha 😀
    hope i can be like you someday, just traveling around countries and having the greatest adventures. 🙂

  103. jny

    Great article! Thank you for your positive reviews on your travels. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed your time here. Pls do come back, there are so many more great places you haven’t been into. 😉

  104. Marlon

    Phil, next stop will be northern philippines (ilocos region) certainly you’ll have another grand vacation here. It is a blend of hispanic influence and nature tripping at it’s finest. Visit Ilocandia!

  105. rea

    That’s pretty awesome! I was born in the Philippines but I was raised in the US. I haven’t had the chance to explore the Philippines, to spend 3 months there or more is in my bucket list, after I do a cross country through out the United States this September.

  106. Katherine

    I am glad that you loved the Philippines and Thank you for all the tips and the list of where you’ve been. I am a Filipina but i have not had the chance to tour the places you’ve been. Which I am hoping to see the beautiful places too. BTW, I super love your photos. i am hoping to see more . 😉 take care and have a great and safe travels. Cheers to all the backpackers in the World.

  107. rolf

    Thank you for a nice word in our country. Me my self, has not yet explore our own, maybe someday.
    You never visit Boracay??? how come? 😀 “they say”, it is one the best beaches in the world…… someday I will go there… 😀

  108. You are welcome to come back again and explore the beauty of my Mom’s hometown in Caramoan.

  109. Angela

    Cant believe this! I was in the surfing camp in Gubat and Bulusan lake (cant forget that since you almost broke your ankle and your Filipina friends were so worried for you.. I was just on the next table eating watermelon and mangoes while this is happening) the same time as you were there too! (I have this weird strong recall of people’s faces). You were there last yr, right? But i was just too shy then.. Anyway, i salute you for being too bold in traveling the philippines even when you’re alone. I just came back from El Nido and already targeting Coron on my next travel! Next time you come here I’ll be happy to accompany you in your travels. Hahaha. Btw im from Sorsogon, Philippines and loves exploring my own country! Mabuhay ka!

  110. Nice photos from an awesome country, The Philippines! Glad you enjoyed your stay here in my country. It was good to know that you traveled a lot of destination here while on my side, i am still a tourist in my own country. Hopefully you’ll visit my province when you come back, its Batangas. There you can see the Taal Volcano, one of the smallest in the world. You can do adventures like trekking near its crater and horse riding. They said Taal cited as an island within a lake within an island within a lake within an island. Pretty confusing but you will know that tricky word when you go there. There’s also a lot of beaches like Pico de Loro, Calatagan beach, Laiya in San Juan and do Scuba diving in Anilao. Anyway, i learned Deutsch for 2 years in Manila but i can say that Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch und Ich bin nicht fleißend auf Deutsch. Haha. German is so hard to learn but a very beautiful language. My teacher taught us songs like Hanschen Klein, Edelweiß, Muss I Denna and many more. We also watched movies like Im Juli and Das Boot! Hope i can speak German fluently. Again, thanks for your beautiful, awesome and coolest thread! Mabuhay ka!

  111. Awesome roundup! It’s always a pleasure to see my country through other people’s eyes. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the Philippines! 🙂

    • Jen

      Nice to hear that you had a great time and experience in Philippines. On your next visit maybe you could explore the beauty of batanes 😉 im sure you will fall inlove with that place…

    • Paige

      Wow, what an amazing adventure! I’m from Manila but I’ve never tried island hopping in different provinces before. I’ve only been to Bicol and Cebu. Your post really inspired me to visit those beautiful spots myself! Thanks for this! I seriously need a getaway. Time to unwind!

    • Mylah

      include Caramoan Islands on your next trip back in the Philippines..sure you would love there too. especially on Pitogo Cove.

  112. I don’t usually comment on anyone’s post but I found yours well written about Philippines..I hope this could help promote my country and somehow could erase the negative thoughts they have for Filipinos..It’s indeed a nice country to enjoy and explore .

    Rides and reaching different places may be bit hard but it can be compensated by talking to people around you and one talk can turn a big smile for everyone.

  113. Paul G

    Hey Phil,

    Amazing experience, how come you’ve never taken the trip to caramoan since you’re already in cam sur. You should visit that place when you come back.

  114. sid

    Thank you so much for choosing my country as ur best travel and backpacking destination… Come back again and discover more of the hidden paradise my country has to offer…

  115. Hey Phil! I’m pleased you had such a blast visiting the Philippine islands.You were right saying this round up doesn’t say it all, but I think it’s a great one, it’s fun and makes a Filipino proud to be one indeed. Anyway, I’m from the Cordilleras in Luzon island. I see you’ve already seen Baguio, Sagada and Banue. Well, if you ever plan to visit The Phil again, I would suggest you also try climbing Mt. Pulag, and visit the Centuries old Mummies of Kabayan, Benguet. Would love to read more of your blogs in the future. Cheers!

  116. msdiamond

    Hi Phil, your post made me proud of my country. 🙂 Thank you for this.
    Have you tried the whale shark watching in Donsol Sorsogon or Oslob Cebu? How about the traditional tattooing in one of the tribes in Kalinga? Try to visit the Enchanted River and Siargao (for bigger waves) in Surigao; Camotes Island in Cebu and white sand beach in Bohol when you come back.

    Our country has a lot to offer. But above all, I am happy that more than the beauty of the places you’ve been to, you were able to experience the true beauty of Filipinos. 🙂

  117. Gayle

    Thank you for this write up about our country; it is much appreciated. Awesome photos as well. You are welcome to go back anytime. I see that you’ve missed some of the other provinces like Davao, Siargao, Surigao, Ilocos Region and most of all, Batanes. Try to visit these sites when you go back. There’s much more to explore. 🙂

  118. Hector

    Phil, next time you travel here in P.I. don’t forget to visit Batanes Island and dive the Tubbataha Reef. For food adventure, try to visit Halo-Halo de Iloko Balay in San Fernando, La Union, try to search them in facebook for sure you’ll have a good time. Again thank you for loving our Country! you are always welcome.

  119. Ely

    Thank you for this wonderful blog about my country. This makes me miss the Philippines so much. I was reading some of the comments and this one from Peter Montgomery makes me really proud of being a Filipino ” just watch the faces on the locals , these people have nothing yet they happy . we in the west have everything except happiness !!!” Thank you again Phil and hope one day when you go back to the Philippines I will see you there.

  120. Dianne

    Fantabulous post and photos! I’ve been exploring our country too, and it’s simply breathtaking. Glad you enjoyed! Till your next trip! 😉

  121. Meg

    Awesome blog, mate! Left home 8yrs ago and hoping one day Id get to go back and travel in the Philippines. Ive only been to Puerto Princesa Palawan, thats about it. Born and raised in the Phils but never had the chance to do some travelling. Glad you enjoyed urs! Photos are awesome!

  122. queenie

    interesting photos mr. philipp..i wish i could travel too,someday.. “salamat sa pagbisita sa pilipinas..” means thank you for visiting our country..

  123. Teodora

    Thank you for your beautiful pictures of the Philippines makes me feel more homesick and make me rush to go back home…so glad you enjoyed your stay…you are so right that the best feature of my country is the people…please come back soon!

  124. juri

    Hi Phil, Thank you so much for enjoyin and appreciating the beauty of our dearest country, Philippines. You still have a lot of places to see. 🙂

  125. Great,,, proud to be Bicolanos… Visit us her in Calaguas Island….and share it to other just what you did in this blog,,,, great… thank you Phil,,,, GBU..

  126. Angel

    If I’m not mistaken, you were diving with Rocksteady in Coron? Can tell it from your photo on boat with the dive tanks. Btw, this is enjoyable to read and great photos! Thanks for visiting our awesome country 🙂

  127. Dan Salamante

    You’re an honorary Filipino now, Phil. Come back anytime.

  128. Great to know you’ve enjoyed the Philippines. I am quite jealous as you’ve been to more places in my country than I! 🙂 Awesome photos too! Best of luck on your next adventures 🙂

  129. Hi Philipp, Your name really reflects your compliments of our country. PHILIPPINES hehe… nice one dude, Im from here but not able to visit those places that that you have been,

  130. Krizzy

    Hello phil! Hope all is well! I had a great time reading your roundup! Thank you for the kind words you said about my country. And im glad you had a great time while staying here. I know you experience a lot already but believe me there’s so much more to discover! 🙂 i feel you about the Balut thing! Lol! Whenever we ask our foreign freinds to try it they will always tells us its like joining fear factor! I wish you never stop visitng Philippines! Till next time! -Krizzy

  131. fe

    Hello Phil!

    Thanks for visiting our country 🙂 Try to visit Camotes Island and Bantayan 🙂

    It’s more fun in the Philippines!

  132. Duncan

    Good job Phil! you should also try Hinatuan river in surigao del sur and dive with stingless jellyfish in sohoton national park in surigao del norte mindanao.

  133. Ranie

    Awesome adventure. Glad you enjoyed ur stay in the Philippines. I will love to travel in Coron as well soon…

  134. Martha

    Thank you for this awesome blog. Glad you enjoyed here in Phil. I’m from Sorsogon and you made me more proud of my country! Try to visit Bohol, Cagayan de Oro and other parts northern Mindanao on your next visit, there lots of awesome tourist destination there.

  135. we are sharing it on our page, thank you for your kinds words

  136. NinZo

    Hey Phil! Great Blog! Great Photos and awesome adventures, I hope you wen’t south (mindanao, davao region) its also a great place for adventure..

  137. wilerd

    A very nice story. Love that you really support the philippines and its diverse culture and places and there are still a lot more. Its would be pretty nice to go to local tourist spots, local as in not that famous yet, like laguna,easter samar,bicol,davao etc. Those places are very cozy cause of no foreigner tourist,maybe 1 or 2 there but its prettu rare. It food well i kinda agree asean countrys have good food like thai,vietamese,indonease,etc which already made its name in the culinary world. My dream,a hopeful chef, is to cultivate the cuisine of the philippines and there is a lof “OLD” recepies are the best which is slowly being being left out. Hey you can beep up if you came back am gonna be your personal tour guide. Oh by the way you really need to go to cave tourist spot. Its the best.

  138. Ron

    Hi phil. seems like you enjoy Philippines ha? we filipino are warm welcoming people we are very friendly for those people who are friendly to us also, but if your not? you can find a nasty evil at the back of our smile. but anyway good that you enjoy my country so much hope next time please stay longer in cebu and try to travel the whole cebu and bohol and its surrounding islands you can find many interesting place in cebu and bohol. if ever you will comeback? i suggest come on the month of April and May its Fiesta time during that month. Sinolug in Cebu is way fun. try that next time.

  139. edith

    hi phil,
    next time u travel to the philipppines try spear fishing find some local fishermen and ask them if they do it mostly in visayas region, i think u will enjoy it. glad to hear u enjoyed ur stay in the philippines even though u dont like the food much…lol.

  140. Bebangskie

    Hello phil! Im so glad and proud to read your blog about my lovely country. I think 3 months staying in the philippines was not enough to discover the hidden beauty of my country. The places that you visited was famous already like manila baguio coron and palawan. I must suggest that when you tour again in the philippines try to visit this:
    guimaras island (where virgin and undiscover islands are hidden.)
    Negros island (the experience like mountain adventure, long coastal ride, fish turtles etc sanctuary, 1.2km zipline, sea foods trip, highland resorts, spanish antique houses and the lovely smiles of local people)
    Davao island, Bohol island and mindanao island..
    You will probably appreciate the real beauty of my country when you visit my lists. Thank you for your blog and im proud to be a pinoy..

  141. anne

    Thanks Phil for this wonderful write up and glad you had fun here in philippines. You should go back, there are lots of places to explore. You should try to visit Surigao del sur (enchanted river and tinuy-an falls) , cagayan de oro and bukidnon for extreme adventures (white water rafting, zipline, etc)

  142. Sheila

    HI Phil! love the roundup! Come back soon okay? and try to visit Davao City, 4th safest city in the world. 🙂 plus there are a lot of activities for adventure seekers like you and its a 20 min ferry ride to go to Samal Island! Maybe you can try Durian, Mangosteen and Pomelo. (Davao City is the Fruit Basket of the Philippines).

    Have a Good day!

  143. glare dolar

    Next time you visit you should go to Siargao and surigao area. Google magpupungko beach, sohoton cave, enchanted river, and the siargao surfing area

  144. serj

    hi phil, nice article about the philippines. i enjoyed and appreciated all the things that you’ve said about my country but you’ve barely scratch the surface. there are still lots of places to explore, food to taste and people to meet. i recommend you do some research about our fiestas (what, where and when) and experience them… how holy week (lenten season) and christmas is observed. taste the different flavors of adobo from one region to another and lastly, get to know the culture from different region. you need to stay for a year to experience all of these. haha… anyway, if ever will be coming back, give me a call and lets have some cold sanmig. again, many thanx for your kind words.

  145. Hey phil! youve seen more than i do. U made me so proud of my own. thanks for the wonderful pics… I love them! im a quite traveller myself but nothing can beat that round-up! Come back for another round of trips and a sanmiguel! haha stay cool! 🙂

  146. Reblogged this on flip floppin' traveler and commented:
    told you our country, the Philippines is one of the best! take it from him

  147. Hey Phil,
    Great article!! I wish every Filipino would see how beautiful our country is. You are so right, we Filipinoes are very friendly. I never realized that not until I travelled to other few countries. And the irony: the more I travel outside my own country to learn other culture, the more I get to learn and appreciate my own.. Can’t deny it, hell yeah I love our own culture, I love the people and so proud of my own beloved country! 🙂

  148. Anna

    i couldn’t stop ready your blog.

    thank you for visiting and loving our country. you are always welcome to come back and explore more.

    happy travelling and god bless you. 🙂

  149. Great photos Phil! Thanks for sharing your awesome experiences in the Philippines!

  150. Hey Phil,
    Great article!! I wish every Filipino would see how beautiful our country is. You are so right, we Filipinoes are very friendly. I never realized that not until I travelled to other few countries. And the irony: the more I travel outside my own country to learn other culture, the more I get to learn and appreciate my own.. Can’t deny it, hell yeah I love our own culture, I love the people and so proud of my own beloved country! 🙂

  151. Analie

    sound awesome and positive comment about Philippines. I’m originally came from Philippines. I left my country many years ago, and living recently in Denmark married to a Dane. I’m very happy to hear from you, all the good experience down there. i hope there’s more foreigners will come and visit our country. there’s a lot more you miss out there, remember you said there’s 7000 more island, there were more beautifull place you have to see. 😉

  152. kris

    Hey there phil!

    Good to know you enjoyed your stay in the philippines but you should also visit Davao city so many nice beaches there 🙂

  153. Jason

    Thanks for this Phil! Sagada is one of the best!! So peaceful!

  154. meg

    Wow, thank you Mr. Phil for this awesome review! For seeing our country for what it’s worth. 🙂

  155. It has been a dream of mine to travel around my country. So lucky you! Glad you enjoyed the Philippines.

    Speaking of Pampanga, don’t forget to try the famous buko pandan from Nathaniel’s. IT IS THE BEST. 😉

  156. mae_mae

    Hi! I just wanna say thank you for this blog. I have read tons of blog (good and bad) about our country and I must say, your blog is one best-almost made me cry haha. Despite of the problems that our country have been suffering nowadays, its good to have someone to say something good and appreciate our country. Thank you. And i love your shots. Snow i have to grab abeer.

  157. Lian Y.

    Yay!! It felt good reading this. My country isn’t that bad after all! Thank you, this is wonderful! 🙂 xx

  158. Nikko

    when i visit blog sites i dont usually read the content and just scan through the pictures but this is just exceptional and a piece that one shouldn’t miss! 🙂 im a proud Filipino and thank you so much for visiting our country! god bless you! 🙂

  159. great! thanks for visiting and glad you enjoy your tour here in Philippines 🙂 The food have very different variations per region, i guess because of our mixed culture and everyone here in the Philippines believes they are great cooks , haha 🙂 anyone who tried balut had a taste of true Filipino culture!

  160. meg

    Wow, thank you Mr. Phil for this awesome review! For seeing our country for what it’s worth. 🙂 when you come back, do try to visit caramoan island. It’s one of the most pristine beaches you’ll ever see, a lot say even more beautiful than those in El Nido, Coron, or Puerto Princesa. And it’s one of the cheapest, too! 🙂

  161. Lovely round up on the Philippines. Makes me miss my country even more (as I am currently living in Malaysia). My idea on Filipino food not being at par with other Asian countries is that its best eaten at home, not to be cooked gourmet style in fine dining restaurants. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love the world to know how insanely yummy our food is but what makes it unique is you don’t have to go out, dress nicely and make reservations … its best served with family around, in your most comfortable “pambahay” and not thinking of the word “DIET”. Its the gatherings or fiestas that makes it awesome.

    I read an article saying that the Filipino identity is having no identity at all. Many may take it negatively but hey, that’s just being unique. We are a melting pot of the east and the west. We blend with the world. But if there’s one thing I can say that is truly Filipino, its the genuine smile that you cannot wipe off our faces. 🙂

    I wish I could travel soon in my own country, yes, many are still tourists in their native land. But soon I hope. 🙂 Definitely more to explore with our 7,107 islands. Batanes, Pagudpud, La Union, etc. I’m glad you had fun. Good luck on your next travel … Ingat! 🙂

  162. Jeson

    Say it best! Thanks for this. God Bless 🙂

  163. Lily

    Hi Phil. I saw your blog through an FB post. Thanks for your awesome blog entry about your stay in our country. Glad to know that you had a great time. Nice photos too. Very captivating.

    You still have 7,000 places to visit in your return. 😉

  164. owengthegreat

    Nice photos from an awesome country, The Philippines! Glad you enjoyed your stay here in my country. It was good to know that you traveled a lot of destination here while on my side, i am still a tourist in my own country. Hopefully you’ll visit my province when you come back, its Batangas. There you can see the Taal Volcano, one of the smallest in the world. You can do adventures like trekking near its crater and horse riding. They said Taal cited as an island within a lake within an island within a lake within an island. Pretty confusing but you will know that tricky word when you go there. There’s also a lot of beaches like Pico de Loro, Calatagan beach, Laiya in San Juan and do Scuba diving in Anilao. Anyway, i learned Deutsch for 2 years in Manila but i can say that Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch und Ich bin nicht fleißend auf Deutsch. Haha. German is so hard to learn but a very beautiful language. My teacher taught us songs like Hanschen Klein, Edelweiß, Muss I Denna and many more. We also watched movies like Im Juli and Das Boot! Hope i can speak German fluently. Again, thanks for your beautiful, awesome and coolest thread! Mabuhay ka Phil! You are always welcome here in The Philippines! Hopefully i can go to Germany and explore your beautiful country. Vielen Dank!

  165. Carolyn Meerburg

    Hi Phil, thank you for sharing your experiences and awesome photos of my country Philippines. I’m so glad you’ve tried to be one of the locals because no foreigners would be able to say good things about the Philippines unless they integrate with the locals. Hope you can return soon. By the way I’m from Los Baños, Laguna and now here in your country Dusseldorf, Germany on vacation:)

  166. anthony

    Mabuhay ka Philipp! 🙂 thank you for coming to our beautiful country!

  167. so happy to read your blog about my country, I’m from quezon city, it’s one of the cities in manila. my province is from Pampanga just a 2-3 hour trip from manila. My province has its credibility of good food, and the people are good cook.
    don’t worry it’s not expensive..I recommend sisig at ‘Mang Victor’s’ in angeles pampanga, and the best tasting halo- halo at the authentic ‘RAzon’s’ in Mabalacat pampanga, try also the food in ‘everybody’s cafe in San Fernando, Pampanga, Try also ‘Didis Pizza’ in Balibago angeles, Pampanga and don’t forget to buy some cured meat at ‘Pampanga’s best and Roel’s…Enjoy!!!!!!!

  168. ace

    Thank you for visiting our country Bro! I’m from Bicol by the way. I lived there at Gubat when I was a kid and now I’m staying here in Legazpi, Albay. Have you been here?

  169. Amazing pictures!! Thank you for your kind words about my country. I hope this post would make more people want to explore the Phillipines.

  170. AJ

    Thanks for the reviews. I’ll be visiting El Nido this Dec.

  171. Reading your blog made me miss home soooo much. I’m booking the next flight to Legazpi and then off to Sorsogon. 🙂

  172. Roger Ramos

    I am amazed at how appreciative you are of my country. I love this post. I love the pictures. Hope you’ll visit US again. There is more to see Phil. Thanks for this article. It’s heartwarming. Till ur next visit. Much love from the Filipinos. ❤

  173. Carlo D.

    This was just an awesome experience! Thank you for your appreciation of our country and what it has to offer. Next time you visit my country I will open my house for you and your company. I am from the Province where you spent most of your stay! God Speed Sir! BICOL EXPRESS!

  174. G

    I envy you! I’ve never been to some of those places yet! Haha… That was a great article. You really need to come back for there’s a lot more that you need to visit. Congrats for that wonderful experience of yours! 😉

  175. Glaiza Marie Vasquez

    Thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts for my country. I’ve got chills upon reading your blog it makes me love more of my country because of you. We really do appreciate your your stay here in the Philippines. Again Thank you for the wonderful words for my country. On your next visit here I wish you could stay in Cebu longer, there are so much to Explore in Cebu from beaches yo historical sites, we will be glad to tour you around the city and yeah, don’t forget to visit Pagudpud,Ilocos Norte, Vigan, Ilocos Sur and Cagayan Valley. They have one of the most awesome beaches in the country. For awesome foodtrip visit Pampanga youre surely enjoy the food there. Again thank and we hope to see you in our country the soonest.

  176. Love this entry. Makes me proud of my country. A lot of those beautiful places are clamoring for more tourists… Sometimes, I wish they be kept away from the commercialization. I hope El Nido, Siquijor, Surigao.. Keep to how it is today.. Difficult to reach, a spot in the bucketlist of a backpacker’s wanderlust.

  177. This is why I am proud to be a Filipino for it’s more fun here! ^_^ Thanks for the blog Phil!

  178. This is such a fascinating round up! It’s sure overwhelming for every Filipino to learn about your experience, hence I personally want to travel more within my country after reading your soulful article. So thank you for sharing such wondrous adventure you had in the Philippines. Looking forward to your next visit! Cheers! 🙂

  179. aljon yap

    wow.. thanks for those wonderful
    remarks on my country.. we really love foreigners because we are always curious of their stories about the countries where they came from and definitely love making conversations..

  180. Princess

    Thank you for this nice post and glad that you enjoyed your stay in the Philippines.. Too bad that I haven’t seen and went to the place you have visited but this made me love to explore more about my country and go to Palawan. haha.

  181. wow good to have you back hope you spend more time here in Cebu esp. in the southern part and northern part we got great beaches

  182. Hi Philipp,

    this is an awesome post about the Philippines – Daumen hoch! In a rather short period of time you have covered many places I still have to visit, even after my 12th trip to the Philippine islands now:D Very inspiring, thank you and many sunny greetings from Cebu!

  183. Kislev

    Wow you visited Biliran Island? It’s one of the hidden paradise of the Philippines! Hope you had a great time there!

  184. Joezel Rizi Nubla

    Wow. I had goosebumps while reading this. It made me so proud for my country. I’m glad you loved the Philippines! Next time, visit the southern part more! Siargao (for a great surfing spot), Surigao (Sojoton Islands, Britania Group of Islands, Enchanted River, Tinuy-an Falls, rtc.), Davao (try the famous smelly fruit durian), etc.! And also visit the northest part of the Philippines, Batanes! It’s always at the top of every Filipino’s bucket list. I can give you an endless list of places here. But the bottomline is go back here! You are most welcome!

  185. Hi, Phil. The next time you visit, please do drop by Iloilo City. But it’s best to catch the Dinagyang Festival while there. It would be great if you could stay there a few days prior to the event itself, and get yourself a good seat in one of the judging areas, so you see all the tribes’ performances. Perhaps, Ilonggo food could change your mind about food in the Philippines – we make the best adobo in the country (I’m told), and the tune you tasted (kinilaw – raw fish “cooked” in vinegar), is a “must-not-miss” in our city. Good luck! Great blog! Thanks for blogging about my country!

  186. Alan V.

    Hi Phil D.
    You have an amazing blog and astonishing pictures of your travels to the Philippines. Your blog made me realize to start writing about my whole travels too. You have a very inspiring blog. Well done to you.

    Alan V.

  187. This is really awesome, thank you for visiting the Philippines and for writing this blog and sharing this photo to your viewer. I’m from the Philippines as well, but I haven’t had that chance to tour the whole country.

  188. Paula

    With your great write-up and awesome photos,I can really feel that you’re in love with my country!! 🙂 I haven’t travelled to other countries yet cos I wanted to make sure that I already visited all the provinces in the Philippines before I do that. I always get thrilled to pack my things and explore more whenever I see a blog like yours,you inspired me and other travellers/backpackers too! For that I thank you!! And my bucketlist gets longer and longer too,same as my comment.haha. If you come back though, you can email me so I can give you some tips on different places/provinces. Be safe and enjoy life! 😀

  189. Sheng

    Awesome pictures and beautiful experienced u had in Philippines! I’m glad u enjoyed your stay and became the country a second home for you. The story really defines how the culture touched your life and appreciate everything here. Thank you for your wonderful stay and hope to see you again here for another great adventure 🙂

  190. Hazel Abello

    Put Boracay on your list 🙂

  191. Hi,

    I am glad you had a great time in my country…. true that the Philippines only can be appreciated by those who deserve it and sees it’s charms.

    Being in the tourism industry, i often see my country compared to other places in Asia, with it being a little bit behind in a lot of ways….
    But i see it pretty much , what makes it special and reserved for particular types of travelers!!

    So congratulations!!! You deserve your visit to the Philippines!!!


  192. Ian

    Great to here that you enjoyed our country! Hope that next time you go back here you’ll see the best food that these islands have to offer… But I totally agree with all your information and hope to meet you as you go back here in the Philippines!

  193. Joyce15

    Very Nue blog indeed! Plus mesmerizing photos.. Glad you had a great time 🙂

  194. April

    Great pictures! I’m a Filipino but I haven’t been to half the places you have visited. Anyway, I hope you also get to visit the breathtaking places here in Mindanao in the near future…and maybe someday I can catch up with that list 😉

  195. Ryan Reyel

    I am proud to be a Filipino. Kinda teary eyed while reading your blog. I hope to meet you soon in the Philippines. I want to show you the beauty of my home town province of Cavite where you can find the smallest active volcano in the world, The Taal Volcano. Maraming Salamat sa iyo Kaibigan.

  196. ronald

    what i really like the most of this blog is that, you are too honest and straight forward, you didnt like balut and thats fine i dont like it too even though im a filipino but you also like halo halo, you should have try the buko halo in bacolod or in iloilo its one of the best halo halo.i just hope filipinos like me would understand that those things you mentioned that didnt like would not affect nor cause negative impact because we filipinos are sometimes sensitive when it comes to negative things but overall this blog is great

  197. Ray

    Hi Phil,
    Seems like you really had a great time in the Philippines. Its really heartwarming especially from people like you to appreciate the goodness of the Filipinos. Though we maybe lacking in material wealth but we have so much positive aspects in life to offer and share. I’m from the island province of Guimaras and hope you can visit our place and try the “Sweetest Mango” in the world.

  198. Hi Phil. The next time you visit the Philippines, include Batanes in your itinerary. The first time I visited that place I figuratively cried in awe. By the time I was about to leave, I literally wept. That’s how awesome that part of the country is.
    Have a fun in your travel adventures 🙂

  199. Julie Anne Moneva

    Great review! Its heartwarming that you appreciate our country and our people! Hope you’ll be back and make a short trip in batanes!

  200. What a round up and the photos were all equally great! Good to know that you had fun in the Philippines!

  201. Andrés Riestra

    Hi Phil, your blog is simply great, thank you so much for promoting our country.
    I hope you’ll never grow tired of visiting the Islands, bring your family in soon.
    Good luck on your future endeavors.

    I’m a big football fan, I know Argentina will win the World Cup! But if they won’t,
    hopefully the German team will!

    God bless…

  202. Hi
    Thank you for Visiting Philippines..your pictures is very Beautiful…feels Good to read your comments about pilipino people and praising our country..u should try to go to Katibawasan Falls and White Island in Camiguin it was beautiful 🙂 thank u!

  203. You are more FILIPINO than I am.

  204. Philip, thanks for doing this… not only did you show the world the other side of our country, but you made us proud to be Filipinos!

    Like most of my countrymen, been to most of the places you visited and now I am inclined to see more of what Philippines can offer!

    Hope to see you in your next adventure!

  205. roy depollo

    thank you sir for visiting my place, sagada. hope you had a wonderful time there. you are very welcome to visit again. God speed!

  206. The next time you go back to the Philippines, try Masbate, since you’re almost often in Gubat. You just have to take a ferry ride from Pilar or Bulan (both municipalities of Sorsogon). Masbate is also part of the Bicol region and it has a lot of islands and splendid beaches you can go to. You can also go there during the Rodeo festival (the only one in Asia), which is held early April. 🙂

  207. Christine C

    Hi Phil!

    Great photos!!! I love them! Makes me wanting more to tour the Philippines (time is limited, though).
    You’re really fortunate to have seen all these beautiful places!

  208. thank you for visiting my country! I am so happy to read the positive feedback you posted about your experiences here, come back again some time, ja? 🙂 thank you for writing this, God bless you!

  209. vilma

    Hello phil…u may have gone to malapascua…but u missed to see bantayan island,,camotes is…both are fr. North…try oslob…pescador is as well as moalboal…they are also nice 4 diving where u can see d gentle giant whale.

  210. Jayrille

    I just wish that the Filipinos can see the beauty of our country, as most of the “can afford” locals travel to other countries. Please try Batangas, Davao and Surigao next time 🙂

  211. Anne

    Thank you so much for the kind words about my country! In times like this, I’m sure every JUAN who read your blog will be very proud to be a Filipino. I, myself would like to visit every destination here. I’m doing it little by little though. You should try the northern part of Luzon esp. Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur 🙂 Also, Camiguin is really beautiful and cheap. 🙂 I haven’t been there but I already bought a ticket for October.

    Again, thank you so much for this! Hoping you could come back 🙂

  212. great post! i wish more foreigners spread the word about the philippines. most tourist who come here are mostly backpackers and real adventurers though especially to those places outside boracay or palawan. and the least number come to mindanao where I come from. you should really explore the south next time. check some of my uploads if you like ( or

  213. Neil

    Hallo Philipp!
    Das ist ein toller Blog! Ich wusste gar nicht, dass dir Philippinen so viel zu bieten haben!
    Meine Eltern kommen ursprünglich aus den Philippinen, ich bin aber geboren, aufgewachsen und lebe in Österreich.
    Diesen Dezember werden wir wieder für 3 Wochen auf die Phils. fliegen, seit mehr als 5 Jahren wieder.
    Palawan ist in dieser kurzen Zeit auch schon geplant. Was kannst du für Palawan empfehlen?
    Ich freu mich so, dass die Philippinen dir so gut gefallen haben, das macht mich richtig stolz!
    Viele Grüße,

  214. Hi there.. It’s so heartwarming to read about your blog about our country.. Glad you enjoyed your stay and have made good friends..

    You should also visit Batanes next time and Ilocos too..

    Looking forward to your next visit.. 🙂

  215. Editha MM

    Please google “beaches in Anda, Bohol” either pics and web! Then you will see a paradise!

  216. Thanks for the wonderful feedback Phil D…. I am from the Philippines and have been living here since birth… I love to travel but I have never been to everywhere coz it really is a never-ending adventure! Next time you visit I recommend you visit Batanes… with you skills in photography I am sure you will need a lot of space in your camera’s memory coz the view there is spectacular! 360 degrees view of AWESOMENESS! also, I can see you love surfing?, I suggest you try Baler-Aurora and Camarines-Sur next time… now about the food, especially balut, try it again and again and surely time will come you will know why it has become a delicacy here (try it with salt and spicy vinegar)… and yes they are right, Pampanga is the place to visit if you wanna taste great Filipino food cooked home-style but always with a different twist… a better twist… GOODLUCK and see you around!!! 🙂

  217. Editha MM

    Or google “beach resorts in Anda” and you’ll see the virgin Paradise! See you soon😉😀😃

  218. Proud to be a FILIPINO.Thank you for admiring our country,the Philippines.Hope you’ll visit also CAGAYAN VALLEY soon..

  219. Alex

    what camera did you used Phil. ?
    this is really cool vacation!

  220. Juan Reyes, Jr.

    For years, been working as OFW ( overseas Filipino Worker )….. I think it’s time for me to see the beauty of my own country….. thanks for this wonderful blog….. Salamat at Mabuhay! more pix please!!

  221. Mariel

    aaawwww….. I’m envious of you! ^_^ its in my bucket list to travel the 7107 islands of my country… I haven’t been to the places that you’ve been…
    AAAAhhhhhh…. How could this be? 😦

    I salute you Sir for trying that balut.. I would never.. EVER…will… try that.
    im really happy that you had a blast here.. on your next visit you should go to Batanes and Mindanao.
    Mag-ingat ka! 😉

  222. romy

    Hi Phil….i enjoy your blog…thank you.hope you can visit Laguna pagsanjan falls and mt. Banahaw.

  223. Alex

    and how do you manage the expenses Phil?

  224. you have to see more of Mindanao too!!! 🙂 though the safety issues might need to be observed more when exploring the southern part of our country, but its worth it!!! Siargao is the surfing haven down south…. I have taken root in Zamboanga City (the tip of the peninsula of Mindanao), and its nice to see some non-filipinos daring to explore our side of the world too!, pretty beaches here also…my last visit in sta cruz island (our famous pink sand beach), i saw a couple of caucasians, and it made me smile…though i didnt get to chat with them, i was with a big group…. part of my wishlist is also to explore the islands near us, its a bit unsafe though, but more untouched beautiful beaches are out there!!!

  225. edz

    Hey Phil..I really like the photos..hope you will drop in my city Davao, where u can find the famous Durian,Pomelo and Mangosteen fruit..
    Enjoy. .Chao. .

  226. Meg

    Amazing pictures and thank you for loving my country. Do come back and explore Mindanao and the Northern parts as well. Like Ilocandia region (Spanish architecture) and Batanes. 🙂

  227. Katarina Antonio

    You’ve been to more places in my country than I have! 🙂 It’s always nice to read positive reviews about my country. I hope you come back because you have more places to explore: Batanes, Baler, Pangasinan, etc etc. Happy travels! 😀

  228. Vanessa

    All sounds good,and the photos awesome..Im a typhical Palawenia and lived my 18 years since birth but i admit that am still a total stranger to my hometown and really in my own country..this blog opened up my interest to travel around my country to see all the beautiful places and natures,i hope i wud have a chance in the near future..wud really love to explore..thank you for visiting my country and for all the good feedbacks..mabuhay 🙂

  229. Alvin

    It’s fascinating to know that you really had fun in the Philippines! Indeed it is a country were you can find the “Paradise” and of course the friendly people of the Philippines. I am a Filipino and it made me feel very lucky to be one! Your pictures were great and very interesting. Let me know if you need more tips where to go once you decided to go back. Excellent blog Phil! Thank you!

  230. Reblogged this on Kiwi Assess and commented:
    Awesome Man in the Philippines!

  231. summer

    Hi Phil, such beautiful blog you have & thanks so much for the kind words for my country, Philippines. Hope you visit my country again. It’s really more Fun in the Philippines. Smiles for you!

  232. Jaq c.

    Wow! The photos! Thanks for sharing! I never been those places but at least I know now what they look like! Very beautiful places indeed!

  233. I snickered when I noticed you disliked eating balut. Haha… At least you’re honest, heh? 🙂 Truth be told, my entire family is a fan of the delicacy, while I’m not, and I feel like I’m committing treason against my country just saying that. Haha… Blogs like yours make even us Filipinos see just how beautiful our country is and help us appreciate it more – something we need during times like this. So thank you! I’m glad you had a great time visiting the Philippines, and we’re grateful that you did this roundup. 🙂

  234. Boc

    i really love your blog. if ever you come back try isla higantes, a newly discovered beauty in visayas. and if you have time try to stop by at capiz for the freshest seafoods. its the seafood capital in phil. then off to boracay. all three places are just 2-3 hours away from each other.

  235. Garret

    Fantastic Post about my country Phil! Try these places also in your next visit: Batanes; Enchanted River, Tinuy-an Falls and Siargao Surfing in Surigao; Chocolate Hills in Bohol; Gigantes Island in Ilo-Ilo and Samal Island in Davao City. God Speed..

  236. Connie

    Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading about your adventure!
    Cheers ; )

  237. April

    It looks more fun when tourists visit the Philippines

  238. Melissa

    Thank you for the feature. It makes me happy seeing my country and countrymen through tourists eyes. I wish more Filipinos can appreciate who we are and what we have. People like you are welcome to come back anytime 😉

  239. i love your blog, you should go back and visit other places here, you must try going on festivals/fiestas too.

    check this link for guide

  240. Haha! Balut is one of the many challenging food in here in the Philippines. Did you try eating frogs, snakes, crickets, lizards and other exotic food too? 😀 Awesome post btw. I live here but I haven’t really got the chance to showcase my country like you did. 😀

    Btw, I would have to agree, Bicol Express rocks forever!!! 😀

  241. Glad you enjoyed! This post was awesome….made me want to bust out my backpack and go to the beach ha!

  242. lyka

    It nice to know that you enjoyed your stayed in my country and appericate it despite what other people talk about when they heard about Philippines. Nextime you travel, try to visit the northern part of the Philippines specially our very own BATANES ISLAND as it called the new zealand of the Philippines. 😉

  243. Hi, Phil ! Thanks for the amazing sharing! You did great in being happy posting your beautiful 3month stay in our beloved country! I hope you will explore next time some other Bicol areas near Gubat…..try to visit next time Magallanes…..we have serene place to share with you! I ,myself telling my self…whenever I get sufficient cash someday…. I will tour tour around my birth country before going around the world! Hope you will have your next trip back there sooner!

  244. kathlynn

    Hi Phil,

    Wonderful pictures! Glad you enjoyed your visit to the Philippines and thank you for the kind words.

  245. odette villanueva

    thank you for saying a lot of good things about our country. i can see through all the pictures that you’ve posted that you have really enjoyed your stay here. And I really hope that you’ll return and enjoy even more of the islands.

  246. Tiban

    Hope you enjoyed your stay in my island camiguin. i really miss the place. You should visit bohol island next time as there are loads of things to explore there.

  247. M I R R I A M

    Helluva fun captured by your beautiful photos! You should definitely come back, you need to see more of the Philippines. Try heading more down South next time though. 😉 Now I’m itching to go back. But like you, I need to save up too. 😀 See you around Phil! Tschüss!

  248. Rose

    Thanks for your very nice feedback of your time in the Philippines.For your next adventure, you should try and discover the beautiful islands of Visayas.

  249. It’s amazing to read how foreigners like yourself appreciate the raw beauty of our country that some of us just couldn’t see (perhaps, too much city smog hindering the view). Now, you’ve got me quite green-eyed and planning for my next adventures. Lots of places, too little time… In the end, it’s not the journey or the destination that makes all things funner… but the people you share it with and this is why we simply say, ‘it’s more fun in the Philippines’ Cheers! 😉

  250. dines jansen

    Hi Phil. What a very heartwarming travel experience you’ve written about your escapades in the Philippines. It made me real proud of my country, and oh how i miss it! Been living here in The Netherlands for 12 years now and been back only 4 times. And i am jealous, extremely jealous, because i’ve never been in so many places where you’ve been in my country! Such a jewel! Sometimes we have to see it through the eyes of a stranger to realize how beautiful our country is! Thank you so much! I came from Zambales, which was also devastated through the eruption of mt. pinatubo, there you can still see a whole village sunk under water, because the drainage was blokked by muds or lahar from the volcano. Only visible is the top of the chapel.

  251. meg

    you sound like a filipino missing home! there’s more to explore, come again! 🙂

  252. Hi Phil! I’m glad you liked the Philippines! If you ever come back here, I might have a place or two which I think you would really find awesome. 😉 Best of luck on your travels!
    PS: I’m a Filipino and I don’t like balut either. 😛

  253. sirrez22

    Hi Phil D. Im also from the Philippines…from the province of Laguna that you probably not able to visit. I have been working here in Indonesia for 5 years but the places we have in the Philippines are incomparable. No place like home!

  254. baby

    BIG THANK YOU! please come back for more to explore. God bless you for your honest blog about our country. Hope this will inspire other tourists, It is safe to travel to Philippines!

  255. iane

    Hi Phil,

    You are a great adventurer and traveler, glad to know that Philippines is your favorite country.
    Photos are so nice and attractive….
    I was so envious…
    I also hope to visit some places you have been..

  256. Henry

    I enjoyed reading your blog. I trace my roots from Catanduanes but never realized there is a place there to surf. Anyway, if you happen to be there next year in June, I invite you to join us on our town fiesta in Canlubi, Pandan…free accommodation…

  257. Aurora

    Hi, Thanks for such a wonderful “roundup” about my (our) country…glad you enjoyed your stay and really got to know the people…I am from up north in the Province of Kalinga…known as the white water rafting mecca of the north:-) I climbed Mt. Bulusan too and it was a great adventure and a wonderful experience…Mt. Pulag in Benger is another great mountain to explore and other mountains in my part of the country…anyway, the photos are beautiful. ..and I’m missing my beloved land even more just looking at them…Thank you once again:-)

  258. Aimee C.

    I seldom post comments on blogs that I just happen to stumble upon but I just had to say something: THANK YOU! You have such wonderful and positive things to say about my country and it’s just music to my ears 🙂

    The photos are mindblowing >_< You make me want to travel around the country more! Haha! I've never been to Siquijor or Palawan but I definitely will put them in my bucket list 😉

  259. jesilance

    Thanxs for visiting Coron and El Nido…nice blogs and you are great!!! Im proud of the Philippines..

  260. Grace

    Hi Phil, am so glad you enjoy your trip here in the philippines. God bless and more power ;)))

  261. wow it is amazing blog! thanks for visiting PILIPINAS!

  262. eileenmoonchen

    Amazing photos! Keep doing what you doing! My fav photo is the one jumping off the cliff! Awesome shot!

    PS: Love the quote on your cover about “goodbyes”.

    Eileen M

  263. Adrian

    Hi Phil,

    Thank you for your visit on my beloved country. I’m from Cebu i suggest you should try Sinulog Festival in Cebu it is one of the best it is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of January. Enjoy bro!

  264. Bing

    Nice photos and definitely a beautiful place. Thanks for posting this I’m glad to know that you’ve enjoyed your stay in phil. 🙂

  265. Irish

    Thank you for this blog Phil!!! This will help for our tourism industry! Thanks much for appreciating the beauty of the Philippines!!!! It’s really more fun in the Philippines!! 🙂

  266. Daphne

    You should totally go to Enchanted River in Surigao Del Sur. There’s so much to see in the Philippines. And I understand that not a lot of travelers can appreciate its beauty. Only the true adventurers do. Thank you for your wonderful account of our country. Mabuhay!

  267. fia gonzales

    thank you so much for these! it is ashamed that I haven’t been to these beautiful places.I’m so jealous of your adventures.

  268. Hey, Phil!

    Congratulations for an awesome holidays! Next time, drop by the Visayas State University ( and I’ll bring you to MORE wonderful places in and around our campus! Yes, Leyte, Biliran and Southern Leyte (from where we can cross to Siargao Island as well as the Palawan-like Bucas Grande Islands)!

    You won’t regret it, buddy!


  269. nashimoto

    Glad that you enjoyed your stay here in the Philippines.. not many of us locals can even afford to explore our own country.. that includes me. Thanks for an excellent blog about our country!

  270. Armi

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience and beautiful pictures of our country, the Philippines. I feel so touched everytime I would read or hear our friends from other countries embracing our culture. Why not explore authentic Filipino Cuisine on your next visit 😉
    Again, Maraming Salamat..

  271. Awesome roundup Phil! And i’m glad you enjoyed especially my hometown Gubat Sorsogon! =)

  272. Three words. MARAMING SALAMAT PO 🙂

  273. Vher

    Thank you for sharing our humble country to the world. Please, visit us again soon. 🙂 God Bless!

  274. Celyn

    Hi Phil, Thanks for posting awesome photos of your travel ….so nice to know that you love our country..The Philippines.. I lived overseas and by the moment I saw your photos I thought of the plan I have..Traveling…at the moment working hard to save for my dream trip….

  275. Rachel

    Thanks for sharing your awesome photos and wonderful experience in our country Phil! (sounds like your name too) 😀 If you ever get a chance to come back here, you might visit as well my hometown in Dumaguete, it’s near in Cebu and Siquijor. If you’re looking for a laid back kind of day, it is the place to be! 🙂

    • Francois

      Hey Rachel!
      Is there a good place to surf around Dumaguete?
      I’ll be there soon, mostly for kitesurfing, but is can get into surfing as well!

      • Hi Francois, I don’t know about Kite Surfing..might be possible around Dumaguette …. it’s not too far from Boracay which is quite well known for it. But no surfing in that area… would have to venture to Eastcoast of either Mindanao or Bicol ….

  276. aaron dreu

    Amazing roundup! Thank you for sharing my county to the world. Till your next viset, keep safe.

  277. Franco D

    Hi Phil!

    Thank you so much for featuring our country, “The Pearl of the orient”, The Philippines. I’m glad that you had great time. If there is a way that you can get like good for a year tourist visa just for you to explore what the country can offer more. you might want to include in your next itinerary places in the northern Luzon such as Baler in Aurora Province. You might want to visit one of our preserved heritage places such as the Vigan City in Ilocos Sur where in cars are not allowed in most of the streets to preserve the structures that were all built way back the Spanish era. Only Kalesas (carts pulled by horses) are allowed. And lastly, you might want to swim with the gentle giants (whale sharks) in Donsol in the Bicol region. IT’S HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! God Bless you my friend and keep safe to your next escapade 🙂

  278. Guten Morgen!

    I actually envy you for having traveled that much in the PI. I am from Leyte and I suggest you include Kalanggaman Island, Palompon Leyte in your next visit. Oh and you should try lechon (roast pig) especially those cooked in the visayas area (eg cebu, leyte etc..).

    Good luck and keep safe!

  279. Hey Phil! That is one epic adventure full of stories to cherish and worth reminiscing in the future. I would love to see more entries on specific stories and places you’ve visited in the Philippines. Please do comeback.


  280. Jeff

    Hey Phil,

    Great read. Happy that you enjoyed your stay here in the Philippines. I noticed that you also went to Donsol during your trip. Hope you were able to swim with the whale sharks. If not, I suggest you do come back and time it during their migration. It’s a once in a life time experience.


  281. Awesome! I would have hoped you spent some more time in Cebu and the Visayas areas where food is great compared to Luzon.

  282. Iris

    Great post Phil! Your post definitely makes me wanna go home again…:) I noticed you haven’t explored Mindanao yet apart from Camiguin. It also has a lot of hidden gems :).

  283. Roldan

    Whoa! Nice blog! Thank you, It really makes me more proud of my country…
    Next time try to visit Guimaras… 😁

  284. orman

    amazing read! made me real proud to be a true-blooded pinoy! if you decide to visit MINDANAO, drop me a line and we’ll take care of you here!

  285. orman

    Reblogged this on Ganda Ever So Much! and commented:
    “And that is because the Filipino people are just awesome. They are very friendly, open towards foreigners, helpful and very curious. It’s doesn’t take long to strike up a conversation with a local, old or young. And the good thing about it is that almost everyone speaks good English. That gives you the opportunity to actually have a proper conversation and get to know people. People in other Asian countries are super friendly as well, no doubt, but it can often be difficult to get beyond that language barrier and beyond just scratching the surface. In the Philippines I was able to make real friends and get a deeper understanding of the culture. It all made for a different travel experience, very rewarding and very inspiring.”

  286. I don’t know if you’re aware of it by now, but the Facebook post that Tourism Paradise Philippines made of your blog post has had more than 3,000 shares as of today. Your blog post is just awesome. I love how you got to experience the Philippine life at the grassroots level, where you can truly appreciate just how unique the Pinoy culture and spirit is.

    I’m not supposed to, but I had to stop a report I’m writing at work just to go through your post. Amazing photos and how you described the Filipino unique brand of hospitality – you made me so proud to be Pinoy. And ashamed, as well, because you are a foreigner yet you’ve already been to all these wonderful places in the Philippines. I, a native, haven’t even been to half of those places! I’m copying your list and making sure to include all of them in my bucket list to visit in the next 2 years. We shouldn’t be a foreigner in our own country right? (Now if only I have the guts to quit my job and give in to my wanderlust. Sigh.)

    Daghang salamat Philipp for sharing this. Do come back. We need more tourists like you!

  287. Thea_1985

    Hi! A friend of mine posted this on Facebook and I must say, I am thankful for your blog. It made me so proud to be Filipino! I have spent 25 years of my life in the Philippines before I left for UK and it’s sad to think that you have been to more places than I have been in my own country. I keep trying to tell my British friends how wonderful Philippines is but all they see and hear is bad news about Philippines. Now I can show this to them! 🙂 Sadly, I am a foreigner in my own land… But, I will be exploring my country when I go on holiday soon! Thanks! o0,) \m/

  288. Oh, and you made it to the 2nd balut? I’m surprised that you even finished the first one!

  289. glendz

    thanks for this post! very proud of our country…u must visit mindanao..there’s a lot of nice place here also..u can surf in surigao..visit enchanted river and britania island… 😉

  290. amazing photos! Thanks for sharing!

  291. Hi, Phil.

    I rarely comment on blogs, I hardly even read one. This blog you wrote is worth it all. Not every tourist will take some time to come up with an article about our country and for this, thank you is not enough, Phil.

    There is so much negative issue, left and right and you shed some time and a lot of wit to write something positive….very positive.

    Thanks Phil..mabuhay ka.,


  292. james

    Wow great adventure. ..awesone puctures and places..hope you visit also my place in palawan at of the place I truly love the tabon cave…hope to see also some of pic from there..

  293. Lyrhe Mae

    Hi Phil.. I’m from philippines living in dubai..such a great adventure you had, fantastic photos. I’m goin for vacation by next year It made me think to visit those places .. Try to check this out also..

    Cheers from Dubai!

  294. Ionica

    Thank you so much for this wonderful blog. We’ve got more beautiful places here, hope you can go back and explore more. And maybe try another balut? 🙂

  295. Cha

    Try siargao , the surfing capital

  296. Inspiring blog, Phil. I guess the toughest decisions sometimes give way for the grandest adventures. Cheers!

  297. Nice to hear you had a great time in our country! Yes, 2 to 3 months is too short if you want to visit all of the amazing destinations in the Philippines. You surely have to come back for more. 🙂

  298. Jonell

    This is beautifully written down, maybe on your next visit try to go Calaguas Daet Camarines Norte.

  299. John

    Hallo! as I read your blog it makes me proud of being a Filipino. I also have German friends who wants to come here but unfortunately became hesitant because of the bad news they heard about the Philippines. Maybe you can convince them! :p

  300. Shirley Dagmil Zwiep

    Oh thank you very much that you have spent your time in the Philippines i am happy to heard that there is one a white man, who love my country. And you ate balut?

  301. Ching

    Hi Phil,

    Have you visited Enchanted river and Tinuy-an falls in Surigao del Sur? Its a beautiful place lovated here in Mindanao 😊

  302. Rodel

    Hi Phil.
    You should really come back to the Philippines. You have not visited the northern part of the country and visit Vigan (home of old spanish houses), Ilocos (home of very old spanish churches), Pagudpud (white sand beach), and the famous Batanes islands (they say it’s very serene, beautiful islands and beaches). As a Filipino, I’ve visited the more famous sites like Underground River in Palawan, Boracay islands, Bohol’s Alona Beach, Cebu, Banaue Rice Terraces, etc. but i think you’ve visited more beautiful sites than me. And really, thanks for enjoying your stay here. We, filipinos are really the friendliest in Asia – we like talking to tourists and make them comfortable. Call that genuine hospitality.. And you’re right, all of us speak English… Again, thanks for your blog – it makes us proud (in a positive sense)..

  303. Hi Phil,
    It was so nice to know that you had enjoyed traveling in my country. These photos were so beautiful I felt as if I travelled there myself. I just felt kinda sad when you said that you didn’t quite like eating balut…. 😦 don’t get me wrong, but for us Filipinos, balut is like an energy booster, a food that would replenish your energy after a tiring day. And for some, a good aphrodisiac 🙂 but of course it all depends to whoever is eating. Ask Andrew Zimmern ! 😀
    Anyway, next time you visit our country, try Pagudpud ,Ilocos Norte. My husbad and I fell in love with the island. The place isn’t crowded, people are very friendly and the food is great.

  304. Hi Phil! Thank you for your amazing stories about Philippines. That made me more proud of my country.

    You really need to come back and don’t forget to visit Iloilo City. You’ll also be amazed my the famous Gigantes Island and so much more.

    Keep safe always.

    Balot and Dinuguan is awesome. Hehe

  305. Henry Maique

    Hi Phil,
    Thanks for posting the blog and awesome photos. I am a filipino living in Australia for 17 years now and how I missed my country. To be honest, it’s really a shame that a foreigner can appreciate the beauty and bounty of my own country than me. I was awed struck by your story and how I really missed a lot. I hail from Daet, Camarines Norte when I was young and moved to Manila when I was 10 y.o. and stay there since and eventually move here in Melbourne.
    Thank you for opening our eyes and I am looking forward visiting El Nido and some of the places you’ve been through. Mabuhay ka! And I salute you Man! Btw, I have been to Hamburg in Germany in 2006 for 3 weeks and likewise, nice country but there’s a language barrier problem. tschuss!

  306. Come back and visit Iloilo City, the City of Love. ♥

  307. Reym

    Thank you, Philipp. I have a dear friend, an Aussie, also named Phillip. He stayed here for almost 2 years and he can’t stop telling stories about his experiences. Just wanna say thank you. Breathtaking photos. Nice. Come again. You are now a Foreignoy. 🙂 Live life to the fullest! Take care.

  308. walter

    Hey Phil,

    Drop by here at Subic after Pampanga. I will cook Specialy Kaldereta and hot sipicy adobo. Sa Sobrang Sarap you will forget your name..

  309. hi phil…just finish reading your blog about our country the philippines and im very proud that u experienced the beauty of our place,the hospitable people and the amzazing that u been time you try also my hometown negros occidental..especaily bacolod the city of smile…

  310. lilebeth

    Hi Mr.Phil..thanks for visited Philippines my beloved country.and I loved so much all your photo’s..hope you can can visit again soon,but please nextime don’t forget to go Bohol island..if you liked el nido palawan,I’m pretty sure you would love might regrets if you won’t go’s more fun woud love the chocolate hills,the zip line,the sandy white beaches,ect..and all the people’s there are very friendly too..thanks

  311. hi phil…just finish reading your blog about our country the philippines and im very proud that u experienced the beauty of our place,the hospitable people and the amazing places that u been time you try also to visit my hometown negros occidental..especaily bacolod the city of smile…mabuhay…

  312. Jaz

    Wow! Thanks for sharing your funtastic travel experience in our country. Felt more inspired to travel more here. And ye! You must include Pampanga on your nxt visit, food is really great here! And we have the best HALO HALO in town try Razon’s Halo Halo here in Angeles City Pampanga. Here in our province is where Clark Air Based located and during Holy Week there’s a LIVE re- enactment of Jesus’ crucifiction, lots of tourists visits here to watch that. Im sure nxtime you’ll have more great times here in Phils. Maraming Salamat! 😊👍

  313. Harold

    Hi Philip, thank you for the kind words and comments 🙂 Nice name Philip . Philippines came from King Philip of Spain:)

  314. Angelica

    Als erste möchte ich mich bei dir bedanken for sharing us your wonderful adventure and made me proud of my country and feel HOMESICK too. I must say that I envy you because you’ve seen and experience so much which I could probably only dream of doing it.
    It’s been quite sometime since the last time I went home and now after reading this looks like I’ll plan my next vacation to visit my brother & other relatives and try to explore as much I could.
    Vielen Dank!


  315. About the food, I don’t quite agree. There are a lot of amazing food delicacies in the Philippines. You should try some of the restos in Manila. Try Kare-kare, Adobo, Sinigang, Bagnet, Chopseuy, Paella, Lengua Estofada etc. Try also Camiguin Island in Cagayan De Oro, Pagudpud Beach and the Bangui windmills in Ilocos Norte, Taal Volcano in Tagaytay City, Mount Mayon (the highest active volcano in the Philippines) in Albay, Bicol.

  316. Kay

    We really thankful you appreciate our country. It’s good that you have the chance and financial capacity to enjoy the places in our country unlike us who’s living in our own country that we cannot appreciate them because of our financial short comings. But i’m so happy you spreading the good things about our country. Thank you.

  317. Madonna Dizon

    Great blog! If I hadn’t known you’re German, I’d have assumed you’re a native English speaker! And your pics are fantastic!!! The one in El Nido blew me away! I’m itching to see the islands, the reefs, and the underground river. Do you have a separate post detailing your trip to Palawan? Do’s and dont’s. What and where to eat. Sights to see. Where to stay. Odd that I’m asking a foreigner about my native land, but i came from the south and have yet to set foot there. Cheers! *Red Horse beer raised*

  318. twistedgrooves

    glad you enjoyed your stay. i’d like to recommend these places for your next visit: batanes, siargao, caramoan 🙂 try also the food in bale dutung in pampanga.

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  321. Jack

    With regards to your food comment, I suggest you try cuisine such as (Pork sisig) around Pampanga that’s in central Luzon. I’d like to add though that it’s not for vegans. Also, if you’re into surfing and diving, go to Anilao, Batangas for diving, and Siargao for surfing.

  322. Ton2x

    Marajaw na adlaw!!! or Good day!!!

    It’s good to know that you liked visiting and exploring our country.It would have been nicer if you were able to visit Surigao as well. Well I am from Surigao del Sur and we do have a lot of tourist attractions here, It would be best if you could join a surfing competition in Siargao. Siargao is the Surfing Capital of the Philippines!!!!Cheers!!!


    By God! You really have conquered the Philippines. You were on the Bicol spots I helped developed, like; Donsol, Gubat, Mt. Bulusan 3 lakes in a Climb, and the Puraran Surfing ( Baras, Catanduanes). I feel so elated on how the people in Gubat took you as guest. And I feel so proud of Arvin and the group ( GBS ).

    The next time you visit the Philippines, spend more time to unravel the mysteries of ALMASOR and Triple C of Bicol. Just keep in touch, and I will send to you all information.

  324. Good job on your blog, pictures and amazing stuff you’ve done with your time and resources. You should also try Bohol at Dano Extreme Adventure Park for bungee. Cagayan de Oro or Davao for water rafting and

  325. Mark

    never been in Bohol? Try to visit some time

  326. Theresa Young

    Wow! Awesome places.. I will come visit some of it one day. Please try to visit Boracay next time. You may love it there too 🙂

  327. Daisymee Tinaya

    Thanks, Philipp, for writing a very wonderful article about our country, the Philippines. And the photos you have taken were so amazing. Not only have you instilled pride on us Filipinos for all the nice things you have written about our country and its people, but you have also helped us promote the Philippines to the world. I am pretty sure many tourist will visit it. Thank you very much! Maybe you were destined to love it because even your name sounds like it.

  328. Marlie

    Awesome pics and glad to here you enjoyed your stay here in the Philippines. Hope you come back and experience more of our other islands.

  329. hobs

    Awesome! You should definitely come back. There are still sooooo many places here waiting to be explored.

  330. mervz

    Hi Phil,

    Have you gone to Tacloban during your trip here?

  331. mervz

    Try canyoneering in moalboal cebu.its gonna be an awesome experience.

  332. Kathryn Go

    Great round up! You should try visiting Davao, Batanes, and Ilocos. In Davao, you could hike up Mt. Apo, it’s the tallest mountain in the Philippines. Did you try diving in Tubbataha Reef? It’s a great diving site. 🙂 There’s so much more to explore here. Glad you had a great time in the Philippines 🙂

  333. Haziel

    Nice pics and so nice to hear you loved my country, i have shown your blog to my beautiful german border and convince her to come visit phil as you loved it.. Bless you x

  334. Alex Bernardino

    Hey! This is really amazing and I am so glad you enjoyed your stay. It makes me happy when other people not from the Philippines can appreciate the beauty of what Philippines has to offer. Thank you for posting this!

  335. Juan Tamad

    yes, the Philippines has it all, including corrupt public officials. This country is run by very corrupt people. Some foreigners may see this country as beautiful but actually this country is rotten to the core!

  336. rachelle

    Hi sir, on your next trip in our country, Philippines, try to visit ILOCOS NORTE or the Ilocos region. The uppermost part of the philippines. im glad you enjoyed your stay in our country. See you around. 🙂

  337. Looks like Gubat was your favorite.What beautiful adventures you had. Thank you for sharing with all of us to see. I love to see the beautiful and genuine smiles from the locals. Are you married? Haha

  338. France

    Thank you for sharing the beauty of the Philippines 🙂 Mabuhay kayo!

  339. I love that Pale Pilsen is in one of your favorite shots. It’s my favorite Pinoy beer.

  340. Reblogged this on Targrod's Soul Patch.

  341. Good to know that you enjoy our country that much 😀
    saw the link of your blog from another blogger and ended up reading most of your post!
    i’m from Bicol Region (Region 5) by the way. Gubat is near our island which is Masbate. It is as beautiful as any island of the Philippines.

  342. Jomer gotis

    Hi phil d.
    I was envious at what you experienced in our country. To think that I only had visited 25% of all the places you conquered… I wish I could do the same.
    however, there’s so much more that you need to see. By that time, maybe I can be an extra baggage?

  343. amy fajardo

    thanks for the wonderful write-up about my country. i learned to appreciate the beauty of my country after having gone to other countries. your photos show how blessed we are.

  344. Man! You have been to more places than I do on my native land..Glad that you enjoy your stay and had really a great time! 😉

  345. pipa

    Your photos are awesome! I’m so glad you like the Philippines. Come back soon! I assume that since you travel, you don’t carry around a dslr? May I ask what camera you use? 🙂 Thank you!

  346. Foncha

    Hi Phil! Nice to see all those photos… I hope you don’t mind me asking… Have you tried sea foods in the Philippines? Next time try Calaguas island, enchanted river, boracay… And thank you for visiting my home country!!! Foncha

  347. Ynna Ramos

    Philippines is really a beautiful country. The only problem is that mining companies are constantly destroying the country’s natural beauty. Batangas has also beautiful corals in its seas but there are mining companies here who would choose money over a beautiful creation. I just hope they won’t do it anymore.

  348. ynohtna

    Hallo Phil!

    Ich bin sehr sehr zufrieden mit eure reise in der Philippinen. Ich war in Manila geboren und heute leben ich in Deutschland. Es ist definitive ein schone Lande, die Menschen sind sympathische!!! Ich Wunsche dir mehr reise im ihrem Zukunft!!!

  349. Great travel experience and roundup Phil! I have been to Busuanga Palawan twice and it is indeed an amazing place!!! I come from the province of Samar and Biri Island is another great place to visit. Now we live in Canada working 9-5 lol

  350. Alec

    Whaaat… Nice for you, you actually travelled around the country like for yeah three months, that is so nice… I enjoyed your photots, you’re one heck of a photographer yeah I love it. And I should thank you though for sharing this, because I haven’t gone to these places yet! I would surely visit every place, hmm just I have to plan the time… But whoo~ I love how you enjoyed your stay. 😀

  351. johnny b good

    Amazing! Just amazing! I agree, balut is disgusting! I used to eat it as a child, but once I was old enough to learn what it was-never again! Haha. Again, bravo on the pictures. While I was born in the PI, I left when I was 1, so while doing some research on going back, I came across your blog and I’m happy I did. So awesome you spent so much time there and did so much. I’m also impressed by your other adventures in SE Asia. Keep up the great work.

  352. dexter Camille Guangco

    hello. Thank You for all the nice things you’ve said about my country. Next time you visit, drop by cagayan de oro…we have asia’s longest zipline, then we have one of the world’s best white water rafting adventure….u should also go to sohoton, britania, and see the enchanted river…..

  353. Wow, very nice. Thank you for sharing. I hope you get to visit my province, Bohol, Philippines. Its just an island across Cebu, i’m surprised you missed it. Hehehe

  354. good job phil 🙂

  355. christa

    Hi! This makes me proud of my country! Congratulations, you’ve discovered one of the best kept secrets of the world. Come back soon! You may want to check this local tips 🙂

  356. Thank you for the positive feedback about my motherland. Are you sure the mosquitoes did not bother you? (I have a bad allergic reactions from mosquito bites). I enjoyed looking at the pictures and how you described your experience in many regions of the Philippines. Salamat!

  357. Mits

    that’s just awesome. I envy you. I’m from the Philippines and I only got to visit few destinations. I love the way you described my beloved country.I only started traveling when my mom died. And I regret it. I should have started long time ago. I also love El Nido, it inspired me to travel even more. There’s also a lot of amazing waterfalls here. Hope you’ll see them as well on your next visit.
    Again, thank you for appreciating the things my beloved country can offer.

  358. Blezel

    Hey! This is just one amazing post about our very dear country! It’s kinda heart warming that more and more people like you get to enjoy everything that we Filipinos could offer especially the natural resources that we have. Im even envious that most of you guys have gone and explored more than what I have been to considering I’ve lived here all my life! haha Well, seriously Phil your round up makes me more proud of where I am and who I am especially that you’ve been to our little paradise Malapascua Island which is exactly my hometown (northern cebu). And you are correct! One thing you can find only in the Philippines, HAPPINESS! 🙂 God bless u friend!

  359. Anne

    Geil!!! Im glad you enjoyed my beloved Philippines! 🙂 Im based in Oslo, but I spent some of my holidays the past 3 years in your country as I have made friends with really nice germans I’ve met at the uni. I must say, I do and did enjoy your country too especially Mulheim an der Mosel, which I’ve visited twice last year. Come autumn, I might take a trip to Munster. 🙂 I keep coming back to Germany cause it’s a bit different to Oslo (plus the fact that I got friends there 😀 ) and my beloved Philippines. I hope my german friends would one day come to see the Pearl of the Orient that is Philippines! 🙂

    • Anne

      And, oh, you made me miss my country all the more! 😉 December could come now as I planned to spend Christmas back home! 🙂

  360. Jellay

    this is awesome!!!! try CALAGUAS ISLAND in the Philippine province of Camarines Norte, a virgin island… and Majayjay (mahayhay) falls… enchanting…

  361. jay ugdoracion

    Finally, something positive writen about the Philippines! Thank You so much for writing this wonderful blog of yours and the pictures were awesome which make me want to explore more about my country.

  362. Thank you for this post! Wonderful photos of my country:) hope you get to come back more often!:)

  363. Did you like adobo? 😀 I noticed that you didnt mention anything about the cost of your travel. How much did you spent per day, if you don’t mind? Thanks!

  364. You’ve never been to Bohol? I say you have missed half of your Philippine tour!

  365. john

    Philip? Thank you
    Thank you for showing us how beautif are coutry is …
    God!! Now i know where to go!!
    Thank you so much …
    Your awesome!!

  366. Lilybeth Stevens

    Glad you enjoy your short stay in my homecountry,get to meet a lot of the local people showing you lots of hospitality and friendship,trying some of the delicious foods,admiring the views and having lots of fun with all the activities you partake in.I have been away from my country for about 50 years and have worked and travelled in many countries as a NURSE,now retired in Sunny Spain but I still call the Philippines my HOME.

  367. john

    Hey philip
    You should visit the sugar beach on cebu city its on bantayan island!!
    And batanes by the way is just amazing…

  368. Thank you for letting the world know how amazing my beloved country is. Like you, I also love to travel. Just started though and i haven’t had much time but I’m working on it. Every couple of months or so I go to different places around the country. And I should say, I envy you. You’ve been in more places than I am in my own country. Next month I’ll be in Davao. And the month after, I’ll go back to El Nido and Coron in Palawan. Met some German guys there who’s, one of them also named Phil or Phillip. I sure will put those places you mentioned on my list.

  369. Keiko Enriquez

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey here in the philippines! Wonderful story and photos philip. I live here and I havent been around that much. I think now its about time that I have 🙂

  370. It seems you traveled mostly on Southern Luzon and Visayas regions. Hopefully next time you get to explore other areas like Ilocos, Batanes, La Union (surfing), Davao, etc. Oh! You gotta go to Pampanga for good food! (happy you tried balut even if you don’t like it :p)

  371. Awesome!! You make me want to explore the Philippines more!

  372. Yori

    same toughts as Meryl, awesome roundup!! but you forgot to visit Leyte.

  373. Ruby

    Nice pictures Phil. Next time you try to visit Laguna. Laguna is Region 4-a in the South where we have lots of natural hot spring resort swimming pools that you can stay’s just an 1-2 hours drive from Manila via bus.. You can also check out Anilao, Batangas.. It’s the nearest diving spot loved by tourist– Laiya, San Juan Batangas for it lots of beach resort you can choose from.. Enjoy your stay!!!

  374. Charles

    You should try to visit Bohol. It’s one of the many tourist attractions in the Philippines like the famous Chocolate Hills.

  375. Christine Guison

    Love this post! Thank you for visiting our country! 🙂 Interesting I didn’t see you visited Boracay…. 🙂 But you had wonderful adventures! Mabuhay!

  376. gigs

    its always good to see foreign nationals enjoying what our country has to offer and not look for what it doesn’t thus missing the beauty of the experience entirely! people like you are always welcome to come back again and again. try siargao in surigao next time you come if you are crazy about surfing. its in cnn’s list of top 10 surfing sites in the world. cheers!

  377. Hazel Nut

    Hi !

    Amazing post and pictures ! I’m really glad that you enjoyed the Philippines.
    Next time I’ll go in the Philippines, for sure, I’m going to some places that you’ve been.
    When I see your post, it just reminds me how my country is beautiful and how people are great there ! Salamat for sharing your roundup !

    Mabuhay !! 🙂

  378. Wonderful blog u have for Philippines 🙂 It craves me more to go back home! Thank you so much for the fantastic overview about our country 🙂 It is nice to know that you´re indeed having a good time and be a part of our culture. If you visit Philippines, please do try Davao City and i´ll assure you wont regret it 🙂 Also, try to explore boracay.. kinda crowded but who cares those people around 🙂 The place is so a m a z i n g! Geee.. love bohol as well! I am a beach addict person if you dont mind 🙂 Well hopefully, i could visit the places you´re into which will be my itinerary soon when I am in the Philippines. Thank you so much Sir Phil 🙂

  379. Matt

    thanks for visiting our country and my place Coron.. hope you enjoyed your stay here and your adventures.

  380. Joebel

    Wow! Thank you for this. I’m glad you had a great time visiting our country. Hope you do come back, enjoy the other places. 🙂 More travels to come!

  381. tala

    WOW. I’ve lived for almost two decades in my own country now and I havent even seen half of what you had. You did a great job summing up everything in this blog. 🙂

  382. You did a good service to my country and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am from the Bicol region, Albay province where the Mayon Volcano is. I lived and work my ass of in the United States for 30 long years but never in my mind did I forget that I will come to my beloved country. Now
    I am retired I am enjoying my country to the fullest. If and when you ever come back in Bicol look me up I’ll cook for you our native food Bicol express. Oh by the way I was an Executive Chef for five years in one of the big hotels in California so you can expect good home cooked food. Thanks again, and expecting you soon.

  383. bhabes

    hi phil. i had a great time reading your post. thank you for the kind words about my country. awesome photos too. you can also add to your list Batanes, Bohol and Romblon.

  384. Neil Kane Jacalan

    It’s a shame that I live 25 years in the Philippines, yet you were able to visit more places than me. I don’t normally give comments on any websites but this is a great post! This makes me want to travel more in my own country. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    -Neil, from Misamis Oriental.

  385. Rose

    Spectacular photos! They bring my country to its perfect light. Thank you! Im glad you had a great time in the Philippines. I’m proud of my fellow Filipinos’ hospitality.

    Bicol has a lot of breath taking and hidden treasures, as the rest of unexplored Philippines.

  386. ghe

    Hello Phil!
    Just as your name sounds like our country, It makes me proud to be a Filipina 🙂 Well, the next time you travel back in here, try our ‘Sinigang’ and ‘Kare-Kare’. It’s awesome, believe me. Thank you for visiting and your photos are wonderful. It makes me want to visit those areas you’ve traveled. Make sure to visit Hundred Islands in Pangasinan when you came back. GodBless :))

  387. Joy

    Thank you for writing a nice article and the beautiful photos. Happy to know you enjoyed your stay in our beautiful country. Yeah, the food can be quite challenging to some foreigners but if you keep trying, you might find some “gems” as well. Till next!

  388. Ian

    Thanks Phil for visiting our country! I’m glad you enjoyed your visit here. If you ever come back here, consider the following places as your next destination (they are definitely good spots!):
    – batanes island (breathtaking place, although very far)
    – caramoan, bicol (a lot of survivor series were shot here)
    – bohol (for chocolate hills and meet the smallest monkey in the world – tarsier)
    – vigan city (a city full of spanish heritage)
    – siargao island (surfing spot)
    – pagudpud, ilocos norte
    – cagayan de oro – bukidnon – davao trip (located in mindanao)

  389. CJ

    Wow! That was quite an adventure 😀 When you come back here in Philippines, you may want to try some of these places – Caramoan group of islands, Siargao island and Batanes island…

  390. Klowi

    Hi Phil,

    There is more to visit in the Bicol region apart from Gubat and Matnog, Sorsogon. You should visit Albay for the most awesome Mayon Volcano, touted as the world’s most perfect volcano. Caramoan Islands in CamSur should be a good vacation spot too. They rival Siquijor and Boracay for its beautiful beaches. Survivor US shoots there.

    Please go see these places. You love the Philippines more.


  391. Rhose

    Hi. Thanks for this wonderful post. It makes me more proud with my country and giving me more reason to go back there.

  392. jane blancaver

    hi phil,

    thank you so much for uplifting our spirit. its a very nice roundup! and hey! youve been to a more places in the philippines than me!

    God bless,

  393. jhunrie

    hi phil.

    this is indeed a very nice blog. i enjoyed reading it. two thumbs up! hope to personally experience all of these. this is giving me the urge to travel since i love travelling soo much..but have to save more money..haha..keep safe.

  394. Wow! Your post is going viral as I type this comment. Thanks for all the nice things you say about the Philippines. I am planning to return for a vacation in December as well and we’ll try to hit the places you mentioned! I have been away from my country for more than a quarter of a century. The photos you took just make me wanna stay longer! Mabuhay!!

  395. Coco

    Try to visit Batanes at nothernmost part of Luzon. Bohol,Boracay,Iloilo, in Central Philippines near Cebu. Surigao in Mindanao or Tawi Tawi, Davao in South Philippines. These places are as peaceful as well. Contrary to what they say about security, these places are very safe fot tourist.

  396. harold

    it is our pleasure to know that a foreigner like you likes our country despite of some negative issues that arises. feel free to comeback and explore the 7107 islands of the Philippines. also try to experience celebrating its different festivals where you can truly explore its tradition and experience genuine filipino hospitality..

    – mother of Philippine Festival.

  397. John

    Hi Phil! How much should a tourist from the US budget to have a similar experience such as yours?
    PS: The pictures are beautiful. What camera(s) did you use?..

  398. Guillermo Algar, Jr.

    hi phil, awesome pictures and awesome places you visited. i’m from mandaue city, cebu myself and found your blog on my facebook. as for food i would go for lechon with soup! only available in carcar city southern cebu. you can also try their chicharon with meat, it’s quite crunchy and tasty. thank you for posting your travel experiences of my beloved Pilipinas!

  399. jhong

    Hi phil
    Thanks for exposing more beautiful place in my country!!! I definitely respect brother the best is the balut…my next place to travel is Europe maybe I can drop by sometimes in Germany.

  400. nee_nyah

    Hi Phil!
    Wow!I can’t help but smile. Reading your amazing blog makes me more proud of my country. Thank you so much for writing & sharing your awesome experience. Indeed, it’s really more fun in the Philippines. I am so happy seeing those fantastic photos. Danke! 😉

  401. Jee

    Great blog 🙂 . Thank you for recommending philippines to other tourists. I am originally from Cebu but currently residing in Canada. I am a member of an outdoor club in Cebu where we used to go backpacking, camping, mountain climbing, falls hopping and discovering hidden breathtaking spots. By looking at your pictures, it made me want to go back. If I could just fly now. Once again thanks for writing this awesome blog. God bless you to your next travel

  402. Bebs

    Thank you very much for liking our country…i hope many other tourists would feel the same way

  403. Euclid

    Thumbs up, Phil. Its an awesome blog about my country the Philippines. While I have traveled to many countries ( mainly because of work ), I have yet to explore the many beautiful places of my own country which I read a lot from great travel bloggers like you Phil. Thanks and more power to you.


  404. Joyce

    Hi! Thank you for featuring our country! I can say that Im a bit jealous cause I’ve never been to El Nido! Through your pictures it felt like I’ve been there too! lol. Glad you enjoyed Philippines 🙂 Salamat! (Thank you).

  405. Renee

    What a beautiful pics and shots in every palaces you’ve been visited in the philippines, i really love your photos!!! Thank you for appreciating my country, there’s a lot of hidden places that you have to discover in the Philippines, try also to visit in Bohol…we are always welcome you for the next journey..Its More Fun in the Philippines!!!

  406. Kaye carbajal

    Hello! Amazing pictures! I didnt even visit some of those places. I will go on the places on your list on my next vacation. Try also BALER AURORA. Its almost 5-6 hrs fm manila. Its going north. If u love surfing this is a very nice place too and locals are very accomodating. Lots of foreigners come in this place for surfing. Thanks for posting beautiful pictures of my country.

  407. shang-on

    nice stories! good job for writing an exciting blog about the philippines. 🙂 btw, i’m from Sagada. hope that you enjoyed your stay there. 🙂

  408. Dalia Oswald

    Hi Phil thank you very much for this nice blog, i’m feeling homesick right now :(… not long now and i’ll be in my beloved Philippines again…

  409. i love your blog. thanks for sharing your experiences in my home country. i salute you! Cheers!! Mabuhay ka!

  410. Awesome images! Thank you for taking me back to the country where my heart truly belongs!

  411. electra_ph

    Very inspiring photos! Makes me want to grab my cam and head off to another adventure in my country. I enjoyed looking at them as much as I enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for the positive write -up. Highly appreciated. Two thumbs up! 🙂

  412. Paul de Castro

    Hi Phil. It seems you spent many days in Gubat and enjoyed it. Where is Gubat and how does one get there?

  413. Scott

    You have caught the essence of the Philippines very well. There are so many little places to go and escape. Even close to population, like some hidden coves in Zambales.

  414. those pictures are divine! They made me miss my travels around the Philippines. Lately, I’ve been exploring other countries instead. (I live in Manila, by the way). Some recommendations – Siargao Island for surfing (featured in several international surfing magazines and some Hollywood celebs go there secretly), Negros Island (Negros Occidental for sugarcane plantations/haciendas and Negros Oriental for spectacular diving spots / beaches), Vigan (Ilocos Sur) for preserved Spanish colonial village and Laoag (Ilocos Norte), Batanes ( an island in the northernmost part of the country) – very isolated and dramatic landscapes, etc. The list can go on and on… I got some pictures in my blog –

    Thanks 🙂

  415. Vera

    Thank you, Phil for the wonderfully written travel blog about my beloved country.

    I wish I could do the same – go around the Philippines for at least a month! 😉

  416. Lai

    Wow, u must have had a really great time since 3 months was not enough. I am a Filipino based overseas, & the photos you shared are amazing!! You made me miss my country. I’m glad to know that you enjoyed your stay. Filipinos indeed are very warm & hospitable…& are happy people too! There’s still so many places to explore & i hope that your next trip will be more (if not, equally) awesome as your 1st. I suggest you include Batanes on ur next visit. Have lots of fun. Enjoy!!

  417. mavz

    wow.its nice you have visited some places in bicol region such as sorsogon,naga and catanduanes..i hope you can come back and try to visit my hometown in albay..such a beautiful place too, you must not missed..

  418. Wow!!! you did enjoy your travel in the Philippines,,, Thank you for sharing your good and beautiful experiences and awesome pictures on all around the Philippines,,,, at least a very positive view of the Philippines from a Foreigner like you Thank You so much, my friend,,,,

  419. Angel

    Wow Philip.. while I am reading your post. I feel good that your enjoyed your stayed in our country, Hopefully nextime, you can visit davao, bukidnon, and some part of CARAGA,, visit some nice water falls..and ziplines

    best regards,,
    Angel from Finland

  420. Jill

    Amazing pictures and thanks for promoting the Philippines! Its great to see that people from other parts of the world thoroughly enjoy our country. I’m sad that you have actually visited more places than me and I’ve practically lived here for at least 80% of my life. Inspiring! Danke Schön!

  421. Thank you so much for sharing with us (and with the rest of the world) your experiences and how you feel about the Philippines, Phil. As a Filipino, I am deeply honored and humbled at the same time. In a time of political and social disarray (which we, as a nation, are still in the process of getting resolved), your post and plaudits about the Philippines are certainly a boost to our morale, as well as an effective reminder that “a diamond is still a diamond no matter how many times it gets thrown and kicked around in the mud”. Sadly, many of my fellow countrymen have lost (or slowly losing) hope and confidence in the good things that our country and our people have to offer. Seeing the Philippines from a visitor’s perspective is both enlightening as well as reinvigorating. So… Salamat, Phil, for carrying the light of your passion for the Philippines all across the globe for others to see as well. I shared your post on my Facebook page, by the way. I knew you wouldn’t mind. 🙂

  422. I enjoyed reading your post and the pictures, lovely! Thanks for the nice blog about P.I. 🙂

  423. Amazing photos! What camera were you using? I am a Filipino living overseas and you have seen more than I have in my lifetime. I took all of that for granted growing up. Now I must go back and do it for myself. Thank you for sharing all of that.

  424. Amazing photos! Which camera were you using? I am a Filipino living overseas and took all of that for granted while growing up. You have seen more than I have. Thank you for sharing.

  425. Chay

    A big big heart for you….

  426. Luchi Ball

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience in the Philippines. I’ve been to some of the places you visited and my favorite places are Camiguin, El Nido and Sagada. Glad that I was able to visit these places before migrating to the US.

  427. Alex M. Singson

    I read the ’roundup’ in its entirety and WOW!, what an interesting, awesome and wonderfully detailed description of the Philippines you just shared to the world to know!. The Department of Tourism of the Philippines should get ahold of this and I know that they’ll so very much like and appreciate all of its content. Hi Phil!, thank you so much for taking some time for writing such an experience. I was born and raised in the Philippines but migrated to the US in the 70’s. Been back for a visit 2-3 times since then and now that I’m retired and after your thoughts about PI, I believed I’m sold to moving back. Although the US has a lot to offer and the way of life I’ve been accustomed to is quite different from there, I think I can re-adjust and move on. Trying to figure out which one were you on the picture!. Oh and ‘balut!’, it takes getting use to eating it and not imagining what it is. When I was young, my parents told me it’s good for you (health wise). On my teens to adulthood, they said that it’s an aphrodisiacs!. It pounds a lot of calories in just one egg but I can’t help it and had more than one. I really hope you get the chance to come back and maybe, stay with us in Tagaytay where I am checking out the homes. Tagaytay is a lot cooler than Manila but not too far from it. Take care and thanks again Man!!!.

  428. Elaine

    Thank you Phil for sharing your wonderful experience in our country to other people. It is also a manifestation of the good culture aside from the beauty of the places you have been to. God bless you and continue to explore great landmarks in the Philippines. You may wantbto try Pagudpud and Camiguin as well as the Calaguas / Caramoan islands (where the recent Survivor season was done).

  429. Joyce Sab

    Hi Phil! Very nice blog…I’ve appreciate how you describe our country and people. More power to you!

  430. Things in life that money can’t buy – Happiness 🙂

  431. Emslandboy

    Hi Phil. Thanks for this wonderful report. I am a Filipino temporarily living in north of Germany. I miss home all the more as I read your report. Germans are generally kind-hearted people too but I hope they complain less. :-))) Peace.

  432. And good memories ☺

  433. Char

    This post realyy makes me smile and makes me want to see and explore my native country. It’s beautiful there plus the people are great!

  434. This blog just made me miss my home. I am indeed an Asian-Pacific Islander. I miss the beach, the fishes (whale sharks), the mountains, and the good people of my country.

    I honestly like it when foreigners try to eat balut. You look disgusted and still wanna try. Just dont think its a duck but just an egg. And BTW, it’s delicious and keeps your knees strong. Haha!!

    Thanks for the good read.

  435. Jessy

    Hey Phil,

    nice to share you amazing experience with other people. I`m half Filipina- German (more german in thinking and behavior-do not speak Tagalog at all) and took myself some time to visit the Phils other places then the home village of my mum. Some of my route from 2009 are the same then yours. And I totally agree with all you said. Every day I found out more places that I want to see next time…. und ja auch Mindanao bietet noch unheimlich viel zu entdecken. 🙂

  436. Edmund

    Thank you for promoting the country Philippines. It feels so good to hear and read articles with the positive feedback. God bless your next trip in the country where my origin came from.

  437. hi phil, many thanks for sharing this! really appreciate. i’m originally from catanduanes, which part did you go to? glad to know you had a glimpse of our precious little island. i hope you’d come back again. by the way, i had a small tour of germany too and loved berlin. visited hanover, brunnswick and munich but berlin tops the list. loved the countryside too. enjoy your travels.

  438. Shekinah Jobi Pacleta

    im glad that you had so much fun in my homeland. I love how the scenes were captured.

  439. how much is your budget ?

  440. ktai245

    how much is your budget?

  441. Mitch

    Thanks for your roundup about my beloved Land! Maybe with this I can encourage my boyfriend to fly with me next year and show him my homeland. I also told him about balut (my fave) and he wants to try this and the popular streetfoods as well… like isaw (gegrilltes hühnerdarm). Im very excited to show your post to him coz he’s German also maybe he can know more about Philippines thru this.

    Danke! :))

  442. Rellanie V

    Amazing article! Captures Philippines, I think 😉 . It makes me miss home too. Your pictures are perfect! What camera do you use?

  443. Can`t imagine a foreigner like you especially from Germany would make some effort to post these awesome photos and blogs.. hope you visit the newly discovered wonder of nature – Enchanted River in Mindanao.. I haven’t been there but looking forward of visiting the place soon.. cheers …. I am a small traveller…

  444. Elnora Magboo

    Amazing views and photography! These made me crave for a visit there and for a long duration. So pleased to know you enjoyed our country and our people.

  445. ogie

    try Davao City next time you visit the Phil.

  446. Wow! I envy you for visiting more places in the Philippines than I am! It is my home country and I just came back from a 6- week vacation there..and yes, I am a Filipina living in Bavaria, Germany..a travel blogger like you, who love to explore the world…i had a wonderful time reading your travels experiences in the Philippines..Indeed, you did a great job with this post! thanks for sharing my beautiful country! hopefully, we might cross ways somewhere out is my travel blog,

    safe travels to you and all the best!
    Ruby from Bavaria!

  447. Wow! I envy you for visiting more places in the Philippines than I am! It is my home country and I just came back from a 6- week vacation there..and yes, I am a Filipina living in Bavaria, Germany..a travel blogger like you, who love to explore the world…i had a wonderful time reading your travels experiences in the Philippines..Indeed, you did a great job with this post! thanks for sharing my beautiful country! hopefully, we might cross ways somewhere out there..

  448. Wow! I envy you for visiting more places in the Philippines than I am! It is my home country and I just came back from a 6- week vacation there..and yes, I am a Filipina living in Bavaria, Germany..a travel blogger like you, who love to explore the world…i had a wonderful time reading your travels experiences in the Philippines..Indeed, you did a great job with this post! thanks for sharing my beautiful country! hopefully, we might cross ways somewhere out there..

    all the best and safe travels to you!

  449. irene

    thank you for sharing your experience in visiting my country..i will share this in my FB. it makes me proud. its true —It’s More Fun in The Philippines!!!

  450. Hi Philipp. Thank you for writing about the Philippines in your awesome blog. Does it feel nicer to have a name spelled “Philipp” than the usual “Phillip”? Haha. You must be meant to come again and again and again to this country!
    Thank you for the incredible pictures. When you’re in Gubat next time, try to relax in San Benon Hot and Cold Spring in Irosin, Sorsogon. It is the most famous hot spring in the whole province. Irosin is where I come from, too! Also have a go to Subic, Matnog, an emerging whitesand beach in Matnog. Did you go to Donsol and swim with the humungous whales called butanding? I can list some more but those are enough for now.
    See you when we see you! You must be missed by your Gubatnon family and some more people are awaiting for you to become their new member. So hasten up and hit the road soon! -Raymond

  451. Hi Philipp. Thank you for writing about the Philippines in your awesome blog. Does it feel nicer to have a name spelled “Philipp” than the usual “Phillip”? Haha. You must be meant to come again and again and again to this country!
    Thank you for the incredible pictures. When you’re in Gubat next time, try to relax in San Benon Hot and Cold Spring in Irosin, Sorsogon. It is the most famous hot spring in the whole province. Irosin is where I come from, too! Also have a go to Subic, Matnog, an emerging whitesand beach in Matnog. Did you go to Donsol and swim with the humungous whales called butanding? I can list some more but those are enough for now.
    See you when we see you! You must be missed by your Gubatnon family and some more people are awaiting for you to become their new member. So hasten up and hit the road soon! -Raymond

  452. Roxanne

    Comeback Phil and explore the northern part of Luzon like Batanes, Pangasinan, Zambales and Ilocos. You might find a food of your taste there and of course great beaches. 🙂

  453. zeev

    Hello Phil.. thank you very much for writing about my home country. Im glad that you enjoyed your visit. Your blog is very heartwarming and inspiring, especially for a Filipino like me that is living overseas. Hope more people will read your letter and will consider visiting the Philippines….. Maraming salamat din….. hope to know you so that I can help you with your intinerary in my hometown on your next visit.

  454. elayne

    i really did enjoy reading ur blog about my country.. i also travel a lot, locally..because I know I still got many places to go to and ur blog only made me more convince to explore more here instead of going out of the country. thank you again for inspiring me. you’re simply blessed.

  455. Dankeschön for this writeup! Great article… And the photos are amazing! Glad you enjoyed your stay here. Feel free to come back and maybe explore Northern Luzon and Southern Mindanao more. Anyway, you were right about Filipinos being friendly and extremely helpful to foreigners. I guess it’s because we are too curious. LOL Well, good luck on your travels. I’d certainly be following you on facebook! ;-p

  456. Chris

    Wonderful round up and photos Phil. Had you named after Philippines?haha Very glad you really had a great time visiting Philippines. A vacation well spent.
    I envy you. I haven’t even traveled half of the place you’ve been here.:)
    Until your next visit, a lot more places are waiting.

  457. mustachio

    Most would rather visit Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, putting The Philippines at the bottom of their list. I am glad you found your way to The Philippines and enjoyed your stay here. Thank you.

  458. Awesome pictures!!! Postcard quality!!!
    I’m from Manila and it’s a shame that we have not travelled our own country as much as you did.
    Thank you for your blog. I must agree that this country is safer than how other people or organization perceive it. Sorry for the food experience, but food quality here is really relative to one’s budget. :))
    And it takes time and the right person of similar taste to take you to the right joints.
    Thank you again for stopping by PH. I hope my American friends could read this, specifically the one who swore he won’t visit because he thinks it’s very unsafe here.

  459. Hi Phil.. have you tried to visit gumasa beach resort it is found at the southern most of the Philippines and it has white sands 😀 every year around month of May, there would be a fest the more than 100,000 people gathered together to celebrate its called SarBay Fest. and its really fun.. here is some example picture

  460. Lala

    I’ve been to most of the places you’ve described and I’ve never captured my country on photos quite the way you do. I love the beaches. Visited beaches all over the country when I was younger and the more popular ones overseas as I got more spending money. I did not appreciate my country’s beaches until after I visited the beaches of other countries. The Philippines’ beaches are to die for. You might think that sitting by the beach at sunset is the same all over the world. I love doing that at home in the Philippines. Every where else is too cold at sunset. Here, it is warm and the light is perfect. The sun goes all the way down the horizon and has this dark red orange hue just before it disappears. And as soon as that happens, the air is cool enough and it’s time to party!

  461. Lawrence

    Great blog! Thanks for giving such nice reviews on our country, Im half Spanish and half Filipino. I would never imagine leaving the Philippines, just like what you said it has it all. I have a German-Filipina girlfriend who transferred here for her college studies.She loved it so much here she decided to live here instead. I’m from Bicol but I have also family in Ilocos(way up north), there are also some nice places in Ilocos to see, like the only desert in Asia where Tom Cruise shot the movie “4th of July”, the Kapurpurawan rock formation, and Pagudpud beach. Filipinos are very hospitable and im sure with the very nice words you gave everyone would welcome you here in the Philippines! 🙂

  462. angmaniniyotbo

    Thank you for coming over to the Philippines Sir. I really had fun reading your final round up about you travel here. You even travelled almost all of the spots here and looking at your photos, I can feel that you really had fun. Cheers!

  463. r-jay

    hi phil,

    thanks for this wonderful blog…i’m so proud upon reading it and happy to know that you’ve really enjoyed your trip here in our country. thank you so much and hopeful that you will visit again and include cagayan de oro, bukdinon, davao city or any parts ofindanao in your itinerary. i know for sure we have lots to offer…hehe…thanks again and goodluck in your next adventure…

    you may contact me on this email account if you want someone to guide you.


  464. jasgc8

    You should visit Siargao and surigao! the Tidal flats, sohoton, busuanga enchanted river and surf at cloud 9! and swim with the whale sharks at Cebu or Bohol 🙂

  465. Harriet Quimly Tan

    I’m glad that you had a lot of fun staying in our country. I’m jealous because I’m a filipino but I’ve never been to place where you went. Hahaha!

  466. Hi Phil! this made me proud of my country… thank you for this great blog. Love it!

  467. maricheu

    Awesone trip you had in my country. Next time when you come back try DAKAK too. Located in Dapitan Zamboanga del Norte….

  468. Hi Phil! thank you for your amaaaaaaaazing blog about my country! It made me feel more proud of the Philippines! I will definitely let my Norwegian friend read your blog for he also thinks about the “unsafe” issue. Again, salamat! 🙂

  469. Dan

    Awesome blog ang amazing photos youve got there. I am envious now.

  470. ej

    Nice write up sir.. you beat me on the number of places you have visited in my country..we are glad you appreciate so many things from out from manila but relatives are from Leyte…there arr lotsof veutiful places toexplore there as well..hope you can visit again soon..

  471. dodong

    You missed white water rafting in Cagayan de Oro. It’s a 2 hour drive from Camiguin.

  472. Abigail

    Great shots there, sir! Next time you get to visit the country, try Mindanao. There are more to discover in the South. 😉

  473. luckyeman

    Hi Philip im glad you enjoyed your stay in the Philippines. Im from Baguio City, my dad is from Banawe Ifugao, when im reading your blog im so happy you made it all through and thank you for choosing Philippines. Mabuhay Philippines and all pilipinos who share their love, friendship,hospitality and kindness to Philip and he’s friends. Thank you for loving us back

  474. grace

    I enjoyed your story. You should go to Mindanao and meet the lovely people from the biggest island in the Southern Philippines. Lots of places to have yet to discover – Davao, Gen. Santos City, Lake Sebu and too many to mention here. Food? Hmmmm, I can’t even begin to tell you what you will discover!

  475. Mita

    Great article and am happy you enjoyed your stay here. As a veteran tourist within my own country though, I feel you’ve still missed out on some adventures and delights that would require your coming back to enjoy these. A trip to Bohol, for instance, is a must since for me, it is THE premier example of an island that has it all… history, unique sights, fun, adventure and relaxation. I also believe a gastronomic tour through north-west Luzon, particularly Pampanga which is considered the Filipino “food capital” and the Ilocos region, would change your mind about Filipino food (and might I say, it would change your waistline too). I surely would like to hear your opinion again once you’ve tasted, with cold cold San Miguel beer on the side, the original Pampanga sisig (which Anthony Bourdain loves), authentic Vigan longganisa, bagnet, and empanada and all the other gastronomic delights of those regions that Manila restaurants cannot hope to replicate. And they have their own wonderful tourist sites too. Thanks for this excellent write-up about our beautiful country and hope you can visit again soon.

  476. Abvie

    This is one great blog post! Thank you for this! I had never explored my country yet not until recently we went to Puerto Princesa and I am planning to go back in Palawan to explore El Nido – well, hopefully my budget allows me, too. Makes me love my country more and be proud of my race as well! 🙂

    # 1: WOW you’ve been to my parents’ province – Sorsogon! They were born and raised in Bulan and I’ve been there for a few times only.
    # 2: LOL about your balut experience! hahahaha! Soon when you come back I know you’ll get a hang of it. It will give you calories to sustain you for the day’s trip.
    # 3: One one my memorable solo-flight trips is in Batad Rice Terraces, I even visited Tappiya Waterfalls behind those majestic terraces. Glad you and your friends were able to visit this site.
    # 4: Hope to bump you in your future backpacking trips here in my country again (or in ASEAN). Taking thousands of shots, hahaha!
    # 5: Keep blessed!

  478. erick gamboa magno

    Phil D thank you for this awesome roundup, you open my country to the whole world, featuring the diffrent beautiful places here it will boost our tourism industry here and most especially your comment about the locals and probably that would means majority of the filipino people, again maraming salamat at mabuhay ka!!!!

  479. Gina

    Very informative round-up indeed. I’m glad you enjoyed your stay here. Looking at the places you’ve been to, you haven’t even scratched the surface. There are still tons of places you can visit and enjoy. Maybe next time! Thanks for this blog. You made me feel really proud to be a filipino.

  480. marie domingo

    Sir, try also going North…. there are also many beautiful places out there….

  481. awesome article! 🙂 and really nice to hear you had a great stay here in the Philippines. you know sometimes, we Filipinos, need to be reminded (by other people) of how awesome our country is. thank you for doing just that.

    hope you can come back soon. 🙂

  482. CYCLOPS

    Wow, thanks for visiting our country and thank you also for the nice words for my “kababayans”…

    awesome photos!

  483. Romy

    Hi Phil, nice to know that you like the Philippines. The pictures you posted made me feel “home sick”. I got few more years to work here in the States and I’m ready to retire in the Philippines. As Filipinos said it’s really more fun in the Philippines.

  484. Hello Phil, Thanks for visiting my country… I enjoyed reading your blog it is indeed full of interesting photos and stories. Thanks for sharing this to the world 🙂 I was born in Catanduanes but I am now living and working in Baguio City, my most favorite city ever not just because of a nice cold weather but because of its clean surroundings and friendly people. In your next visit I think you should also include to your itinerary to climb on Mt. Pulag. 😀

  485. Still a lot of places to visit though. I’m really glad that you enjoyed your stay in the Philippines. Hope you’ll come back soon and share with your friends the experiences you had. Thank you for this blogpost and it will surely attract more tourists to come over and have their take to our beautiful country. Kudos to you Phil and cheers to more travel! 🙂

  486. My God you made me so home sick of my country dude! I really appreciate your wonderful blog and amazing pictures! I have to say as a Filipino expat living in Italy at the moment and England before that, it has been 14 years since I left home but I have never experienced such hospitality and really genuine smiles from any group of people I’ve ever met! I’m so glad to know that I am not the only one in experiencing this!…and Oh next time you are back in the Philippines you MUST visit the enchanted Bucas Grande Islands and the Enchnted Sohoton Coves in Surigao del Sur, Mindanao..i it has been shut for thousands of years and has just recently been opened to public and tourists…dude it’s really an out of this world experience, so Virgin, so untouched, it’s simply enchanted one can still feel the spirits of nature and fairies presence still lingering around…

  487. Mach

    Very good read. Wow man, you were on a travel rally for months. Awesome! I’ve only been on a fraction of what you visited in a few months. 🙂

    Try swimming with whalesharks in Oslob Cebu, then to Tumandog, Kawasan falls and Sumilon island for day1.

    Fly to Siargao and stay for couple of weeks doing Surfing (Red Hot Chili Peppers just did), Island hopping (Naked Island, Magpupungko [natural infinity pool] etc.) You’ll find a Maldives-like-vibes with a fraction of the cost.

    Hope that adds up to your itinerary for your next v visit.

    Just my 2-cents. Cheers!!


  488. Mr Adobo

    I love Pinay girls. They are fun and stunning.

  489. Mayam

    Wow, really love your adventure. I will travel too..

  490. Hanz

    In this blog, pictures are the main ingredients and words are garnishes. I love how you presented the photos on the bottom part of this blog. I wish I have the liberty to travel like you do.I got a good friend and a beermate from Germany whom I met in Bangkok (where I am based right now). I’m gonna send this link to him. We are planning to visit Boracay when he comes here next year but, hopefully, it will change when he reads this. 🙂 Cheers!

  491. janette

    Hi Philip,
    What a delight to see and read your post about our country. I envy you coz you have travelled the Philippines way farther than I have. I do love my country and it is also my desire to go around places I know they are worth visiting. You can also try to visit Negros Oriental to check for wonderful places to explore your preferred activities. You have been to Siquijor also which is my mother’s place. It has been quite sometime since I last visited my relatives there and I believe things have changed now for the better.
    Well, thank you for loving our country. As I said, in your next visit you can include Negros Oriental in your itinerary.
    God bless you!

  492. Hey Phil, I saw your itinerary and you’re missing some nice Island..

    Try to visit BORACAY too.. the island has plenty of activities to offer such kite boarding, boracay bike Tours, Island hopping, horseback riding, zipline, offshore fishing, scuba diving, Ariel’s Point Cliff Diving, and so much to mention. Just visit this site I attached, scroll down to the bottom of the page for more info.. have fun..

  493. Karla Pambid

    thank you for this… much appreciated… hope you’ll come back soon…

  494. Fox

    This experience will always draw you back to the country. You are now part-Filipino. 😀
    Happy to know you enjoyed the whole experience. Come back anytime.

  495. annie

    When you come back try the white water rafting in Cagayan… another adventure you can add to your list 🙂

  496. Sara

    Come back here Phil. we will cook for for you, no Balut dishes we promise… 😀

  497. Cristina

    merci for appreciating our country and our people. you made us believe that what we have is really beautiful and enticing to explore. thank you for the kind words.

  498. sheila

    really nice post…there are really many places to explore here in the Philippines…

  499. Jim P.

    cool photos, nice reading. you should come back and eat more balut.

    1st balut, nasty
    2nd balut, throw-up-feeling
    3rd balut, heaven… hahah 🙂

  500. richie

    Wow…it’s amazing photos. Wonderful post. When I read your story made me missed my home country. I missed my family especially my mother. I missed riding the jeepneys, motorbike, tricycle and bus. I missed everything there. I hope next year I can go back home and have fun.

  501. bashenggay

    Nice write up^^..Thank you for appreciating our country. Comeback and you guys are always welcome. yeah surfing in Baler is so good. The waves are perfect for surfing. I observed mostly of your travels are in the Southern part of our country. Next time, when you comeback and visit again try the Northern part. They also have great places to offer.

  502. I read your write up and really very impressed.I am originally from the Philippines and now lives in Wellington , NZ.I just came back from the Philippines 2 weeks ago and was very hot.I got sick for the temp was 36 degrees celsius and the heat factor was 43 degrees.I was with a New Zealander, and he really enjoyed his stay there.We are going back in January to celebrate my birthday there–at Club Balai Isabel in Talisay, Batangas just below Tagaytay about 15 mins near Taal Volcano.We are planning to hike the Volcano..Anyway I am sharing your experiences on my Facebook account.Many thanks indeed for it is really a great advertisement for the Philippines.Hope your coming back there will be as twice happy and great than the first time.Take care

  503. Ron

    If you like surfing. Cloud 9 in Siargao Island, Surigao is the place for you!

  504. Hi Phil,

    Glad you enjoyed the Philippines. Thank you for this wonderful blog. #ProudPinoy
    Next time please visit these places as well. (This is within Mindanao area in the Philippines). You can image google them in advance 🙂

    Enchanted River, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur Mindanao, Philippines
    Tinuy-an Falls Bislig City, Bislig, Surigao del Sur Mindanao, Philippines
    (Swim with the non-sting Jellyfish) Sohoton Cove, Bucas Grande Islands, Surigao del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines
    (Surf at Siargao Island ) Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines
    Magpupungko Beach – Siargao, Surigao del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines
    White Water Rafting – Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines


  505. Thank you for showing some love to our beloved Philippines, its islands and its people. Mabuhay kayo! 🙂

  506. len

    thank you for your kind words about the Philippines. You must visit calaguas island and Oslob Cebu too 🙂

  507. Glenda

    Hi Phil, It is heartwarming to hear people like you appreciating Philippines, the culture and the people. I agree there are still must visit places in the philiipines, including our Davao Region. Thanks for your nice post.

  508. Mae

    Hi Phil, it makes us proud to see people leaving our country with good memories 🙂 You’ve done it so well! We’re happy to see more people like you who appreciate our culture. Hope you’ll have more time in Cebu.

  509. Hi, Phil!

    This is a great write-up, and I am very glad that you decided to share great stories about your trip to the Philippines. I think you are an amazing photographer. The pictures you took are achingly beautiful, and I hope that you come back to the Philippines, and explore more places that you have never been and seen before. Although you have been to many different tourist spots in the country, I believe there are more beautiful places that haven’t been discovered by many. Try going up North. You will be more surprised! 🙂 All the best.


  510. michelle

    Wow, very nice pictures.. im from the iloilo city, Philippines. you should visit the panay islands in the visayas. have you been to Boracay island? Guimaras island? Virgin beach resorts in Carles, Iloilo? They are all located in the Visayas region. There are also many inland resorts in Iloilo. 🙂 hope you will visit our country again. Its a very beautiful country… without corruption. 🙂

  511. glad you enjoyed your visit to our country 😀 i’m from manila, but the best place i’ve been is Apo Island for the dive and the friendly locals.

    btw, did you try having the dish adobo? 🙂

  512. Very well done, Phil! Thank you for this blog post. Great pics and videos. It’s really refreshing reading about my country from a foreigner’s point of view. It’s easy to take the beauty of our country for granted since we’re so attached and more often than not, we tend to focus on the bad aspects and negative news that are played in the media. Just a question though, how did you fit the tricycle? Live!

  513. darlene

    Hi Phil

    Im a Filipina and currently in Australia.. my colleagues asked me whether its safe to travel there..good thing i did find your blog and share it to them. Its really more fun in the Philippines. Cant wait to go back this October 🙂

    Thanks for the wonderful words about my country 🙂

  514. Ophar

    Thank you for posting an awesome blog of Phils..It made me proud as a Filipino that we have lot to offer from famous tourist spots to native food as well. Thank you for visiting our province Catanduanes, the land of the howling winds. You have to come back here because there are many good places that you never visited yet like Paday Falls in Bagamanoc and the famous Boto ni Kurakog a God-made rock and soil formation a local version of statue of liberty..

  515. hope you liked El Nido! We own a hotel there (Casa Cecilia) and would love to have you as one of our guests next time you visit!

  516. Fantastic shots! wow! you’ve been to alot of places in my home country. you should also try camsur, calaguas, marinduque and batanes on your next visit!

  517. Great travel and thanks for the nice share on Phils and its people! Buzz us next time you get to visit Palawan…

  518. Fantastic pictures my daughter in law is from the philloppines she is a lovely girl always so happy I hope to go next year and meet all her family x

  519. Sheila Razon

    Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed our country.
    Feel free to visit us again anytime.

  520. Yuri Clamonte

    Hi kuya Phil!

    I’m very thrilled when I was reading your blog and I’m becoming more proud in my country. I really love your pictures, greats shots! Btw, I’m a tourism student I would like to recommend you to go also in North Luzon, there are also many good places to go to like Ilocos, (ancestral houses, Windmills, white beach) Pangasinan, Aurora (surfing, beaches, falls) I’m glad you enjoy your stay here. Come back soon!

  521. Arnold

    Hi Phil. Thank you for your good words about my country. I saw that you visited my beloved city, Baguio. Still my favorite place in the world despite being quite crowded and polluted nowadays. Baguio remains to be my home. 🙂

  522. Anna Marie Retorcillo

    Hi phil thank u for visiting our beautiful country and enjoying ur vacation there i hope that next time u visit us please bring some of ur friends to see how nice our place. I love those picture and video u posted thank u for making this blog ur making our country more proud….even we face more ups and down we still proud to be a filipinos we love our country

  523. Borz

    Hi Phil! You have a great blog. It makes me want to go back to Philippines and explore more of the country where I was born. I’m here in Hawaii right now and it’s nice but I guess nothing compares to the Philippines (or maybe I’m just bias)…Have you been to Ilocos? I was there before I came back here in the US and there are also a lot of things to see there especially the sand dunes that I didn’t know existed in the Philippines…you should try it…Also, a friend of mine told me that I should put Batanes in one of my travel itinerary when I get back…Better check it on the web, they say it has great hiking spots there as well…Anyway, thanks for all your wonderful feedback on my country. Mabuhay ka! 🙂

  524. Josh

    Kudos Phil! — a name after our country? lolz…
    there are more to explore… i am inviting you to visit Southern Mindanao.

  525. cathy

    great blog! and especially good shots! i’m glad you had a great time, i’m from bicol too, my dad from albay and mom from camarines sur, but im working in baguio now. incidentally my best friend is in munich, and she too says you have a great country. She especially enjoys the castles, though im not sure she enjoys the cold. lols! I hope i get to visit your country in the future.

  526. Nigel

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the stay in so many places in Philippines. You should try places like in Puerto Princesa (Palawan), Batanes and Tagaytay. And I felt so funny when you mentioned eating Balut in your dislike. Whether you like it or not, I would say, “welcome to our Filipino culture!”

  527. candy

    wow!! awesome:) thanks for coming to my country ..and my city..Baguio..

  528. you havent gone to many places….you should comeback coz u havent seen all the tourist spots in the, vigan, ilocos, windmill , hundred island, anawangin, should see in every part of luzon, visayas and mindanao

  529. Thank you for the nice words! I’m a proud Pinoy.

  530. gladys

    Wow! Thank you for enjoying philippines.. next time visit mindanao ;). Thank you for amazing photos too. I cant help but feel envy.. wanna travel the way you did..

  531. Maureen Morales

    Found your blog because it was featured in The Philippines’ facebook page. Glad you enjoyed our country! Your photos are all amazing. 🙂

  532. Marie

    Hey this is amazing Phil, Glad you had fun. I’m from USA and went here to Philippines for college. I’d have to say that from my experience, I have more travels and adventures here than I have ever had in States. Don’t get me wrong my family and I love to travel! but the thing is we plan it only for the summer, but here, it’s summer all year long..although there are rainy seasons. But there are times on weekends my classmates and I would just go on resorts if we feel like swimming, and there are also fiestas especially during the summer which is so much fun. This is why I love philippines, adventure is just next door and it is quite affordable!

  533. Hello! Thank you for this heart warming awesome post. I’m glad that you love our country! After reading this post, i am more proud of where i came from. Please do visit our country again soon and you might want to go to Mindanao, there are a lot of beautiful places here too. I’m from GenSan btw, Manny Pacquiao’s hometown. 🙂

  534. Wow! thank you for this post, really happy to see tourist appreciate my country, by the way you should try Batanes , for me its on the top as the most beautiful (literally man its on the top of the philippines, ^^,) , and thank you again because im eager to try Gubat (never been there)

  535. Charles

    I like reading someone’s travel story especially if it’s about the Philippines not that I am being too nationalistic. It’s just that, I too is dreaming to see & experience what my country can offer (though it may take time for I am working outside the country). I am from Mindanao, I hope you’ll get a chance to explore it. Mabuhay ka!

  536. Bien

    Cool & amazing…thank you for visiting our country and sharing it to the world. I enjoyed vieweing the photos and love reading your adventures in the Pbilippines.As our saying say’s ” It’more fun in the Philippines”. Next time try to visit the province of Negros esp the City of Smile – Bacolod City. Have a nice day Phil & God bless.

  537. aina

    I envy you. once i’m done with my medical training i’m going to do what you just did. Gonna travel my beloved country from north to south! by the way, i recommend you explore the northernmost tip of the philippines—Batanes. Thank you for appreciating our country.

  538. Excellent shots! My greatest dream is to travel at my country and have a journal regarding my 7107 Island experience.

  539. Jerico Lavarro

    Hey Phil,

    Thanks for praising our humble home… Makes me wanna go back there soon and travel with my family.
    You should visit the province of Camarines Norte sometime and try Calaguas island, as Maria suggested. It is an island with white sand beaches, youcan camp there if you want to. Also, dare not to miss kite surfing in Bagasbas from the same province. Bantayog festival is also one of the main attractions in our province. It showcase the different livelihood of each of the twelve towns through parades, playform floats, foods and even pageant.

    On a side note, Philippines have all kinds of coloured beaches; white, black, gray, brown, red and even pink. 🙂

    Cheers mate.

    Enjoy the Philippines when you get back

  540. Good to hear that you had a great time in our archipelago!
    Next time you visit, include Mindoro 😉

  541. Jerico Lavarro


  542. Hi Phil,

    That was so amazing experience… I admired foreign people who loves to travel the islands of Philippines, it makes me so proud of. You guys are always welcome in our country, not just to explore more about other destinations but also to embrace our different cultures.. you must also experience our different colorful festivals like Ati-atihan festival, Dinagyang, Sinulog and Maskarra Festivals, to name some. And by the way, i love your photographs. Cheer to that!

  543. Hi Phil,
    It is nice to know that you have Awesome experience in my home country Philippines,try to go and experience in Dumaguete Negros Oriental,specially in Apo Island

  544. Faye M.

    Looks like you had a great time. Really awesome round-up, made me realize what I was missing since I’ve never toured around in my own country. Have to make amends and do it soon!

  545. Hi Phil
    Thanks foryour great Blog about Philippines. Im here at Bohol since arround 2years and i can tell you, that all is right. A great country with great people, famous landscapes and a lot of adventures all arround.
    Just one thing – you didnt visit bohol. Next tie na lang, ok.
    Regards from bohol

  546. Fionn

    Amazing pictures & stories! What is your camera? I’m thinking to get a new one and looking for Ideas :)!

  547. Hansmert

    Thank you for loving my beloved country! The next time you come, try going north of the Philippines. The place isn’t spoilt yet and I should know because I came from that area. You’ll love the province of Isabela, Cagayan and Batanes! You’ll love the people as well.

  548. Thanks for the great article on my country Phil. I’m so glad a growing number cool travelers all over the world are discovering the beauty of my country and its people that has been held back for so long. We’ve gone through a lot of rough patches. Tourism and more sadly, our reputation have suffered greatly from them. That’s why I am so grateful for adventurous open-minded souls like you who go off the beaten path, see past the negative hype and help spread the good vibes. I’m currently based in the US and yes, I have seen the stark contrasts between living in the affluent West and my humble homeland. Yet living here has afforded me to travel which was pretty much a pipe dream back then. Anyways, an additional tip with regards to safety which is something I’ve picked up from home and confirmed by my travels, is to stay humble and low-key while combining them with street-smarts. Basing on the number of friends you’ve made, I can tell you already know this. We Filipinos are known to be modest and self-deprecating, except for our pride in our country and our families, so we truly appreciate someone who is likewise. Another island I can recommend is my province of Negros Occidental, home of the Masskara Festival in Bacolod. I recommend going mid-October to November. I’m not much of a fan watching the dance parade during the day BUT let me tell you, the night festivities are another story. That’s the time for Electric Masskara. It’s an all-night street party like Mardi Gras and Oktoberfest combined but with barbecue chicken (chicken inasal) involved. Once the festival is over mosey over to the southern towns of Cauayan and Sipalay for some diving in some secret lagoons, coves and beaches in Tinagong Dagat (Hidden Sea), Punta Bulata and Danjugan Island (it’s a protected sanctuary. It will cost you about 2000 PHP to stay overnight but believe me you won’t regret it). You might even run into some fellow Europeans in Sipalay who have made it their home. Also while in Bacolod, if you happen to get homesick drop by Imbiss for some Schüblig or Schnitzel and some german beer along with the San Miguels.

  549. micoss lagulay

    Hi! Thank you choosing your travel visit mindanao.south cotabato.

  550. Mark

    Hi! I’m glad you enjoyed the Philippines. I’m a Filipino, and I am still fascinated with all the wonders that my country has. I haven’t been to all of them yet and I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to visit them all. You should try exploring the north and the south. Ilocos Region along with Batanes is really beautiful. Davao and Cagayan de Oro will also offer you some new adventures as well. With regards to food, sad to say, no Filipino restaurant nor fastfood can give justice to our cuisine. They take time to prepare so fastfoods cannot serve them. You should try looking for someone who can cook a good Kare-kare(pork stew with peanut sauce) and Sinigang(either pork, fish, beef with a tamarind soup base). Try going to the Dampa in Manila to try some of the best ways Filipinos prepare seafood. 🙂

  551. Ralph

    Awesome round up Phil! 🙂 I enjoyed reading your blog about our country and this covered up some negativities which I believe all countries have somehow. We are truly grateful to have tourists like you and you are always welcome to come back anytime you want. I am truly proud of the hospitality of my “kababayans” (fellowmen) and i hope you experienced that during your stay. We still have a lot of tourist spots in store for you and I am hoping for you to experience that. “It’s REALLY more fun in the Philippines” hehe. Visit the link below which is one of our tourism video project that we made and I am 100% sure you will not regret going there. “Ingat” (take care) Phil and we are hoping to see you again in our country. “Salamat!!”

    • Hi Ralph, thanks for the video. Yeah, the Philippines have really a lot to offer and my list for my return is already super long. I can’t believe how much I have missed despite the three months. It’s crazy. But when I come back, I have enough to do and see. That’s the good thing about it. Always have a reason to come back. Thanks my friend, and all the best

      • Ralph

        That’s the brighter side. You always have a reason to come back. You should try to visit the southern part of our country, Mindanao. Im from Luzon though. Hehe. But I, myself, was amazed by the beauty of Mindanao. I certainly hope they can preserve it. Keep up the good work.:)

      • Lawrence

        Great blog! Thanks for giving such nice reviews on our country, Im half Spanish and half Filipino. I would never imagine leaving the Philippines, just like what you said it has it all. I have a German-Filipina girlfriend who transferred here for her college studies.She loved it so much here she decided to live here instead. I’m from Bicol but I have also family in Ilocos(way up north), there are also some nice places in Ilocos to see, like the only desert in Asia where Tom Cruise shot the movie “4th of July”, the Kapurpurawan rock formation, and Pagudpud beach. Filipinos are very hospitable and im sure with the very nice words you gave everyone would welcome you here in the Philippines! 🙂

    • I can’t blame her for wanting to stay. If I was her I would do the same, no doubt. I also hope that I can live there one day…hopefully I can make this dream of mine come true. Anyhow, Ilocos is on top of my list for my next visit. It must be very nice up there…. Where do you live yourself now? Manila?

      • Lawrence

        I live in Bicol now, in Legazpi to be exact. 🙂 Im managing our family business here now but I still often go to Ilocos and Manila if schedule permits. Im leaving for my Germany trip on October 14! We’re planning to go to Hamburg, Koblenz, Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam. It will be my first time to visit Europe so im sure it will be beautiful! 🙂

    • Great that you will come to Germany Lawrence and you trip sounds really nice. I hope you will enjoy and have a great time. October is not the best time in terms of weather but I am hoping for the best. The cities you picked are all nice though.
      So what kind of business are you running in Legaspi? I have been to Lagaspi so many times…. I know it quite well …

      • Lawrence

        Yeah I saw on your posts you spent a lot of time in Bicol.We are the distributor of San Miguel Beer, Ginebra and Magnolia products for Albay Province 🙂

  552. Tracy May

    hi! next time you visit the beautiful island of Bantayan. It is located in the northern province of Cebu. 🙂

  553. Rev

    wow! this is awesome.. worth reading! glad to know you enjoyed your 6 days in Camiguin Island (my hometown)

    • Rev

      come again! 😉

    • Hey Rev, Camiguin was one of the best places. Lots to do and very relaxed and tranquil. I went training in the local gym….kindes people in there. Do you live in Camiguin? Maybe you can send them my best regards …..

  554. Which camera do you use? Awesome blog and experience. 🙂

    • On this trip Tim, I used a Canon Eos 600D and two lenses. The 50mm 1.8 and the 18-135 zoom lens, both by Canon. And some other gear..but everything got stolen in Vietnam towards the end of my journey….

  555. Großartiger Artikel! 🙂
    I also fell in love with the Philippines and the friendly people! Traveling as a single woman, I never felt in danger or harassed by people like in some other places.
    And the Philippines offer stunning nature, wonderful people, great food – overall a beautiful country!
    Thanks for sharing your amazing pics with us! 🙂 Love it!

    • terrie

      thank you for your kind words 🙂

    • Thanks Anna, great to hear that you had similar experiences. Happy that you also liked my pictures..never too sure about it hehe. Thanks for stopping by and all the best!

    • Oh Anna, my reply is a little bit below. I think something must have went wrong. Thanks again for stopping by and leaving a not… Danke dir!

  556. shiela

    Nice picture you got there. It’s good to know you enjoyed your stay here in Phil. Anyway, you should visit Davao in Mindanao. 😀

    • Hi Shiela, I will def. visit Davao for my next trip. A lot of people have been recommending the place and also other places around it. A must do. Thanks for the hint. All the best!

  557. i hope you’ll try siargao

    • Hi John, I already wanted to head there during my trip but then we didn’t have enough time. It is one of those places which are way up on my list ….. I wanna try Cloud 9 😉

  558. Your post has definitely captured the hearts of Filipinos, just as the Philippines seems to have captivated you! May the tides bring you back soon enough. God bless you!

    • Yes, may the tides bring me back soon. That would be great and I would really like that. I think what you said is true ….. Hope to be back soon! Phil

      • Just curious: were you able to connect with Filipino backpackers when you were here? Or maybe the Filipino Couchsurfing groups?

  559. casv

    You really should come back! There are lots of places to see, more food to taste and so much adventure. Try visiting Zambales coves, Bohol, Batanes, (I recommend..a piece of heaven), Leyte, Cagayan (Palaui), Siargao, La Union (surfing), Puerto Prinsesa (underground river), Donsol (whale sharks), and many others. I also suggest, you visit any province in our country during fiesta, more unique activities,and again, more food! 😀

    • Hi Cas, some of the things you mentioned I have done already. You can check them out on my blog..such as whalesharks in Donsol, the Underground River etc. But I still need to do see most of the other spots you mentioned. Oh man, so much to do and see ….

  560. Lotta

    Great story and amazing pics! Glad you enjoyed so much.

  561. I see why you had a whopping number of shares in one of the travel pages in Facebook. You’re round up was heartwarming and fair to us Filipinos as you dug deep to appreciate and understand our culture in a real sense. You really had an eye for good pictures and a heart for good story-telling. Try to visit Mindanao also for surfing in Siargao and Surigao and climb the tallest mountain/volcano in Philippines-Mt. Apo. I felt a little guilt that as a local in the Philippines I get to visit only a few from the places you visited. Thank you for having great time in the Philippines and hope you will be accommodated well in every places you go. All the best to your future trips! Spend life bigger always!

    • Hi Jay, thanks for your kind words. You are right, I still need to see many more places and the whole mIndanao region is part of that. Don’t feel bad that you have not been to those places I have been. IN the end you live in the Philippines and you have enough time to see them bit by bit. No need for a rush or anything …… Thanks again for your wishes… Cheers, Philipp

  562. Jesie

    This is very inspiring! The Philippines—My COUNTRY, My PRIDE. It’s more FUN in the Philippines! Thank you Phil for appreciating our country and most of all…..the friendly FILIPINOS!

    • Hi Jesie, it was my pleasure writing that post. JUst a way to give back a little as I already mentioned. No worries. Pinoy Pride hehe

  563. Maya

    Amazing roundup of your stay Phil. There is still more that the Philippines can offer when you come back. Maybe you can try going to Batanes and other provinces in the North. And you should try the waters of Batangas. Mangoes are the sweetest in Guimaras, and the yummiest for me. I did not see Bohol in your itinerary, i feel that you will love it there also.

    • Hi Maya, I really want to go see Batanes next time. It must be a very special place. And the rest of the North like Ilocos NOrte. I did travel to Bohol several times but only for short stay in order to switch ferries. So all I basically did was see the ferry port. Pretty bad so yet another thing I have to check out… Cheers, Philipp

  564. Really beautiful photos and wonderful stories here. I’m so happy many foreign tourists find time to write about their experiences in my country. 🙂 I’m looking forward for more of my own local trips here. Life in Manila (the city) can be quite stressful. Time to hit the beach! Danke! And do come back.