Ditch the excuses and go traveling!

Excuses to go traveling

I receive a lot of messages from people who would love to go traveling but who have doubts and fears which keep them from doing so. But in reality most of these doubts are actually excuses in disguise. Some of these might sound familiar to you, “I don’t have the time”, “I don’t have the money” or “I have no one to go with”. While these arguments sound legitimate at first sight, they absolutely should not keep you from doing what you want to do. If you think about it, all of these can be easily overcome if you really want it. Here is how:


1| I can’t afford it!

I hear this lot from people and whereas prices and affordability are relative, I think that you can do it. It might not be easy, it might not come over night and it might also involve some sacrifices but I am sure you can do it if you really want it.

“The adrenalin and stress of adventure are better than a thousand peaceful days.” Paulo Coelho

I saved up a long time for my recent trip across Southeast Asia and I can say that I changed my entire lifestyle to accumulate the needed travel budget. I stopped going out on the weekends, I hardly ever bought new clothes and whenever I made a purchase, I asked myself twice if it would be really necessary. That routine also helped me a lot to control my expenses when I was on the road. It all comes down to sacrifice. I you want something badly, you will have to change a few things to make it happen. That being said, even small things can have a big effect. Imagine saving 100$ each month for an entire year. If you score a cheap flight, this money would buy you a return flight to Bangkok and last for a month of adventure in Southeast Asia. And even with less, you will be able to go – you just need to get into a regular savings routine.

Labuan Baju Sunset

A view like this is worth a little sacrifice, right? | Labuan Bajo, Flores – Indonesia


2| I have no one to go with!

If you decide to go traveling, chances are high that you won’t find someone who has the same interests as you, has the budget and  also the time to come along with you. Too bad, but there is no rule that says you have to travel with someone else. I have written a comprehensive article about traveling solo which might help you to take that leap of faith. Go out there, embrace adventure and go exploring on your own. It will be a liberating and empowering experience. And remember, you might leave your house alone, but on the road you are never really alone. You will meet other people along the way, travelers and locals alike, which is one of the essences of traveling. And if you really can’t get your head around traveling solo, then think about joining a tour specifically designed for people in the same situation.

Solo Travel Beach

If you have no one to go with, consider going solo. | Sabang, Palawan – The Philippines


3| It will affect my career and I won’t find a job again!

Of course this is in part is dependent on your level of experience, but times have definitely changed. Taking some time off is not that exotic anymore and not regarded unfavorable as it might have some years ago. To the contrary, you can actually benefit from it if you choose the right approach. In the end, you are hired not only for your skills but for who you are. Traveling has the potential to make you a better and more well-rounded person. In our globalized world, this is becoming more and more important. Upon your return, be smart about weaving your travel experience into your CV. You gained a lot of new experiences, just think about it. Maybe you even wrote a blog, improved your photography, your writing or your social media skills. Advertise these newly acquired skills to your advantage. There still might be an employer who doesn’t like what you did, but then ask yourself: Would you really want to work for them or rather for someone who honestly appreciates you for who you are?

Vilage school teaching English

Acquiring new skills while on the road. Teaching an English lesson in a Burmese village school.


4| It’s not safe. I might get robbed, scammed!

We all tend to get our opinions of the world and specific places from the media. But have you realized that the media is always focusing on the negatives? It is what best draws their audience’s attention, what brings more clicks and earns the most money. But it has the side effect that a lot us, especially nowadays, regard the world as a hostile and dangerous place, where tourists get kidnapped or robbed and terrorism is a constant threat. But during all of my travels I have found the world a wonderful place with utterly wonderful people in it. Traveling actually puts all of this back into perspective. The world is not a scary place at all as long as you keep and make use of your common sense. It would be a shame to miss out on all the beauty that’s out there just because of fear.

Thai Hill tribe women

The world is an amazing place with amazing people in it. | Northern Thailand


5| I might get lost!

Setting foot on unknown soil can be a scary thing. Getting lost throws us out of our comfort zones immediately. It challenges ourselves, forces us to deal with new situations and it makes us learn more about ourselves. Getting lost can for sure be intimidating, but when traveling, it can also be an unique opportunity and a blessing in disguise.

“I like the sense of being totally cut off from the predictable world of my everyday life, immersed in the strangeness of the new.” Jeff Wise

It gives you the chance to explore a place in a different way, maybe allowing you to discover a hidden gem, and it gives you the chance to hone new and forgotten skills. It can be a source for growth and strength and we should happily welcome it. And if you still feel a bit edgy about it, read my article about getting lost and why it isn’t so bad after all.

Nacpan Beach, El Nido

Not all those who wander are lost. | El Nido, Palawan – The Philippines


Last thoughts …

I am not one of those people who can say that they don’t regret anything they did in their lives. I would change a few things if I could but the only things that I am 100 percent sure about and that have always been right, were my travels. No doubt about it.
Whatever worries you might have, don’t let them keep you from doing what you really want. If you are thinking about going traveling, then stop thinking and do it. The freedom it will give you is indescribable and it will open your eyes, heart and soul. It is honestly one of the best experiences you will ever have. But beware, it might become an addiction.

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26 thoughts on “Ditch the excuses and go traveling!

  1. arnee shielu

    love this article phil. good job. two thumbs up. 🙂

  2. jasonahmed99


    • Thanks a lot..hope you travels are going well ….. keep me updated. Love reading your stories.

      • jasonahmed99

        You just totally hit the nail on the head! Glad you are engoying the stories!

    • Cheers … do you know if it is possible in China to rent or even buy a motorbike / scooter as a foreigner? I read different reports about this and I am not sure. Seems to be quite complicated …

      • jasonahmed99

        Let me ask my friend who lives there. Im sure he bought his there.

      • Thanks, maybe he know. But apparently it is different for people who actually live in the country… not so sure though … thanks a lot for asking your friend

      • jasonahmed99

        No worries. What have people said is difficult? The main thing is going to be the language barrier. Could you buy one in Hanoi and enter overland?

      • jasonahmed99

        This is the reply from my friend “Hey, it is tricky to rent a bike, as you need a Chinese license to do so. Ironically, you can buy a bike without a license, but the police will confiscate the bike if they find you driving it without a license. How strictly this is enforced varies with location. If this is for a person just passing through on holiday it may be ok, but for long term plans it’s best to just get the Chinese drivers license.” Let me know if yoy want me to ask anything else.

    • Thanks a lot, this is valuable info and kind of corresponds with what I ahve read before. That you will need a Chinese license and that it is actually a tricky thing, appart from the fact that you need to be a permanent or long term resident. That is really too bad.. I would love to tour the country with a motorbike. And I read that entering with a bike from Vietnam is almost impossible. Even if you manage to do so, you will still need the Chinese license …. So maybe I have to do it with a bicycle haha

    • Hi again, would you mind forwarding me your friend’s contact details? I’d like to ask him a couple of more questions on the license issue if that’s ok for him. You could send it via the contact form here on the blog …

      • jasonahmed99

        Ok I have his email for you but have no idea how to share via here. We do everything from our iphones.

    • You can either send it to me via the contact field here on the blog. Or you can just add me on FB (Philipp C. Dukatz) and then send it to me there… what do you think?

  3. Bododong

    As many people say “Just do it”. This blog will surely help in easing the concerns and fears of those who want to travel but have some reservations.

    • Hi Bodo, thanks for your positive feedback. It would be great if this post could actually help a few people to take away those reservations. I couldn’t ask for more. Cheers, Philipp

  4. Hmm.. love it:), had the same experience just a week ago, haahahha i was thinking of not going to this place but my mind is in there might be no “next time” mode.. so i went to baler and i was right! Its worth it. Going to these places always reminds you that you are so damn lucky, god is gooooooddd at everything and appreciate the beauty of nature. unexplainable Beauty.

    • Glad you found the time and courage to go and happy you had a good time in Baler. It’s good to get out and venture into nature. It’s soothing and something everyone needs every once in a while. Thanks for stopping by again..all the best

  5. Loved reading this. Indeed, it´s always in my mind. It´s always a case of those 3 variables, money, time, and company. Now that I have the first two, the third is hard to come by! And I am willing to go just about anywhere. Seriously need to consider going solo :). Moving on to reading your blog about it!

    • If you look at it, some of this issues appear more critical than they appear. You don’t actually as much money as you think to have a cool trip and if you don’t have it, it’s time to save up. Time is sometimes more of an issue, especially if you are working a regular job. But one can still squeeze in trips and regular vacations. Then it comes to company which I personally never paid attention to. If I wanted to go and see a place, I went. If I would have waited for someone to be able to join me, I wouldn’t have seen half the places I have. And starting out trips solo allowed for great encounters and a lot new friendships. Give it a try maybe, my blog post might be the first step. Let me know if you need further advice 😉

  6. Great article!!

    “I have no one to go with” is one the reasons why I wasn’t able to do the thing I love which is Travelling, but this article gave me an insight and will power to travel alone and I will definitely travel this year alone and I’ve started reading travel blogs as well, now I am equipped with all the things/tips/guidelines I learned from those wanderers, so thank you and keep it up!

    Stay safe and happy wandering!


    • Hi Penguin,
      good to hear that the article gave you fresh inspiration and the final kick to try solo travel. I am sure you will be fine and have a great experience ahead of you. Where will you be headed then? Cheers

      • Hei,

        Mostly in southeast asia: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia and Maldives, hopefully I can visit all of them this year, how about you what’s on your lists this year? 😉

      • Sounds like a nice trip good luck with it and don’t rush. Let me know how it goes. I have a few things in the pipeline but I can’t talk about it yet …. 😉

      • Alright! you too enjoy & have fun! 😀

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