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7 tips for backpacking Southeast Asia

Backpacking Southeast AsiaSoutheast Asia has been a dream destination for backpackers for a long time. With its typical route often coined the banana pancake trail, Southeast Asia offers something for every type of traveler and all of that at a relatively low price. This, its easy accessibility paired with the ever luring images of exotic cultures and pristine beaches as well as its long history as a backpacker destination, have made it the starting point for many backpacking careers. Some would even argue that Southeast Asia is the region which by far infected the most people with severe cases of incurable wanderlust.  It has been on bucket lists for decades and still keeps becoming more and more popular. But before you start your own journey across this magical region, let me share some insights which might help making your trip even more worthwhile.   Continue reading

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City vs. Countryside. Why you need to see both when traveling.

City vs. Countryside. Why you should see both when traveling.

City vs. Countryside. Why you should see both when traveling.

Some people prefer the life in the big city and some people prefer the relaxed life in the countryside and the province. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and the same goes for these two when traveling. As I have wandered across Southeast Asia but also during previous journeys, I visited not only off the beaten track destinations but also major metropolitan cities. A lot of people tend to not like them and are happy to leave them rather sooner than later. The call of beaches, palm trees, high mountains and picturesque villages  is just too intriguing. However, I think to really get an understanding of a country, its culture and its people, you should see both. City and countryside, both very distinct, very different and both offering totally different aspects of traveling. But both representing their country in their own unique way.

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One year backpacking South East Asia. A Retrospective

With friends in Tanah Toraja, Sulawesi, IndonesiaI had struggled quite a bit before I finally decided to quit my corporate job in marketing and set out what would be my biggest adventure so far. A struggle because voluntarily leaving a well-paid job in a society which seems to put security, continuity and conformity over personal freedom is not an easy task. Being at a slightly older age already and at a stage where people around you start to steer their lives into the save havens of family, house and career didn’t make things any easier. But since I can remember, I have been suffering a severe case of wanderlust.  A virus which sometimes was just lingering inside but most of the times ferociously demanding for a cure. I was tired of the regular 2-3 week vacations which just allowed for a small glimpse of a country, its culture and its people. I wanted more, I wanted to time to explore, time for adventure and time to reflect about myself and life in general. Continue reading

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Pic of the Week 20 – Merry Christmas

A night in the monastery.

A night in the monastery.

I thought this one would be nice for Christmas although it has been taken quiet some time before. Aris and I did that two day trek up in Hsipaw when we discovered a small, picturesque village on our way back. Since we were with a group, we couldn’t stop there for too long. Hence decided to go back to the village the day after and spend the night there. We had nothing arranged, just packed our bags, rented a motorbike to get up the first stretch and then hoped to find our way back to the village and of course to find a place to sleep. The latter was easier than expected and turned to be one of the most unique experiences of my whole journey. We were greeted by a group of monks who invited us into their monastery and offered us a place to sleep in their main hall. During that night, we joked with the novices, showed the pictures we took in the village during the day and had some midnight snacks and tea. There was no electricity and just some blankets to sleep on. But with all the candles illuminating the big hall, it was very special and, once again, a truly magical and unforgettable moment. More on that whole side-trip in the upcoming post.

Until then, I wish all of you, wherever in the world you are right now, a merry Christmas and a relaxed time with your friends and families.


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Update: Back in Germany … what now?

Escape-Button_FinalThis might come surprising and sudden for most of you. I am already back in Germany having arrived last weekend. It was a rather spontaneous decision – I had booked the flight just a week before my departure from Bangkok. There were several reasons for this seemingly abrupt return which in the end wasn’t even that abrupt. Let me explain… Continue reading

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ESCapology featured Online and in local Newspaper

Escape-Button_FinalThis post is a rather unusual one as I usually just write about my experiences and adventures while traveling here in South East Asia. Apparently my trip has sparked some interest and this time others have been writing about me and my journey. That is awesome and I am happy to share with you guys that ESCapology has just been covered in the newspaper of my hometown. Having grown up with “Die Glocke”, it makes me proud to see my picture in the paper that has been subscribed by my family as far as I can remember.  I would have never expected anything like this to happen.

At the same time, the article was also published on www., an independent German portal on work & travel and traveling in general.

It is great to get that kind of exposure and since my feature on WordPress’ “Freshly Pressed”, this is probably the best publicity I have received so far. I think this is a good chance to thank all the people that have supported me until now. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks to my subscribers and avid readers here, your support and feedback keeps me going. Thanks to Simone, who has edited the articles mentioned above. And of course thanks to my family and friends for supporting me and what I do. You are the best.

If you can read German, here are the resources for both articles:

Escapology in local German Newspaper “Die Glocke”
Escapology on  www.

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Route Update: Entering the Philippines

flag_phBefore coming to Phnom Penh I got back in touch with Chris and Dolf from Belgium whom I had traveled with in Laos. They entered Cambodia a few days before me and were on a tight 10 day itinerary for that country. Their plan was to go to the Philippines afterwards and they asked if I wouldn’t like to tag along to share fun and costs. I originally wanted to travel the Philippines in March and June. Thinking about it for a while, the idea of going there earlier with the guys sounded very appealing. I not only would have some great company but also could avoid the chance of getting stuck in a typhoon since the season starts as early as June. I could also come back to Cambodia after my planed stint in Vietnam to visit the rest of the country.

A lot of good arguments so there it was: The first major change of my original itinerary. Beforehand I had to arrange a few things though. I went to the embassy in Phnom Penh to arrange the extended 59 days visa, had to book both flights and my first night of accommodation. I can say it was a little bit of a hassle but it all worked out well and here I am in Manila together with Chris and Dolf – The BLC Crew reunited.
The next updates will come soon as we already did an awesome trip to the North. Stay tuned….

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