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Tofino – Canada’s rugged West Coast

Tofino travel articleExploring Vancouver was great. I can totally understand why the city is among the world’s most livable cities. But as usual, I got itchy feet after a a few days and it was time to move. Time to head for adventure, time to head into the wild – time to explore Canada’s rugged and wild West Coast.
It was early in the morning, still pitch black outside and thick flakes of snow were unceasingly hitting the car’s windshield as we waited to board the ferry to Vancouver Island. It was an unpleasing start of our trip and we hoped that once on the island, things would change for the better. Continue reading

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Pic of the Week 15

Rice Terraces by dawn on the way to Balian.

Rice Terraces by dawn on the way to Balian.

Never been this timely with the Pic of the Week – this one comes exactly one week after the last Pic. It was taken during a day trip to the little beach town of Balian on Bali’s North Westcoast. It’s a long ride up there and the traffic is crazy. The road is the main connection between Bali’s South and the ferry-port of Gilimanauk, where all the traffic to and from Java gets handled. Hence the road is congested with overloaded trucks and buses. A stressful and very dirty affair. But every here and there you get rewarded by the beautiful scenery on the way. And this is exactly how this picture was taken.
I was riding an hour already and was almost there when I had to take a break. Once I got off the bike, I saw these amazing rice terraces with some farmers walking around in them just starting their work. It reminded me a little of the Ifuago Rice Terraces in the Philippines. The light was perfect since the sun just had come up. Only 5 minutes after taking the shot, my battery went down so I got a little lucky on this one.

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Eat, Sleep, Surf at Stormrider Surfcamp, Bali

Stormrider Surfcamp Bali-2-6Prior to my arrival on Bali, the so called island of gods, I had arranged a one week stay at Stormrider Surfcamp. My goal was to completely focus on surfing and hopefully take it to the next level. The professional setup of the camp, its nice facilities as well as its prime location in the heart of tranquil Canggu made the decision an easy one. I arrived at Denpasar Airport around midday and went outside the airport to get a taxi. It is usually way cheaper outside than within the airport premises. After a bit of haggling I got a good price and off I was for a week of surfing, eating, sleeping and several repetitions of that routine. I was excited. Continue reading

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Pic of the Week 14

Pic of the week-5714

Surfer’s Sunset somewhere in Bali

I figured another Pic of the Week would be a great start for this new chapter of my journey. I just made my way to Bali, the island of gods, in Indonesia. The land of waves is a haven for surfers and surfing was also the main reason why I decided to come here. I wanted to focus on my surfing skills and hopefully finally improve them a fair bit. It is so hard to get better being landlocked in the middle of Europe and being forced to travel in order to catch some waves. A few weeks of surfing in quality waves should be good. Besides that, Bali is also good for the soul. Tasty food, nice people, beautiful landscapes and an inspiring culture. I am not sure for how long I will stay here before continuing my travels, but updates are soon to follow. Hang Lose.

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Pic of the Week 12

Local Surfer Jomarie Tanael setting up the bottom turn.

Local Surfer Jomarie Tanael setting up the bottom turn. Picture by Bidge Villaroya

My local friends from Gubat took me on a surfing trip to the island of Catanduanes, part of the Bicol Region in Luzon. Catanduanes features one of the best breaks of the Philippines, the infamous surfspot called “Majestic”. Since it was flat on the mainland, we wanted to hit Majestic and try our luck. Unfortunately even that swell magnet was not working when we made it there. What to do? Thanks to a hint of some local surfers, we chartered a boat to a hidden spot not too far away. With rather low expectations we were greeted by clean, shoulder high sets rolling in over a stone / coral reef. It was unbelievable. I think the whole country was flat during that time but this spot was working flawlessly. We surfed there for the next three days and had so much fun. It was just us and some local surfers who tagged along. No crowds, just friendship, great waves and great rides. In the picture you can see local surfer Jomarie Tanael setting up one of his aggressive bottom turns. The guys there are so good. An article about the trip will follow soon.

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Sun, Surf and Buhay-Baboy – Living the good Life in Gubat.

Gubat Bay-3380After our two rather mediocre experiences at Mount Pinatubo and the CWC in Naga, we were really hoping for our luck to improve. Thanks to a recommendation by a friend from Manila, we planned to go to the little seaside town of Gubat in the Bicol Region of the Philippines. The local surfer crew, the Gubat Bay Surfers (GBS), was supposed to host an Easter Surf Camp right at the beach with lots of fun, sun and surfing. This and the fact that the spot is still unknown to the crowds inspired us to check it out and spend Holy Week in Gubat. We soon realized that this would not only more than compensate for all the mess before, but actually be our best travel experience so far. Continue reading

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